Katherine Tingley

Katherine Tingley was born July 6, 1847, in Newbury, Massachusetts. She felt a profound sympathy for the victims of poverty, misery, and war, and worked all her life to alleviate suffering. In 1893 she met William Q. Judge who introduced her to theosophy. Soon she knew that here was a philosophy which, if practiced, could lighten the burdens of humanity. Mrs. Tingley and Judge became co-workers, and upon his death in March 1896 she succeeded him as head of The Theosophical Society. In 1900 she moved its international headquarters to Point Loma, California, where she continued her humanitarian efforts and founded the Raja-Yoga School, Academy, and College, and later, in 1919, Theosophical University. She lectured extensively in the United States and abroad until shortly before her death at Visingso, Sweden, on July 11, 1929. (Link to a Biographical Sketch.)

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