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The Secret Doctrine Index

Prepared by John P. Van Mater

H. P. Blavatsky's masterwork, The Secret Doctrine, comprises a virtual encyclopedia of the "anciently universal wisdom-tradition" — scarcely an issue of consequence in the broad range of human experience is left untouched.

As part of the Secret Doctrine Centenary project, this 440-page Index provides ready access to the vast quantity of material from many cultures set forth in the SD's original two volumes published in 1888. Due to the topics covered, it is as much an index of ideas as it is of subjects, works, persons, and proper names.

To aid the reader, major subject entries are cross-referenced; foreign terms are identified by language and, where possible, given in both their 1888 spelling(s) and as modernly transliterated, often with one or two word definitions. Subentries are arranged alphabetically. Cited works and authors, whose titles or names are not given in the SD are placed in brackets for convenient identification.

Also included is an Appendix of foreign phrases with translation and source reference — all helping to make this Index an invaluable reference tool for students of The Secret Doctrine.

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