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Tennaway, E. A.

Thackara, Regina

Thackara, W. T. S.

Tingley, Katherine

Titchenell, D. K.

Titchenell, Elsa-Brita

Associate Editor of Sunrise from October 1989, Elsa-Brita Titchenell passed away on February 10, 2002. Born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1915, she spent her youth in Sweden, Shanghai, and England. In 1939 she joined The Theosophical Society in Shanghai, where she spent World War II working for the Swedish Consulate, afterwards receiving a Knighthood from Belgium for her assistance to residents interned by the Japanese. Her keen intellect, artistic talents, literary ability, and good humor made her a valued staff member of the TS International Headquarters, where she spent most of the years since coming to the US in 1948. She is the author of The Masks of Odin: Wisdom of the Ancient Norse, the children's book Once Round the Sun, and scores of articles for Sunrise.

Titchenell, L. T.

Tolbert, William R., Jr.

Toomey, John L.

Touber, Tijn

Treat, Robert

Tustin, M. S.

Urquhart, A. E.

van der Laan, A. H.

Van Mater, Ingrid

Van Mater, Jean (see also Crabbendam, Jean B.)

Van Mater, John P.

John P. Van Mater, longtime contributor to Sunrise, died March 25, 2002, after a long illness. Born in Vallejo, California, in 1917, John came to the International Headquarters of the Theosophical Society in 1937, while it was at Point Loma, California. He attended Theosophical University, receiving a BA in English Literature. From 1942 to 1948 he served as Secretary General of the TS, and from 1948 to 1982 was head of the American Section. In 1972 Grace F. Knoche appointed him Head Librarian of Theosophical University Library in Altadena, California, which was opened to the public that year. There he devised a new system for cataloguing the collection geographically and historically. Visitors to the Library Center remember John's kindness, humor, and intellectual depth, his love of people, and his pleasure in sharing his wide-ranging interests in theosophy, literature, history, and science. In 1979 he began preparing a comprehensive Index to The Secret Doctrine, published in 1997. Over the years John wrote scores of articles for theosophical periodicals — over one hundred for Sunrise alone — and delivered many public lectures.  — Eds.

Van Mater, John, Jr.

Van Mater, R. Kirby

Van Mater, Sarah B.

 Vas, Nivard L.

Vaughan, Nicholas

Vaughan, V. M.

Vinck, Christopher de

Vinekar, Rithvik. S.

Vonk, Coen

 W., L. T.

Walsh, Andrea

Walter, Jane Bartlett

Watson, F. F.

Watson, Henry W.

Wengert, Agnes

Wettermark, Arne

Wickenburg, Florence

Wiebers, David O., MD

Wietersen, David J.

Wilder, Don

Wilson, Scott

Wolfe, Wynn

Woodhead, Cranstone

Wounded Knee School

Wright, Leoline L.

Yangchareon, Robbie P.

Young, Harry

Zebrowski, Armin

Zebrowski, Gisela