The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 94

{Likely received London, early March, 1884}

My dear friend — Amid the various and arduous labours it has pleased the venerable Chohan to entrust me with — I had entirely forgotten the "Kiddle incident." You have my explanation. In asking you to keep me the secret I only meant the withholding of certain details that, in their ignorance of the scientific process your and my opponents would take exception to, make of it a pretext for poking fun at Occult Sciences and finally charge me with clumsy lies and yourself with credulity, or "hero-worship" as the golden-haired nymph of the Vicarage puts it. But if you are prepared to stand the fire of furious denial and adverse criticism, make of my letter and explanations the best use you can. The several letters and articles in the last numbers of the Theosophist given out with my permission — by Gen. Morgan, Subba Row and Dharani Dhar may pave the way for you. I would not have "the propagation of Theosophy" impeded on my account and to save my name from a few extra blows.

Yours in haste,

K. H.

{The "letters and explanations" appeared in the December, January, and February numbers of The Theosophist.}

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