The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Theosophical University Press Edition

Letter No. 88

Short notes received at Allahabad during stay of Olcott and Bhavani Rao.

My good friend — it is very easy for us to give phenomenal proofs when we have necessary conditions. For instance — Olcott's magnetism after six years of purification is intensely sympathetic with ours — physically and morally is constantly becoming more and more so. Damodar and Bhavani Rao being congenitally sympathetic their auras help — instead of repelling and impeding phenomenal experiments. After a time you may become so — it depends on yourself. To force phenomena in the presence of difficulties magnetic and other is forbidden as strictly as for a bank cashier to disburse money which is only entrusted to him. Mr. Hume cannot comprehend this. And therefore is "indignant" that the various tests he has secretly prepared for us have all failed. They demanded a tenfold expenditure of power since he surrounded them with an aura not of the purest — that of mistrust, anger, and anticipated mockery. Even to do this much for you so far from the Headquarters would be impossible but for the magnetisms O. and B.R. have brought with them — and I could do no more.

K. H.

P.S. Perhaps, though I could: put down for you today's date
   March the 11th, 1882.

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