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Sanskrit Pronunciation: Booklet and Audio

By Bruce Cameron Hall

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Play Audio: If your browser cannot play the audio portion (when you click the Play Audio button at top of each file), download the files listed below to your computer (right-click and Save link as).  Downloaded PDFs can be viewed on the free Adobe Reader.


Introduction   (PDF - 0.6 M)
Part 1: Pronunciation Guide   (PDF - 6 M)
Part 2: Sanskrit Terms   (PDF - 7.5 M)
Part 3: Summary   (PDF - 1.8 M)
Part 4: Sample   (PDF - 0.5 M)

Audio Files only:

Introduction   (MP3)
Part 1: Pronunciation Guide   (MP3)
Part 2: Sanskrit Terms   (MP3)
Part 3: Summary   (MP3)
Part 4: Sample   (MP3)

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