The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 185

Mary Hill,
Aug. 1st/86.

Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

Just after my letter to the O.L. had gone I received yours of 29th. Regarding the letters, the first was the large letter from Mahatma K. H. to Papa received in Aug '84 at Elberfeld, and the 2nd was the letter from Mah. K. H. to Mama * received at the (* which H. P. B. burned, while she was at Elberfeld 6 weeks ago) same time. Neither of them could be published. A letter from H. P. B. to Papa or Mama was given to the expert to compare.

As far as I can see I might copy through tissue paper the different letters a, b, c, g, etc. etc. which the expert made and send those to you, but that would be all. Maybe that my father can give you any more information, but you can't hear from him till 15th or 20th as he is with a Scotch friend on a Yachting tour round the coast.

I will take the letters from the expert with me to Kempten, Bavaria, Hotel zur Krone, and you can let me know if I shall send them to you or what I can do further — but as I said in my last a detailed translation without printing the letters would be a nonsense. And the printing of them is for obvious reasons impossible.

Regarding my stay at Ostende, much depends on Mohini and as he will be in Ostende shortly, I can shortly decide.

With best regards always,
Yours faithfully,
A. Gebhard.

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