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Wind of the Spirit

By G. de Purucker

Wind of the Spirit makes a powerful appeal to each of us to seek our own inspired vision to live by. The author shows how the winds of change are coursing through world consciousness, tearing away deadwood and making room for new growth. Nearly a hundred articles examine such topics as the secret of human conflict, guarding our thoughts, common sense in the home, prayer and aspiration, soul loss and insincerity, predestination, help from the gods, and three stages of visioning truth. This is a practical book, helpful for the beginner, while the longtime student will benefit from a fresh view of basic principles.

Second and Revised Edition

  • 5 1/2 x 8 1/4, 328 pages
  • $26.00 cloth ISBN 978-0-911500-67-7
  • $17.00 softcover ISBN 978-0-911500-68-5
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