The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 135

{Received London, late October, 1884}

My dear Mr. Sinnett

For fear that you should "trace back" to me a new treachery, permit me to say that I have never said to Hubbe Schleiden and Frank Gebhard that the existence of our seven objective planets was an allegory. What I said was, that the objectivity and actuality of the septenary chain had nothing to do with the correct understanding of the seven rounds. That outside of the initiates no one knew the mot final of this mystery. That you could not understand it thoroughly, nor explain it, because Mahat. K.H. told you hundred times that you could not be told the whole doctrine; that you knew Hume had made him questions and cross-examined Him until his hair became gray. That there were hundred apparent inconsistencies just because you had not the key to the x777 x and could not be given it. In short that you gave the truth, but by far not the whole truth especially about rounds and rings which was only at best allegorical.


*{Signature indecipherable, but letter is in H.P.B.'s handwriting.}

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