Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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N's, five, & five races (Egyptian) II 458

Naasenians(i), Naassenes (Gnos sect)

dragon was Son w II 355
messiah of, a serpent II 356


Chaldean star-worshipers II 452-3
giants of Midian II 755-6
Masoudi on II 453
of Mt Lebanon, doctrines of II 455n
occult brotherhood II 455

Nabathean Agriculture, translated by D. A. Chwolsohn I 401

Adam-Adami II 452-8
copy of Hamitic treatise II 453
Maimonides on II 455n
moon idol instructs Qu-tamy in I 394-5; II 453, 455
not apocryphal I 395; II 454-5
pre-Adamic mysteries II 452
Schemal, Samael I 417
Secret Doctrine in II 455
translated fr Chaldean, Arabic I 394; II 453

Nabhas-tala (Skt), all space I 371

Nabhi (Skt) [son of Agnidhra] hundred sons of II 320

Nabin (Chald) [seer, prophet] Nebo personifies secret wisdom II 456

Nabo (Gk for Nebo) word Nabathean fr II 455

Nabonidus, dates founding of Babylonia II 691

Nach. See Nahash

Nachan, or Palenque II 35

Nachnis (Hind). See Nautch-girls.

Nadaillac, Marquis de, termed Bamian statue Buddhist II 338 &n

Nadir-Shah [Nadir-Quli-Shah], warriors of, & Bamian II 338

Naga(s) (Skt). See also Initiate, Serpents

allies of asuras in war II 500-1
in America five thousand years ago II 214n
Apollonius met, in Kashmir II 211
Arjuna married daughter of II 628
asuras &, used in creation I 348
Brahma, Vishnu, Siva crowned w I 437n
brazen, fiery serpents & I 364n
celestial, or four cardinal points I 408-9
cobras II 209
cosmic, born of Kasyapa-Aditya II 382n
do not creep, but walk, run II 181-2n
first, "Sons of Will & Yoga" II 181
four Maharajahs & I 126, 408-9
Hindu "King-Snakes" II 381
Indra & II 378
initiates or I 408
Jewish seraphim were II 501
Kapila, of kali-yuga II 572
Kasyapa father of II 132
lived in Naga-dvipa II 501n
Nagals [Naguals], Nargals [Nergals] & II 213
nirmanakaya of the II 201
race of, in India, America II 132
sarpa &, defined II 181-2n
septenary meaning II 208
symbolize immortality, time I 404
wise men II 26-7n, 211

Naga-Dvipa (Skt)

division of India II 132
nagas dwelt in II 501n

Nagal(s), Nargal (of Mexico). See Nagual


Ekaslokasastra of, in China I 61
rival of Aryasanga I 49

Nageli, Karl W. von, principle of perfectibility II 649n

Nagkon (Angkor)-Wat (in Cambodia) II 430

Nagpur (City of Snakes, India)

markings on stones near II 346n
one of India's oldest cities II 501n

Nagual (of Mexico)

Arjuna married daughter of II 628
chief sorcerer of Mexican Indians II 213
Nargals & II 182
revered serpent II 209

Nahash (Heb)

Jews called rebels II 246-7
symbolized by serpent II 246n
tempter or, (Nach) II 215-16n
word means brass & serpent I 364n

Nahbkoon [Neheb-Kau] (Egy)

astral light or I 472
Nahuatls, seven caves & II 35


to, to in Hebrew means crucify II 558, 561
Wittoba, mark on foot of II 560n

Naimittika ("occasional") Pralaya

contingent re-coalescence II 309n
described I 370; II 69n

Naja (Egy) Uraeus, serpent, naga or I 437 &n

Nakash. See Nahash

Nakshatras (Skt), twenty-seven lunar asterisms II 551

Nallies. See Tallies

Naman (Skt) name I 373

Name(s). See also Word

Atlantean, transl by Solon II 767
four-letter ineffable I 351; II 282n, 557
ineffable, not a creator I 346 &n
Jehovah a mystery II 508-10
key to mystical Bible II 536
mantrika-sakti & I 293
mystery II 536-45
occult meaning of ancient II 335
our words &, influence our future I 93-4
power of, great II 767
power of the ineffable I 293
sacred, of seven letters universal I 438-9
secret, & Prometheus I 195n
seven vowels & II 569-70 &n
tetragram contains ineffable II 557
to, something limits it I 330

"Nameless One." See Wondrous Being

Nanda (Skt) or Chandragupta, first Buddhist sovereign II 550 &n

Nandi (Skt) [sacred bull], remained on White Island II 408

Nannak, Nannar [Sumerian Nanna], Moon-god (Chaldean) II 139n

Nan-Schayn (Nan Shan Mountains), ancient civilization in eastern I xxxii

Naphtali (Heb) [son of Jacob], Capricorn or I 651

Napoleon, reply of Laplace to I 498

Nara (Skt) man, & Nara [narah, Skt] water. See also Narayana

Brahma's universe evolves out of central point II 31
Narayana moves on I 457-8n; II 591 &n
water as body of II 495n

Narada (Skt)

appears in each root-race II 83, 323
Asuramaya's work based on records of II 49
Brahmaputra & I 413
calculations of II 70
cursed to incarnate II 585
dialogue w Devamata II 566-8
executor of universal karma II 48
feuded w Brahma, Daksha II 502
first Adversary I 413
Gita reference to II 48n
leader of the gandharvas II 584
leads men to become gods II 584
"Mirror of Futurity" work of II 49
reborn as a man II 82
reborn constantly II 275n
refuses to procreate II 82, 140n, 275n, 584
son of Brahma II 47-8, 82
"strife-maker" I 413; II 171n
Vedic rishi II 47-9, 82-3, 275n, 502
virgin ascetic of every age II 323

Narada-pancha-ratra II 82

Naradiya-Purana, laws of celibate adepts II 82

Naraka (Skt), Hindu hell II 98

Naraksha. See Niraksha

Naram-Sin (son of Sargon), built original Babylonian temple II 691

Naras (Skt), centaurs II 65n

Narasimha (Skt) man-lion

avatar, slew Hiranyakasipu II 225n
Vishnu relates story of II 611

Narayana (Skt). See also Nara, Trimurti, Vishnu

birth of, (universe) I 333-5, 345
Brahma permutation of I 431
dwelt over (on) waters I 457-8n; II 578
he who abides in deep II 495n, 591 &n
invisible flame sets all afire I 626
Krishna identified w Rishi- II 359
Mover on the Waters I 64, 336, 345; II 591 &n, 765n
personifies breath of Parabrahman I 64
ray of Logos appears as I 80-1
Sri wife of II 76n
transformed into substance I 7
Universal Soul, Ra or I 231
worshiped by Prachetases II 578

Nargal(s). See Nergals

Naros, Neros(es), Chaldean cycle I 655n; II 619

Narrow-brained II 168 &n

bred w she-animals II 184-5

Narrow-headed II 161, 271

Narthex (Gk)

candidate's initiation wand II 518
Prometheus hid stolen fire in II 525

Nasmyth, J. H., observed objects like willow leaves on Sun I 530, 541, 590

Nastika (Skt), rejection of idols I 279

Nath [Natha(s)] (Skt), "Lords" II 88

Nation(s). See also Civilizations

in all ages II 716
American II 444
ancient, knew of extinct monsters II 206
astronomical cycles & fate of II 330-1
cataclysms recorded by all II 787n
clothe truth w local symbols I xxxvi
deluge sweeps, out of existence II 351
descended fr Lemuria II 768
disappear w no trace II 743
each, receives its own truth I xxxvi
every, has its deva or spirit I 576; II 538
extinct, near Tchertchen I xxxiii-iv
karma maps progress of I 326
many new, in sixth race II 446
overlap each other II 433n
predestination in history of I 641
prehistoric, versed in science I 673
rise & fall of, & writing II 442
survival of fittest among II 330

Nation, New York (Nature in tx), criticism of Stallo I 483 &n

National Cycles

called karmic in East I 642
within subrace II 301

National Library of Paris, Egyptian fragment in II 559

National Reformer, Dr Lewins on cerebration I 297 &n

Natura Animalium, De. See Aelianus

Natural Genesis. See Massey, G.

Natural History. See Pliny

Natural History Review, Oliver on floral evidence for Atlantis II 322n, 727

Naturalist [American Naturalist], man, cross, carvings, South American I 322

Natural Philosophy [Treatise on]. See Thomson & Tait

Natural Selection II 348, 426

cannot originate variations II 299n, 648
criticisms of II 185, 647-9, 654, 657, 696
does not affect basic type II 737
evolution not entirely due to II 728
future prospects of I 600
law of retardation & II 260 &n
not an entity II 648
only partially true II 734 &n
de Quatrefages accepted II 662
& Romanes' alternate theory II 647
secondary cause only II 648-9
super- II 260
Wallace felt, inadequate I 107, 339; II 696

Natura naturans I 412

Natura non facit saltum

corroborated by esoteric science II 287, 696
Darwin believed II 696

Nature (cosmic, terrestrial)

"abhors a vacuum" I 64, 343, 495
aggregate of nature spirits II 732
all, is consecrated I 578
ancient & modern concept of II 369-70
aspect of absolute consciousness I 277n
author of, is nature herself I 489n
behaves esoterically I 610
belief in powers of II 592
blind, unintelligent (science) I 587
cannot be unconscious I 277n
cause of phenomena I 2-3
corporeal & spiritual I 464
creative potency of, infinite II 153
creative principle of, & pyramid I 317n
creeps onward to perfection I 185n
deceitful on physical plane I 610
deceptive appearance of II 475
dhyani-chohans enact laws of I 38
dies only to be reborn I 149
ether-matter-energy or I 668
ever-becoming I 250, 257n
everything organic in I 281, 626n
feminine I 5
forces of I 145-7, 506-23
geometrizes I 97
good, evil, suffering in II 475-6
ground plan of II 737
higher, in bondage to lower II 109-10
humanities &, altered (Enoch) II 533-4
inseparable fr the Deity I 489n
invisible worlds behind veil of I 284n
is an egg fructified I 65
Jews profaned symbols of II 471
makes certain unions sterile II 195-6
makes "jumps" (Huxley) II 696
man should be co-worker w I 280
mechanical forces of, a fallacy II 298
monads & I 619, 633
motion never ceases in I 97, 257
moves in cycles II 443, 261
mysteries of, & "4320" II 73
mysteries of, recorded fr beg I 612
never creates without purpose II 298
never leaves an atom unused II 170
never proceeds by jumps II 195, 445
never repeats herself I 184n; II 700
no inorganic or dead matter in I 507
nothing is outside of II 194
Pan (god) is II 389n, 510
Pascal on God & I 412
physical, correlation of forces I 185n
physical, illusory II 475
powers of, are entities I 106, 554
prakriti & I 256; II 65
principles of physical, diagram II 593
progressive march of I 277
religion is silent worship of I 381n
rent in veil of, by 1897 I 612
running down of, refuted I 149-51
secrets of, public in third race II 319
septenary division of II 574
seven forces of I 139; II 631-2
seven mysteries of I 310
Space &, are one I 555n
spirit &, form our illusory universe II 36
time confirms judgment of II 451
triple evolutionary scheme in I 181
unaided, & prehuman monsters II 634-5
unaided fails I 181-2; II 55-6, 102-3, 269
under sway of karmic law II 446
unity of I 276
unseen principle throughout all II 555
utilizes everything II 700
Zeno on, as a habit II 159

Nature (human)

psychic & rational II 275
spiritual, overcomes physical II 499

Nature (magazine)

Ball, Sir A., on Moon II 64 &n
Crookes' Address I 111n, 581-6
Huxley on Atlantis II 780-1, 784
Lodge on metaphysical arguments I 488
Siemens on Sun's heat, etc I 102n
Stallo, criticism of I 483 &n
Thomas, Professor, on Australians II 729

Nature Spirits. See also Elementals

countless kinds, varieties I 221
fathers or lower angels are II 102
intervene in all phenomena I 147
materialism prevents belief in I 276
nature an aggregate of II 732
psychic, or elementals I 146-7, 221
work on model of dhyanis I 225

Naturliche Schopf. See Haeckel, History of Creation

Naudin, Charles Victor

on Adam as asexual II 119-20
critique of sleep of Adam II 181
critique of theory of blastema II 120
scientific hypotheses & II 646

Naulette Jaw. See Canstadt Man

Naumann, Dr Alexander, Grundriss der Thermochemie, chemistry is atomic mechanics I 513

Nautch-girls [Nachnis of India]

called Almeh in Egypt II 463
same as Hebrew Kadeshuth II 460, 463

Nautchnis. See Nautch-girls

Nave. See Navis

Navel (of Earth) II 401n

Ark corresponds to II 461
currents stored in II 400n
lotus in, of Vishnu I 379; II 31, 472


aereal I 560; II 426-7
Hindu, older than Phoenician II 406

Navis (Lat) ship

initiation & II 462
yoni & Ark of Covenant II 463

Naya (Skt), harmony, conduct II 528

Nazar, Nazarite (Heb) [ascetic] Moses was II 465n

Nazarenes [also Nasoraeans] (Gnostic)

echo the Secret Doctrine II 96n, 150
followers of true Christos I 198n
had keys to mystery-language I 310-11
Ialdabaoth or Demiurge II 243
many of, initiates II 96n
mystic Christians, initiates I 194
opponents of later Christians I 198n
philosophy of I 197
religion of I xxxv
re spirit as fem & evil I 194-6

Nazesmann. See Naumann, Dr A.

N'cabvah [Neqebah] (Heb)

tau cross became, in fifth race I 5
yoni or II 467

Neanderthal Man

of earliest Paleolithic age II 724
not missing link (Huxley) II 686n
skull of, not apelike II 193n, 729
skull of, of average capacity II 686n, 687

Nebat-Iavar bar Iufin Ifafin (Nazarean) I 195

Nebelheim (Ger). See Niflheim

Nebo [or Nabu] (Chald) god of wisdom

creator of fourth, fifth races II 456
Nabo in Greek II 455
name given initiates II 210n, 211
overseer of seven planets II 456
son of (Bel-) Merodach II 210n, 211
Son of Hea or Ea II 477

Nebonidus, Babylonian king II 691

Nebuchadnezzar the Second II 453

Nebula (ae) I 102-3, 131, 205n

collision of, & rotation I 500
condensation of, (Hindu) II 253
in elemental dissociation I 588
fiery whirlwind first stage of I 22
Fohat sets, in motion I 84, 673
fusion of matter of I 505
gaseous, self-luminous I 588
Laplace, Kant on I 149-50n
matter of, unknown I 505, 595
milk, curds & congeries of II 321
occult cause of rotation of I 97-8n
resolvable, irresolvable I 250, 543, 595, 598 &n
star is condensation of I 595-6
suns, planets start as I 22
Wolf on, & primitive chaos I 598-9

Nebular Theory I 500, 505

adepts on I 590-7
Alexander confirms I 588
beginnings of rotation & I 97n
discussed I 588-600
Herschel's I 590
Humboldt on I 497n
Kant's, close to esoteric doctrine I 601-2
Laplace, Faye on I 588, 591-3
modern, variation of Laplace's I 597
of planets fr Sun denied I 101
Spencer criticizes I 600
what, is not (Winchell) I 599-600

Necessity. See also Cycles

all universes sons of I 43
Egyptian cycle of I 227; II 379
gods pass thru Circle of II 303
universe of, & accidents II 648

Neck (of Earth), land emerged fr II 401 &n

Necromancer, serpent & II 209

Negritos, descent of II 195-6n

Negro(es) II 780. See also African

"anthropoids" & II 717n
Aryans, Mongols &, fr same ancestors II 607n
Blake on II 725
Central American monuments & II 790
race apart (Broca, Vivey) II 725
skulls like those of, in Austria II 739
survivors of hybrid fourth race II 723
types found in ancient Europe II 744
wide gulf betw, & apes II 677-8

Negroids, fr anthropoids (Huxley) II 315n

Nehhaschim [Nehashim] (Heb), Serpents' "Works" or magic (Zohar) II 409

Nehushtan (Heb) Hezekiah calls brazen serpent II 387n

Neibban (Burmese), nirvana I 38 &n

Neilos, Nil, Nila (Indus R). See also Nila

numerical value of I 390; II 583
true meaning of II 417-18

Neith (Egy) Queen of Heaven

brought forth, not begotten I 399
Christ-Sun clothed in I 393
as the Moon radiates the Sun I 393
other half of Ammon II 135
wife, mother, sister I 396

Nemean Odes. See Pindar

Nemesis (Gk)

cycles, karma & I 641
karma &, compared II 305-6n, 421
karma-, discussed I 642-3
karma-, law of retribution II 304

Nemesis, Hymn to, by Mesomedes II 305n

Nemi. See Nimi

Neolithic Man, Men II 675, 739. See also Cave Men

cannibal II 715, 716n, 723
caves of, & Atlantean survivors II 352
forerunner of Aryan invasion II 716n
lake-dwellers II 716
Paleolithic man & II 686 &n, 715-16 &nn, 722-3
in Palestine, were nephilim (giants) II 775
remains of, in Kent's Cavern II 724

Neophytes, Chrests or II 562

Neoplatonism, Christian Gnosticism added to I xliv

Neoplatonist(s) I 611

archetypal ideas of I 281n
bound by oaths of secrecy II 763
bright period ended w I xliv-v
Chaldean religion & II 541
Clement defected fr II 279-80 &n
divided man into four parts II 602-3
Hermetic books edited by I 675
influence of Buddhistic theosophy on, (King) I 668
Jewish, used microcosm as man I 283n
Mysteries, discipline, virtue I xxxv
seven rectors of world I 409

Neopythagoreans, decimals known before the I 361

Nephesh (Heb). See also Astral Body

breath of life I 212
-chaiah [hayyah], living soul I 226n
garment of II 315
Gnostics get, fr Asia [`Asiyyah] II 604
Ka (Egy) or, (Lambert) II 633
lower or first Adam had only II 162, 456
lower, united w guf II 457
Michael, Samael proceed fr II 378
mind, manas or I 242-5
ruah must unite w I 193
vital soul, not spirit I 225, 633n

Nephilim (Heb) giants

angels beget II 293
in Genesis II 61, 775
satyrs &, descend fr man & animal II 755
term refers to third race II 279
theosophy fr the, (Pember) II 229n
translated "hairy giants" (Bible) II 755

Nephtys, Nephthys (Egy) [Moon-goddess], as wife, mother, sister I 396

Neptune (planet)

not one of seven sacred planets I 575
relation to solar system I 102n, 575
satellites of I 101-2, 149-50n, 575, 593

Neptune (Roman god). See also Poseidon

Atlantean island sacred to II 408
called Chozzar II 356, 577, 578
congratulates Noah I 444n
divided Atlantis II 406n, 765
god of reasoning (Ragon) II 796
Hindu Idaspati, Narayana, etc II 765n
Nereus aspect of II 578, 766
Poseidon- & Aether I 464
Poseidon-, dolphin vehicle of II 577
saves Latona II 771n
symbol of Atlantean magic II 356
titanic strength of fourth race II 766
Varuna like, riding leviathan II 268n
Varuna reigns as II 65
water, Varuna or I 462

Neqebah (Heb) I 5; II 467

Neras. See Naras

Nereids (Gk) nymphs of the sea

goats sacrificed to II 579
Nereus & II 766

Nereus (Gk)

one aspect of Neptune II 578
Poseidon, fourth race & II 766

Nergal(s) (Nargal in tx, Bab)

Chaldean, Assyrian chief of magi II 213
nagals & II 182
nagas & II 213, 628

Nergal-Serezer [Sharezer] (Bab), Nagal [Nagual] & Nargal [Nergal] fr II 213

Nergas II 2. See also Nergal

Neriosengh, translator of the Yasna II 758

Neroses. See Naros

Nerve(s). See also Vibration

-cells II 670-3
-centers of Sun I 540-1
-centers of Sun I 540-1
currents I 293
-force I 454, 508, 531, 566n, 633
in lower kingdoms I 49

Nerve-Aura (of occultism) II 298n. See also Nervous Ether

aspect of all-pervading Archaeus I 338n

Nervous Ether I 531-2, 537-40. See also Archaeus, Nerve-Aura

animal spirits of Descartes II 298
descends via sushumna ray I 537
energy behind matter I 603
of one may poison that of another I 538
Richardson's I 508; II 298n, 654
too much, leads to disease I 538n
vital principle or I 634

Nervous Fluid

exuberance of, & mediums II 370n
liquor vitae of Paracelsus I 532 &n

Nescience, or avidya I 7

Neshamah (Heb)

clothed in bundle of life II 315
Egyptian intellectual soul & II 633
Gnostics get, fr Briah [Beriah] II 604
highest soul or spirit II 457
inspirations of I 245
Michael, Samael proceed fr II 378
spirit, atman or I 242, 243, 244

Nether World

brass symbolizes I 364n
Hathor another aspect of I 400n
Hindus call America the II 446
lords of, & white vs black magic II 427
our Earth or II 98
poem on I 475; II 643
womb of life I 364n

Netzah (Heb), globe E of Earth I 200

Neumann, K. E., Chinese visited New World [Lassen] II 424n

Neutral Center II 261, 731

center between planes I 148
Keely's center I 556-7
laya-center or I 155-6, 557

New Aspects of Life and Religion. See Pratt, H.

New Chemistry, The. See Cooke, J. P.

Newcomb, Professor Simon

——— Popular Astronomy
Earth's heat II 149n, 694
irresolvable nebulae I 543
Sun's heat loss, contraction I 84

New Encyclopaedia. See Rees, A.


continent once joined France & II 791
large cuttle fish found off II 440-1

New Guinea II 7, 328

Newman, Professor, Arismaspi inhabited the Ural II 416-17

New Orleans, skeleton 57,000 years old II 352

"New Philosophy." See Bloomfield-Moore

New Testament I 442n

abyss betw Old Testament & I 382n
borrowed fr Book of Enoch II 482
esotericism of writers of I 384
light created God II 37
not borrowed fr Hindus I xxxi
Old Testament &, fr same source I 115n
phallicism in I 318
plurality of worlds in I 607 &n
reincarnation in II 111 &n

Newton, Sir Isaac

advocated corpuscular theory I 494-5
gravitation & I 490-2, 494-5, 496n, 497-8
ideas of, perverted I 484 &n, 491
intelligences behind laws I 594
Kant's views solve problems of I 601
personal working god of I 479
profoundly religious I 492, 496n
Pythagorean corpuscular theory I 484
resisting ether & motion I 501
space as a vacuum I 491, 494
speculated on Revelation II 484-5
Sun's heat estimated by I 484n
traces zodiac to Argonauts I 652
world often needs repairing I 503
would be idiot without manas II 242
would have eaten his apple I 484

——— "An Hypothesis explaining . . ."
all things originate in ether I 13

——— Opticks
hesitated re gravitation I 496n
plurality of inhabited worlds II 706
thin vapors in space I 494-5

——— Principia II 674
all-powerful Being of I 498
Forbes' [Cotes] Preface I 492
gravity won't explain everything I 490
inertia a force I 511

——— "Third Letter to Bentley"
agent causing gravity I 479, 490-1, 494
subtle spirit moves matter I 490, 491

New World

already old when discovered II 213-14
never connected w Atlantic island
(Oliver) II 322n
patala, nether world or II 446
Secret Doctrine in, before Buddhism II 424n
seeds of grander race in II 446
senior to the Old World II 446
settled by Scandinavians I 297

New York Nation (Nature in tx), criticism of Stallo in I 483 &n

New York Sun, World, attack HPB's pyramid views I 317n

New Zealand, part of ancient Lemuria II 223, 296, 788

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