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The Chalchiuhite Dragon

Kenneth Morris

"This newfound book is a treat, a welcome change from the standard fantasy settings, with engaging characters, a wealth of wonders, and an inner wisdom as rare as it is profound." — Kirkus Reviews, Feb. 1, 1992

The Chalchiuhite (pronounced chal'-chih-wee'-tay) is a precious green stone or jewel, carved in the shape of a dragon, whose mysterious appearance in ancient Mesoamerica signals the coming birth of the legendary god-king, Quetzalcoatl. Written at Katherine Tingley's request, this movingly poetic tale is rich in theosophic insight and certain to become a classic.

Published by Tor Books by arrangement with Theosophical University Press

  • 5 1/2 x 8 1/4, 302 pages, afterword and glossary
  • $18.00 hardcover ISBN 978-0-312-85264-1
  • $12.00 paper ISBN 978-0-312-89001-8
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