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Publisher of books by H. P. Blavatsky, William Q. Judge, G. de Purucker, Katherine Tingley, James A. Long, Grace F. Knoche, Kenneth Morris, Sylvia Cranston, and other authors.

Post Office Box C, Pasadena, California 91109-7107, USA
Telephone: (626) 798-3378
Email: tupress@theosociety.org

ORDERING INFORMATION (click this link for full order info):  Titles listed below link to full descriptions.  A free printed catalog is available on request, giving your name, postal address, state, postal code and country (if outside USA). A downloadable version of our printed catalog in Acrobat PDF format is available: Right-click the following link and select Save Target As tup2020.pdf. TUP Catalog in PDF format. Open in Acrobat Reader (free download from Adobe).

Theosophical University Press: Online Literature: Our Online Literature offers full-text editions of most TUP publications in our catalog, several out-of-print titles, as well as back issues of SUNRISE and earlier magazines published by our press. These may be downloaded free of charge for personal use. To facilitate text searches, accents have been removed from English-language html editions of these texts. Footnotes and graphics in the original editions have been incorporated into the text where practical. The site may be searched using the Google search window on the main page.

SUNRISE: Theosophic Perspectives (1951-2007):  Back issues $3.00, Special Issues $4.00 unless noted. SUNRISE Online includes complete issues from October 1996 to Fall 2007 as well as several hundred articles from earlier issues, accessible by author, date, subject, and topic.

Overseas Agencies: Many TUP titles are published in Dutch, German, and Swedish editions.

BOOKS FROM OTHER PUBLISHERS as well as information about discounted books, recordings for the visually impaired, etc., may be found at the bottom of this page.


Books available through TUP listed by author:

Amneus, Nils A.

A. Trevor Barker:

H. P. Blavatsky: (author biography)

Mabel Collins:

Sylvia Cranston:

Alan E. Donant:

Raphael Girard:

Bruce C. Hall:

Vernon Harrison:

William Q. Judge: (author biography)

Harischandra Kaviratna:

Grace F. Knoche: (author biography)

James A. Long: (author biography)

Reginald W. Machell:

Kenneth Morris:

G. de Purucker: (author biography)

T. Subba Row:

Charles J. Ryan:

Louis Claude de Saint-Martin:

W. T. S. Thackara:

Katherine Tingley: (author biography)

Elsa-Brita Titchenell:

Theosophical Society:

Theosophical Society Children's Committee:

Deodars Devanagari — Sanskrit Font in TrueType and Type1 for Windows format $20.00 zipfile, email delivery


TUP Titles in Other Languages: Many TUP titles are published in Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish editions. Catalogs and/or booklists are available from the respective TUP Overseas Agencies. (If in the USA, contact TUP Pasadena.)

Discounted "Hurt" Books: For those with limited income, TUP has a small stock of "hurt" books — press seconds with minor manufacturing flaws and/or shopworn returns from bookstores. These books are offered at one-third discount off catalog prices (prison inmates: half price, see next paragraph). Like TUP firsts, they should last a lifetime if given reasonable care. This offer applies to TUP titles only (not to Other Publisher titles) and is subject to availability. When ordering please give alternate choices and/or request for credit or cash refund.

Prisoner Discounts: TUP offers inmates a 50% discount on TUP "hurt" books. Firsts are offered at 20% off (all titles). To qualify, please indicate "Inmate Discount" on your order.

Bookmaking at TUP: As works on theosophy often become lifelong companions, TUP makes every effort to produce books that are readable and durable, yet reasonably priced. Special care is given to the selection of attractive typefaces and acid-free paper with a nonglare surface for comfortable reading.

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