Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Bjerregaard, C. H. A., FTS

——— "The Elementals, . . ."
atoms, elements, monads, I 630-4
gods, angels, etc I 632n
Leibniz's monads, force, matter I 623

Black. See also Black Magic, Kali-Yuga

birds symb of primeval wisdom I 443-4
brown-, fourth face on column II 178
fourth race, w sin II 227, 250, 319
land & White Island II 319-20
red, yellow, brown, white &, races II 249
storm dragons II 425
war betw yellow &, men II 223
waters (Kalapani) I xxx; II 406
white magic & II 364

Black Age. See Kali-Yuga

Black Fire (Zohar), absolute Light-Wisdom II 162

Black Magic. See also Magic; Left-Hand Path, Right-Hand Path; Sorcery

began in Atlantis I 192n
Chaldean, at Nipoor II 139n
Levi's "Agent Magique" & I 254-5
of Levites & Egypt II 212
prayer for destruction is I 416
Ramayana struggle betw white & II 495

Blake, Dr C. Carter

coined "Pacificus" for Lemuria II 783n

——— "The Genesis of Man . . ."
man divided into two species II 725

——— "Notes on Human Remains . . ."
giant race of Palmyra II 755

——— "On the Naulette Jaw"
early stone ornaments II 744

Blanchard, Emile

holds atmosphere changed little II 159-60
on Origin of Life I 253n
rejects Pasteur's opinions II 151


close to occult view II 120
Naudin's protoplasm II 119-20

Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna

accusations against I xlv-vi, 676; II 441 &n
claims no infallibility I 272; II 22n
on contradictions in science I 504-5; II 649
given proofs of teachings I xlv; II 438
had copies of Masters' letters [to Sinnett] I 163n, 187
incessantly discredited I xxxvii
knew much of Secret Doctrine before 1880 I xviii
knowledge of English I vii, xxxviii
life of, saved thrice by sound I 555
life study of inner meanings I 303
limitations of European language I 272
merely a humble recorder I 23
owned a chimpanzee II 676n
preferred pagan to rabbinical methods II 545
prepared to meet opposition I 272
on rules of secrecy I 299
scientific education of I 487; II 649
takes blame for misunderstandings I 163n
taught (in 1880) two Europeans portion of Secret Doctrine I xviii
teachings difficult for I 23; II 438
transmits what she learned I xxxvii, 318; II 438
writes for the future I xxxvii; II 334, 442

——— "About the Mineral Monad"
explains evolution of monads I 176-8
perception in minerals & plants I 455

——— "Do the Adepts Deny the Nebular Theory?"
composition of Sun I 528 &n
matter of comets, Sun I 593-4
validity of nebular theory I 590

——— Isis Unveiled
criticized I xlv-vi, 231n
errors in, [See Mahatma Letters, p 45] II 640
personal god not in I 57
Secret Doctrine & I vii, xli-ii; II 51
quoted or referred to:
akasa, ether, astral light I 338n, 341
Amenti, Gehenna I 463n
anthropomorphism not in I 579n
ape a bastard human I 185n; II 262
ark, argha symbol II 461
astral light, anima mundi I 104, 196-7
Atlantis II 221-2, 384, 496
Babylonia & India II 203
barren & fertile periods II 74
Brewster on light I 580
Brotherhood saves ancient works I xxiii-iv
Cain, Seth, genealogy of II 125, 127, 391n
chronology, Eastern II 73
civilization & savagery II 430, 722
Codex Nazaraeus q in I 248n
cosmic struggle for life I 202-3
cosmogenesis I 3-4, 340-1, 343
cross, ancient symbol II 556-7
cycles I 3-4, 202, 641; II 214, 330n
decimals, antiquity of I 360-1; II 37n
deluge, seven meanings of II 144-5
Eastern Ethiopians II 417
Eden, Garden of II 202-3, 496
electricity, various names for I 338n
embryonic stages in II 187, 259 &n
Enoch II 532 &n, 533
evolution I 332; II xvi, 153, 170, 190
Ezekiel's wheel II 128-9
Father Felix q I 670
Flood, Noah, Xisuthrus II 222
Gan-duniyas or Babylonia II 202
genii of seven planets I 198
globe chain taught in I 231-2n
Gnostics, Nazarenes I 197
Gnostic systems in II 96n
gravitation doubted in I 490
Great Breath I 43
Great Pyramid I 317n
Ialdabaoth I 449n
IAO, Iaho, Jaho II 465, 540-1
Jehovah is Adam & Eve II 125n
Jews, origin of I 115n, 313n
Jodhevah or Jehovah II 128-9
Kadeshuth dance II 460-1
Kulluka-Bhatta on Aryans, Egyptians II 746
Levi's six-pointed star II 533
light I 579-80
links ancient & modern thought II 630n
memory of past lost II 430
mighty builders fr India II 417
Moses' esoteric religion crushed I 320n
Moses-Sargon story I 319-20n
Mother, Ilus, Hyle I 82
Nabatheans, Maimonides re II 455n
nought or cipher II 554
old book described I xlii
Ophiomorphos II 389
periodical births of saviors I 657
phallicism in Catholicism II 85
pitris & present man II 91n
prehistoric civilizations II 430
primordial worlds I 246n
races & elements II 220
recapitulation of embryo II 187-9
Sacred Island I 209; II 220-1
Satan discussed I 416; II 478
science must follow Hermetists I 625
sciences yet undiscovered II 130
scope of teaching in II 496-7
serpent emblem of wisdom II 214
seven planetary chambers I 568
seven principles in I 197, 231-2n
seven turns of key I xxxviii
sons of Jacob II 211-12
soulless men amongst us I 234-5n
sunken continents II 221-4
Sun's matter I 499
tetragram II 557
theology vs truth II 377
Tiphereth II 214
tree of evolution II 259n
universe created fr water I 344-5
Unseen Universe on ether I 462
the Unutterable II 190
Vamadeva Modelyar q I 376-7
Votan, Dracontia, Druids II 380
War in Heaven (Codex Naz.) I 194-6
war of magicians (Atlantis) II 222
yugas, etc I 655-6
zodiac in II 502n

——— "Is the Sun Merely a Cooling Mass?" I 530n, 541
composition of Sun I 528 &n
elements in the Sun I 583

——— "Leaflets from Esoteric History"
Egyptian & Atlantean knowledge II 436 &n
Greeks, Romans, Atlanteans II 743 &n
India, Americas land-connected II 327
written fr words of a Master II 327

——— Lucifer Magazine
Egyptian bas-reliefs II 558-9
whole cosmogony not given out I 168

——— ["Notes on 'A Land of Mystery' "]
sunken Pacific continent II 788-9

———, ed., ["Reply to an English FTS"] II 436n
cometary substance different I 142, 597

——— The Secret Doctrine
all that can be given I xxxviii, 306-7
belongs to no faith I viii
bulwarked against attacks I 278-9
contains translation fr Senzar I 23
described I vii-viii, xxxviii-ix, xlv; II 437
Evening Telegraph on II 441n
found in thousands of Sanskrit MSS I xxiii
gap of forty-three Stanzas in I 478
gives only three or four of seven keys II 797
Isis Unveiled & I vii, xxxviii, xli-ii
method of II 796-8
mistakes likely in I 272; II 640
purpose of II 449, 451, 742
purpose of Addenda I 279, 298-9, 477-81
reliability of II 437-46
student to use intuition I 278
teachings antedate Vedas I xxxvii
twentieth century will vindicate I xxxvii; II 442
two volumes do not complete I vii
Volume II describes fourth-round man I 22; II 68n
Volume III [never published] I xl, 11, 76
Volume III treats of Mysteries II 437
Volumes III & IV may not appear II 798
withholds more than it gives out I 278

——— "The Septenary Principle . . ."
on "thread doctrine" I 610
on various manus II 307-9

——— "Transmigration of the Life Atoms"
on the life principle II 672-3 &nn

——— "What is Matter and What is Force?"
seven stages of matter I 560


anagrammatic II 580
conceal real mysteries II 310
enumeration of dvipas a II 322
in Jewish worship II 127-8, 473, 564
manus a II 308n

Blind Faith

vs adepts' knowledge I 612
vs karma-nemesis II 304-5
theologians take all on I 669

Blind Forces

design in the seemingly I 277
evolution & II 648-55
there are no I 274

Bliss. See Moksha, Nirvana, etc

Blochmann, Dr H., translator, Ain-i-Akbari [by Abu'l Fazl `Allam], Akbar's interest in various sects I xxiv &n


Abel's "murder" & II 273n, 388, 469
ankh, soul, life & II 600n
Cain's & Abel's II 43-4n, 390
circulation of solar I 541-2
earliest man needed no I 609
essence of life I 538
mankind of one II 421n
of a pure man II 427 &n
Richardson on I 531
solar vitality fluid & I 541-2
spirit & water &, (John) I 570-1n
water is, of Earth II 43n, 400 &n

Bloomfield-Moore, Clara Jessup,

efforts of, in behalf of truth I 556
Keely's commercial failure I 558n
Keely's neutral center I 556-7

——— "Keely's Secrets" [Theosophical Siftings]
potential of Keely's discoveries I 560-2

——— "Psychic Force & Etheric Force"
Keely a benefactor I 559-60

——— "The New Philosophy"
Keely on sound, color I 564-5

Blue & Red Races, destroyed II 192

Blumenbach, J. F., on Malay race II 328

Bnei Elohim, Bne' Aleim, B'ne Alhim (Heb). See also Sons of God

assist creator I 440
elohim become, including Satan II 390
have existed & do exist II 374-6
host of I 412, 440
reveal mysteries to wives II 229
zodiac & II 23

Bnei-Israel (Heb), Afghans call themselves II 200n

Bnei-Menashsheh (Heb), tribe of Khojar Tartars II 200n

Bnei-Shamash (Heb) ["Children of the Sun"], Vatican's secret works & II 506

Boar. See also Avatara, Varaha

avatara I 368 &n, 369; II 53, 75, 321
Brahma assumes shape of II 252
Buddha dying of pork & I 368-9n
Vayu Purana on I 368-9n

Boat(s). See also Solar Boat

third race built, before houses II 399n

Boaz [2 Chron 3:17; 1 Kings 7:21]

Jakin &, good & evil II 497
left pillar in Solomon's temple II 461

Bode, J. E., many worlds inhabited II 706

Bodha (Skt), & Buddha, buddhi I xix

Bodhi (Skt)

trance condition or samadhi I xix
tree II 589

Bodhi-mur [Bodhimor] (Tib), on essence of fire & flame I 6

Bodhisattva(s) (Skt). See also Avalokitesvara, Kwan-shai-yin

anupadaka [aupapaduka] I 52
brahmanas or I 572
Buddhas in world of form I 572
Buddhists worship human II 34n
Chenresi a II 178-9
chhayas of dhyani-buddhas I 571-2
human dhyani-buddhas I 42; II 34n
initiation produces I 109
primeval matter as seen by I 69
sent in every round, race I 42, 571
superhuman, emanate monads I 571-3
Virgin Mary w lilies & I 379 &n

Body (ies) I 265. See also Astral Body, Rupas, Sthula-Sarira

astral, before physical II 1, 660 &n
astral, in kama-loka II 374n
built of interstellar atoms I 632-3
Carlyle on, as a miracle I 212
changes every seven years I 262-3n
of dhyani-chohans I 222n, 259
fifth race first symmetrical II 294
fleshly, numbing weight on soul I 275
former & future human I 180-1, 609; II 195, 610 &n
four, of Brahma II 58-60
girdle of death II 235
of the gods I 489
healing process of II 166n
host of lives of I 225 &n, 261
human, not grossest principle I 260
initiate lives in astral II 499 &n
instrument of elementals I 294-5 &n
interrelated w all other I 511
irresponsible organ II 245, 302
man's, designed for a god II 302
no real principle II 616
not evolved fr animals I 211-12
Novalis on, as a temple I 212
one of three fires II 247
physical, shaped by lowest lives I 224
Sankara on nirvana & I 570
seven dhatus in human I 29
space filled w I 671
Space the, of the universe I 342
Spirit of Earth built physical II 241
spirit will animate new II 760
sunspot cycle reflected in I 541-2
swarming w bacteria I 260-3
thermal conditions & man's II 254
three principles needed to objectify I 59, 624n, 632n
tool of psychic, spiritual man II 302
Vishnu Purana on I 420
weightless in space I 502
Winchell on different I 607-8n

Boehme, Jakob

great occultist II 595
Newton derived gravity fr I 494
nursling of nirmanakayas I 494

——— The Aurora
seven fountain spirits II 630, 634

——— Signatura Rerum
nature's seven properties II 595, 634


held Deukalion ancestor of man II 519
spelled Zeus "Deus" II 582
submerged II 270n

Boethius, A. M. S., Ars Geometriae, Pythagorean one & nought I 361

Bogaterey [Bogatiry] (Russ) [giants], Russian legends of II 754-5

Bogoluboff, Professor, on cells I 249n

Bohme, Jacob. See Boehme

Bois-Reymond. See Du Bois-Reymond

Boker [boqer] (Heb), dawn or morning II 252n

Bolivia, giant ruins in II 745, 752


animals w II 105, 183
enormous human, in America II 337
Genesis & II 193
huge, of fifth race II 293
men w, & boneless men II 91-2, 105
no human, at Dauphine II 277
paleolithic II 716, 720
phosphorus for present II 72
scarcity of human II 686

Boneless (Race)

ethereal man was II 149
gave life to men w bones II 90-1, 105
incorporeal creator II 241
mind-born were II 156
primitive race was I 583n
rib of Adam & II 193
second race called II 164-5
self-born or II 171
in Stanzas II 91-2, 105, 156, 165, 171, 183

Bons (Tibetan dugpas), swastika on idols of II 586

Book(s) I xix

Alexandrian & Chinese, destroyed II 692
Brahmanical, made accessible I 270
of prophecies I xliii-iv
seven, stolen fr ark II 612-13
theosophical, & pretended authority I xix
very old, described in Isis Unveiled I xlii-iii

Book of Al-Chazari [Khazari]. See Ha-Levi

quoted II 40, 41, 234

Book of Ali, Turkish phoenix in II 617

Book of Changes, celestial numbers in II 35

Book of Concealed Mystery. See Siphra' di-Tseni`utha'

Book (Liber) of Drushim. See Luria, I.

Book of Dzyan II 46, 113, 220, 375, 759. See also Stanzas of Dzyan

central Sun, Fohat, etc I 201
Djan, Dzan or I xx n
the eternal pilgrim I 16-17 &n
evolution of man II 241
Great Mother & numerical values I 434
language of, unknown I xxxvii
motion, spirit, matter I 258
number seven in I 674
original Senzar commentaries on I 23
Stanzas of I 27-34; II 15-21
treats of our planetary system I 13
unheard of I viii, xxii
unknown animals in II 254
why many Stanzas of, omitted I 478

Book of Enoch

agrees w archaic doctrine II 267n, 537
angels of, & gandharvas compared II 584
antiquity of II 506, 530-1
apocryphal II 454, 529, 531
book of initiation II 229, 535
John an edited version of II 497
Jude quotes fr II 230, 482, 531
Ludolph & Bruce on II 531
Pistis Sophia quotes fr II 535
plagiarisms fr II 229, 482-5, 531
rejected by church II 535
Revelation version of II 484-5, 497, 510
scientists scoffed at II 531-2
Adam, Cain, Abel II 124-5
angelic Fall II 283, 529
angels of I 523n
Azaziel transgressing angel II 376
cataclysms II 314, 533-4
everlasting king II 483n
giants II 762
inclination of axis II 145, 533, 726
Jacob's ladder II 281n
Moon shall change its laws II 533
Uriel re Sun & Moon I 609; II 533

Book of God. See Kenealy, Dr Edward

Book of Hammannunah (q in Zohar), Earth, day, & night II 28n, 773

Book(s) of Hermes II 25, 36-7, 506. See also Divine Pymander

Book of Jasher I 577

Book of Jude. See Jude

Book of Numbers (Kabbala)

Samael (Satan) is St Michael II 378
three races in II 397

Book of Numbers. See Chaldean Book of Numbers

Book of Rules on the element-language I 464

Book of Ruth and Schadash (in Zohar), B'ne Aleim II 376

Book of Sarparajni [Aitareya Brahmana V iv], fiery dragon in infinity I 74

Book of "The Aphorisms of Tson-ka-pa" I 635

Book of the Beginnings, A. See Massey, G.

Book of the Dead (Egy)

cosmogony of Secret Doctrine in I 674
geom figures & numbers used in I 66
Kabbala &, on seven principles II 633
many interpretations of I 311
occult chapter of I 403
reincarnation in I 227
rounds, on early II 634-5
after-death states in I 674n
ancestral heart I 220
Apophis II 588 &n
chaos ceases thru the ray I 231
creators of man, many-shaped II 634-5
crocodile in I 219-20; II 577, 580 &n
"Day Come to Us" I 134n
defunct man as crocodile I 219-20
dragons "sons of rebellion" II 386
egg of universe I 359, 360, 364-5
Fohat is Toum I 673 &n
Great Green One or Vach, Deep I 434
Horus fights Set II 283n
Horus w crocodile head II 577
"I am the Lotus," etc I 380
"I am the mouse" explained II 635
"I see the forms of myself" I 220
manifestation, beginning of I 330
monsters on Earth II 52
number seven in I 674; II 35
Osiris creates own limbs I 231, 312
Osiris double crocodile II 580n
Osiris, Moon & conception I 228
Ra as egg of Seb I 360, 364-5
reaping in Field of Aanroo I 236n
Seb lays egg-universe I 359
serpent as hierophant II 213
seven primeval men II 3
Shoo & children of rebellion I 364
Shoo as Ra II 545-6
Thoth I 675; II 538n
three & four wicked flames I 237
Toum divider of Earth I 674
Typhon or dragon II 385
War in Heaven II 386
wheat, origin & symbol of II 374 &n
Woman-light I 403

Book of the Generations of Adam (Genesis 5)

Adam begat Seth II 125
Adam is male-female II 125
Hanoch had the II 532n
man in image of God II 134

Book of the Keys [Divine Pymander ch 13], unity makes ten, & ten makes unity I 90n

Book of the 10,000 Precepts. See Mani Kumbum

Book of the Various Names of the Nile. See Taifashi

Book of [the] Wisdom [of Solomon] II 705

Deus non fecit mortem II 422
souls are pre-existent II 111

Books of Knowledge II 705

Books of Moses. See Mosaic Books, Pentateuch

Books of Thoth

Pymander version of one of II 267n
seven primeval men II 3

Boonere [Buner], Afghan tribe in II 200n

Bopaveda [Bopadeva, Vopadeva] Sanskrit grammarian, on Moon plant II 590

Bopp, Franz, laid down phonetic laws I xxxii

Bordj (Pers) Mount, myth about I 341 &n

Boreas (Gk) North Wind

Astarte & I 468
destroys Persian fleet I 467
god of snows II 7, 11
Jewish name for I 467
Jupiter, Jehovah & I 468
King of Hyperboreans son of II 771

Borlase, Dr William, on Druids & Persian magi II 756


geologically of recent formation II 789
pile villages of II 716n
remnant of sunken continent II 222
wild men of, Lemuro-Atlantean II 195-6n

Borsippa, Nebo worshiped at II 456

Bory de St Vincent, J. B. II 646

Boscovich, Ruggiero Giuseppe, sees atoms as centers of force I 507

Bossuet, Jacques Benigne

on cosmocratores or world bearers I 331
ideas on a star that falls II 485

——— Elevations . . .
original sin cause of idolatry II 279

Bosuage. See Basnage


origin of wheat unknown to II 373-4
searching for nerves of plants I 49


Australian flora ancient II 196-7
evidence for Atlantis II 322n, 739
nodes of, & astronomy I 320
pyramidal shape of pines II 594
science needs occult I 262
second race procreation & II 116

Bo-Tree, of wisdom & knowledge I 523

Bottomless Pit

eternal fire of I 338n
Lucifer hurled down into II 237n

Boucheporn, R. C., Baron de, collision of Earth w comet II 330

Boucher de Crevecoeur de Perthes, J.

fossil man discovered by II 277, 675
man dates fr Miocene II 714n

——— Antiquites celtiques . . .
Littre's comments on II 738-9

Bouh, Sarmatian four-letter god II 602

Bouilland [Bouillaud], Ismael (1605-1694)

Bailly cites lunar motion of I 667n

Bouilland [Bouillaud], J. B. (1796-1881)

——— [Astronomia philolaica]
derides Edison's phonograph II 784n

Boulanger, Nicolas A., Regne des Dieux, kings, demigods, etc II 372-3

Boulaq [Bulaq Museum]

mummy of Sesostris found at I xxix n
Theban triad depicted at II 464

Boundless. See also All, One, Parabrahman, Space, That, Time

Aditi as I 99
cannot create I 7
cannot will, think, act I 354
circle of, time I 113-14; II 488, 549
darkness I 40, 98, 327, 354; II 488
En-Soph I 109, 354
expansion, contraction in II 42-3
gave birth to Limit II 233
has no relation to conditioned I 56; II 556
Light of the Gnostics I 577
no number I 98
not a finger's breadth of void in I 289
principle I 14
ray of, penetrates Mundane Egg I 354
space & circle I 98, 113
spiritual monad is I 177

Bourbourg, de. See Brasseur de

Bourdin, Jules, protested theories of Clausius I 587n

Bourgeois, Abbe, Compte Rendu du Congres . . .

flints of II 723, 752n
man's origin in Miocene II 288, 675, 714n, 751-2
monkey later than man II 749n

Bourges, A., [Philosophie contemporaine . . . ], consciousness & physical nature II 654

Bourguignon d'Anville, J. B., Geographie ancienne . . . , one-eyed Scythian race II 769n

Bovey Tracey, extinct lake. See also Pengelly

Miocene subtropical plants at II 726

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