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Sunset on the Yangtze
"Sunset on the Yangtze" by Ernest Braun

Announcement: After a continuous run of 56 years, Sunrise ceased publication with the Fall 2007 issue.

SUNRISE™ is a forum for sharing thoughts and experiences that help in meeting the challenges of daily life. Exploring the fundamental principles and concepts underlying the world's traditions, it presents a wide range of themes in light of ancient and modern theosophy, promoting compassion and brotherhood that arise from the essential unity of all that is. Over 1200 articles from back issues are currently accessible by author and date; many also by subject. Issued from 1951 to 2007, SUNRISE is nonsectarian and nonpolitical. The views expressed by contributors do not necessarily represent those of the magazine or its editors. Questions and comments should be addressed to the Editors.


Editor-in-Chief: Randell C. Grubb
Editors: Sarah Belle Dougherty and William A. Dougherty

Addresses: SUNRISE, P. O. Box C, Pasadena, CA 91109-7107



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Special Issues

Between 1975 and 2006, Sunrise issued an annual special issue, occasionally two, on selected subjects. Links to these issues are given below:


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