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Fountain-Source of Occultism

G. de Purucker

Derived from twelve booklets of instruction circulated privately among students, Fountain-Source restores occultism to its original purity and recreates the atmosphere and discipline of the ancient Mystery schools. The scope of teaching is vast:

I - The Primeval Wisdom-Teaching
II - Discipline Precedes the Mysteries
III - Space and the Doctrine of Maya
IV - Galaxies and Solar Systems: their Genesis, Structure, and Destiny
V - Hierarchies and the Doctrine of Emanations
VI - Invisible Worlds and their Inhabitants
VII - The Doctrine of the Spheres
VIII - Gods - Monads - Life-Atoms
IX - Correlations of Cosmic and Human Constitutions
X - The Hierarchy of Compassion
XI - Death and the Circulations of the Cosmos — I
XII - Death and the Circulations of the Cosmos — II

More than an exposition of teachings from The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, Fountain-Source addresses itself to all who sense the interrelatedness of human destiny with the cosmic design, who feel the call of the inward way, and take the ancient vow of service to humanity.

  • 6 x 8 7/8, 760 pages, notes, appendices, index
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