The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 97

{Received late 1885 – early 1886?}

"Common people" are the masses as different from those who are distinguished. Your methods were not abandoned, it was only sought to show a drift of cyclic change no doubt that is helped by you too. Are you not man of the world enough to bear the small defects of young disciples? In their way they also help — and greatly. In you is also concealed a power to help from your side, for the poor Society will even yet need all it can get. It is good that you have seen the work of a noble woman, who has left all for the cause. Other ways and times will appear for your help, for you are a single witness and well knowing the facts that will be challenged by traitors.

We cannot alter Karma my "good friend" or we might lift the present cloud from your path. But we do all that is possible in such material matters. No darkness can stay for ever. Have hope and faith and we may disperse it. There are not many left true to the "original program"! And you have been taught much and have much that is — and will be — useful.


Chronological Order
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