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The Path of Compassion

G. de Purucker

Time-honored rules of ethical and spiritual conduct are presented along with warnings against pitfalls of psychic development. There is no shortcut to wisdom, no instant enlightenment, for inner unfolding cannot be induced artificially. While the path toward conscious union with our inner divinity demands the utmost devotion, fidelity, and perseverance, it is also "bright with joy, and lighted with the fires of the spirit."

An Ariadne's thread out of today's psychic and mental confusion, this booklet reproduces the first two sections of Fountain-Source of Occultism, so that the seeker may have readily to hand an inspired vision of the path before him.

  • 6 x 8 7/8, 84 pages, appendix
  • $10.00 softcover ISBN 978-0-911500-69-1
  • $25.00 audiocassette (3.8 hrs) ISBN 978-0-911500-60-8
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