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The "Secret Doctrine Reference Series" — from Wizards Bookshelf

About this series: "Access to Great Ideas" by Richard I. Robb

An abbreviated list of available publications:

The Anugita, translated by K. T. Telang. A nearly forgotten adjunct to the Bhagavad-Gita, referenced frequently in The Secret Doctrine. 176 pages, cloth $17.00

The Book of Enoch the Prophet, translated by Richard Laurence. Cited by early Church Fathers as a sacred text. Introduction and index. 235 pages, paper $11.00

The Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus, translated by John Everard. An ancient text on cycles of creation and destruction, nature of man's soul, rules for liberation. 140 pages, cloth $17.00

The Eleusinian and Baccus Mysteries, by Thomas Taylor. An illumined interpretation by the noted Platonist; annotated by Alexander Wilder, M.D., with pertinent references from The Secret Doctrine. 192 pages, cloth $17.00

Iamblichus: On the Mysteries, translated by Thomas Taylor. The Mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians, in ten sections, with additional notes. 400 pages, cloth $25.00

The Life and Teachings of Paracelsus, by Franz Hartmann. Teachings on alchemy, magic, cosmogony, and theosophy. 250 pages, cloth $17.00

The Lost Fragments of Proclus, translation by Thomas Taylor. Includes "Defence of the Timaeus of Plato . . ." and 18 "Arguments in Proof of the Eternity of the World." Reprint of 1825 edition; bibliographical notes added. 128 pages, cloth $15.00

Mythical Monsters, by Charles Gould. An investigation of extinct life, accounts of unicorns and dragons, flood myths, including rare material from ancient Chinese annals. Illustrated. 412 pages, cloth $17.00

Sacred Mysteries among the Mayas and Quiches, by Augustus Le Plongeon. Contains insights of his 12 years of archaeological study in Yucatan. 200 pages, cloth $17.00