The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 60

{Received London, late July, 1884}

My good friend — Shakespeare said truly that "our doubts are traitors." Why should you doubt or create in your mind ever growing monsters? A little more knowledge in occult laws would have set your mind at rest long ago, avoided many a tear to your gentle lady and pang to yourself. Know then that even the chelas of the same guru are often made to separate and keep apart for long months while the process of development is going on — simply on account of the two contrary magnetisms that attracting each other prevent mutual and individualized development in some one direction. There is no offence meant or even possible. This ignorance has caused of late immense suffering on all sides. When shall you trust implicitly, in my heart if not in my wisdom for which I claim no recognition on your part? It is extremely painful to see you wandering about in a dark labyrinth created by your own doubts every issue of which, moreover, you close with your own hands. I believe you are now satisfied with my portrait made by Herr Schmiechen and as dissatisfied with the one you have? Yet all are like in their way. Only while the others are the productions of chelas, the last one was painted with M⸫'s hand on the artist's head, and often on his arm.

K. H.

Pray remain for the Wednesday meeting — if you feel you are not to leave the inner circle. Otherwise — go, remembering my friendship had warned you. Only avoid, if you do, hurting the feelings of those who sin through an excess, not lack of devotion.

{Mahatma M.'s portrait was painted from June 19 to July 9 1884; that of K.H. soon after.}

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