Expansion de Horizontes
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Expanding Horizons

James A. Long

Widely used as an introduction to theosophy, this book features short essays and roundtable talks with varying age-groups. Here in refreshingly simple language is a re-presentation of "primeval spiritual ideas" distilled from the treasury of ancient tradition, the "god-wisdom" or theosophia inspiring every great religion.

Rather than presenting ready-made answers to the problems of life, Expanding Horizons offers practical insights on those basic questions which go to the root of the human predicament.

"Once we recognize that each man's concept of God is different, but that the quality of Deity is the same and that the Divine essence resides in the core of all that lives, then we have laid the foundation upon which to build a bridge of brotherhood over which man can travel from the darkness of past ages to the light of the future." — p. 58
  • 5½" x 8", 256 pages, index, sources cited
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Expansión de Horizontes (Spanish translation) ( PDF )
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Also available in Dutch and German Editions