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Book of the Three Dragons

Kenneth Morris

This imaginative reworking of the Welsh Mabinogion and other legends tells the story of Manawyddan, who is given the choice between immortality with the gods or preventing a new evil from destroying the Island of the Mighty. " Book of the Three Dragons is perhaps the single best fantasy adaptation from a real-world mythology, and the best of his tales" (John Rateliff, Features the author's never-before-published ending amounting to one-third of the book's length.

Morris is an inspired, original writer in touch with the mythic wellsprings of the fantasitc imagination . . . the greater achievement of his writing is the wedding of this lilting, varied prose with philosophical depth and an active share of wonder woven from the history, myth and legends. — SFRA Review

Published by Cold Spring Press

  • 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 312 pages, Introduction by Douglas A. Anderson
  • $12.00 paper ISBN 978-1-59360-027-3
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