The Theosophical Society
International Headquarters – Pasadena, California
Tel: 626 797 7817
P O Box C, Pasadena, CA 91109-7107 USA

Theosophical Library Center

2416 N. Lake Avenue, Altadena, California 91001 USA (Driving Directions)
The Library is currently closed due to maintenance, but staff are available to answer research questions by phone at (626) 798-8020, or by Email:

Theosophical Library Center makes available to the public a large and unique reference collection with significant works on philosophy, science, and the world's religions. Prominence is given to the ancient traditions of the Americas, Asia, the Near East, Africa, Europe, and Australasia, with sacred texts and commentaries arranged in the historical, cultural, and geographical context in which they evolved. In this way, the reader may follow the recurrent ideas that have helped people of all cultures find a deeper meaning in life. See Perennial Wisdom for a selection of quotes from traditions around the world.

Also included is a wealth of material on Western philosophy, comparative religion and mythology, theosophy, mysticism, alchemy, Masonry, Rosicrucianism, and traditional as well as leading-edge fields of science.

The Library was established as a resource for independent search. To this end, it encourages the study of ancient and modern religions and philosophy. Its collection includes major sections on Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, ancient Greek and Hellenistic philosophers, Gnosticsim, the Kabbala, and early Christianity.

Complementing its books in the traditional fields of science are recent publications on the New Physics, Gaia and spiritual ecology, transpersonal psychology, near-death experiences, scientific anomalies and unexplained phenomena. With such a diverse collection, the Library’s primary objective is to provide the resources which can lead to a better understanding of the wisdom of life and its essential commonality.

The main collection is a reference library for use on the premises. The public is welcome to browse and study, and staff members are available to discuss theosophy or to assist in particular areas of interest and research.

Driving Directions: From the 210 freeway, take the Lake Avenue exit in Pasadena and drive north 2 1/2 miles to 2416 N. Lake Avenue (cross street Marcheta).