Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Laboratory, in our atmosphere I 583

Labyrinth I xxviii; II 220-1, 436

Labyrinthodon(ts) (Saurian) third eye developed in II 299n, 697

Lacaille, Abbe N. L. de, astronomical tables of I 661

Lacertilia (lizards) II 205, 296

Lachelier, Henri, & monads of Leibniz I 629, 630 &n

Lacour, P., Les Aeloim, on the Fall II 215-16n

Lactantius Firmianus, Divine Institutions, Logos brother of Satan II 162

Ladder. See also Jacob

of being II 239
gods ascend, descend II 357

Lady of Urka, Omoroca or II 135

Laertius. See Diogenes

Lahgash [Lahash] (Heb) secret speech, incantation I 354

Laing, Samuel

——— Modern Science & Modern Thought
cannibalism & civilized races II 723
crossbreeding among animals II 287
data on early man lacking II 717
Dryopithecus man's ancestor II 675
embryo of man II 259
evolution described II 731
First Cause & good & evil II 510n
geology & astronomy compared II 71-2
Jews had merit of monotheism II 252
length of periods uncertain II 155
man in the Miocene II 677
on meteors I 503-4
methods of reproduction II 116
Moon thrown off fr Earth I 154
oldest fossil man still man II 716
review of, quoted I 669
sequence of life II 254-5

——— A Modern Zoroastrian
African, British flints similar II 522
Eve not begotten II 661
methods of reproduction II 166, 658-9, 661-2
our atoms those of ancestors II 671-2
religious evolution sexual II 657
sex appears late in embryo II 172n

Lajard, J. -B. -F., ["Recherches sur le Culte . . . ," in Memoires de l'Academie Roy le . . . ], on the elements I 125n

Lake Dwellers II 722

flora of, of African origin (Heer) II 739
Neolithic, of Europe II 716, 722

Lake Superior, stone symbols II 790

Lakshmi (Skt)

Agni son of II 578
black side of II 579
called padma or lotus I 380
female aspect of Vishnu I 379-80; II 31, 76n
later Kama son of II 176
Moon, water & II 77
Sri, Venus are I 380; II 76n, 77

Lalande, J. J. L. de, believed many worlds inhabited II 706

Lalita-Vistara, self-maceration, etc in I 47n

Lama(s, ism)

confused w Buddhism I 539n
Dalai & Teschu (Tashi) I 471; II 178, 502n
little known of I xxvii
uninitiated, I xxi

Lamarck, J. de Monet

Crookes on evolution of I 585 &n =
evolutionists & II 646
"inherent & necessary" law of II 738

Lamaseries, cave-libraries in I xxiv

Lamb I 384

Christianity & the I 441-2; II 210n
tortoise &, as symbols I 441

Lambert, Franz, "Die Altagyptische Seelenlehre," diagram of seven principles I 227n; II 633

Lamech (Heb)

perished in Deluge II 265n
son of Methusael, Methuselah II 391n

Lamps, Church, & frog symbol I 386

"lamps shone brighter" [Dryden] I 273

La Naulette (Belgium). See Canstadt Man

jaw & ornaments at II 744

Lancet, The, disease & cycles (Laycock) II 622-3 &n

Lanci, M. A., Sacra scrittura . . . , Azazel has become a devil II 376

Land(s) II 6, 399-401 &nn. See also Continents

of eternal Sun, Hyperborean II 11-12
of fire & metal (East & North) II 428
need rest, renovation II 726
periodic redistribution of II 725-7

Land and Water, Bartlett article in II 595

Lane, Homer, heat, contraction I 84-5

Lang [Lung] (Chin), dragon II 210

Lange, on atomic theory I 518

Language(s). See also Sounds, Speech, Writing

Darwinism & II 662
dependent upon reasoning faculties II 199
development of I 189; II 199-201
divine origin of I 307-9
of gods & magic I 464
of initiates I 568
isolated, of Basques II 790 &n
Kabiri invented devanagari II 364
within a language I 308-10
mankind once of one I 229, 341; II 198, 452, 760n
monosyllabic II 198-9
Mystery I 310-25; II 574-89
number is basis of I 320-3; II 560
of occultism is varied II 616
Plato, Magi used veiled II 395
religion & I xxix
Sanskrit, of the gods I 269
secret sacerdotal I xliii, 362
seven keys of II 334-5
Skinner on symbolic I 308
thought &, identical (Muller) II 199n
a universal I 310

Lanka (Skt) Atlantis-Ceylon

Ceylon northern portion of II 332
Egyptian zodiac fr II 435
giants of II 70, 236, 408
Hanuman reconnoitered II 163
Hindus now on, not Atlanteans II 323-4n
men-demons of II 752
rakshasas or giants of II 276, 776
Ravana giant king of II 224, 225n, 232n, 495

Lankester, Professor Edwin, on development of eye II 295

Lanoo(s) (disciple, chela) I 11, 71, 77, 120; II 300

deva-eye will not help impure II 295
inner, taught seven principles I 122
studies practical esotericism I 71n

Laomedon (Gk) symbolic meaning of II 796

Lao-tzu. See also Confucius

Japanese sect of I 173
many works of, disappeared I xxv
spirit emanates ethereal life II 36-7

——— Tao-teh-ching
brevity of I xxv
I Hi Wei is Jehovah (Remusat) I 472

Lapides igniti caelorum (Lat) incandescent celestial stones I 440

Lapis Philosophorum (Lat) [philos stone], one in essence, three in aspect II 113

Laplace, Pierre-Simon de

answers Napoleon on God I 498, 576n
believed worlds inhabited II 701, 706
Crookes refers to I 585
derided Pictet re aerolites II 784n
fusion of nebular matter I 505
Indian & European day names I 652
near occult theory I 588
on Phobos, Mars satellite I 165
solar atmospheric fluid of I 502
solar system fr nebular rings I 149-50n
theory not hypothetical (Mill) I 588

——— Exposition du systeme du monde
comets are strangers I 500
deals w Buffon's comet I 597
motion a blind law I 498
nebular theory of I 591-3

Laplander(s), call corpses "manee" II 774n

La Pluche, Abbe, on mathematical pt I 613

Lars, Lares (Etruscan)

esoteric definition of II 361
Faber relates, to Kabiri II 360

Lartet, Edouard A. I. H.

man dates fr Miocene II 714n
man lived in Tertiary II 751
races larger before Deluge II 278
on "tallies" & early writing II 729

——— Cavernes du Perigord
man lived w extinct species II 746

——— "Nouvelles Recherches . . ."
Christian datings pushed back II 690-1
no date of man in Genesis II 690

Lassen, Christian

——— Indische Alterthumskunde
Chinese visited New World (Neuman) II 424n
early Buddhist monastery I xxviii n

Last Judgment Day, or "Day-be-with-us" I 134n


Parabrahmic II 24
pre-cosmic I 58

"Latent Dynamical Theory . . ." See Thomson

Lateres Coctiles I 357

Latham, R. G., q by Retzius II 792

Lathe, cruciform II 322n, 543, 559

Latin Church. See Roman Catholic

Latin Lexicon [Worterbuch]. See Freund

Latitude, place of no (Surya Siddhanta) II 401-2n

Latona (Rom, Leto in Gk)

born fr Leda's egg I 366
brought forth Sun II 771n
Diana, Ceres & II 419n
Hyperborean continent or II 770
Isis or II 130
story of II 771-2 &n

Laurence, Archbishop Richard. See also Book of Enoch

——— Introduction to Book of Enoch
on age of Book of Enoch II 230, 506
plagiarism fr Book of Enoch II 482
translated Book of Enoch II 531

Laurentian Period (Pyrolithic age) II 151

age of, rocks II 709
astral forms physicalized in II 684, 712
first condensation of oceans in II 159
Gladstone on II 254

Lava, Lemurian cities of stone & II 317

Lavana (Skt) [salt water] surrounds Jambu (dvipa) II 320

Lavater, Johann K., many worlds inhabited II 706

Lavoisier, Antoine L., Journal des Colonies, living elements I 468

Law(s). See also Karma, Lipika

absolute will & II 164
of analogy I 150-1, 173, 177, 586n, 604
of birth, growth, decay I 144-5
Deity is I 152
dhyani-chohans enact nature's I 38, 278
eternal cyclic, of rebirth II 232
evolution guided by II 731
Fohat & I 109-11, 139
of harmony depends on altruism II 302n
immutability of natural I 640; II 731
impressed on plastic minds I 269
intelligences started, (Newton) I 594
intelligent I 22, 38, 139, 277-8
internal, in evolution II 697
Kabiri-Titans laid down II 364
karma, of ethical causation II 302n
karma or fundamental II 510n
manvantaric, immutable I 529-30; II 489
mechanical, alone insufficient I 594, 601
no blind or unconscious I 274, 27
of offering II 747-8
one eternal, produces harmony II 420
of periodicity (Second Fundamental Proposition) I 16-17
of probabilities I xlvi-vii
of retardation, many still under II 172n, 197
of retribution I 634; II 304-5
rules smaller creators I 199
science ignorant re origin of I 498; II 65
scientific, often variable I 501-2
working w occult, of nature I 489n

Laws, The (De Legibus). See Plato

Laws of Manu (Manava-dharma-sastra)

all matter living I 280-1
Brahma as creator II 58
Brahma awakes, emanates spirit I 447
Brahma divides into male, female I 9n, 137-8; II 126, 134n
Brahma-Vach bisexual in I 72n
Chandalas (Jews) in I 313n
on connubial life II 411n
Deluge not in I 67-8
evolution of universe I 333-5
exaggerations in II 67
fourteen manus in kalpa II 307, 308 &n
grihasta & laws of marriage I 210; II 411n
Hiranyagarbha, Brahma I 89, 360
Kapila esoterically explained I 600
Narayana resting on waters I 457-8n
fr not-being is born being I 344
Om, Bhur, Bhuva, Swar I 432n
pitris lunar ancestors II 91 &n
pradhana I 256 &n
Rudras paternal grandfathers II 164n
sarisripa II 185
six (seven, five) elements II 574
sons of Atri, Marichi II 89
Svayambhuva Manu & man I 248
teaches evolution II 259
ten prajapatis, seven manus I 449; II 573
true Brahman a trisuparna I 210; II 590
Vasus, Rudras, Adityas, etc II 248n
Viraj creator of world II 311 &n

Laws of Moses

enacted against nations II 456
Sadducees held to I 320-1n

Laya (Skt)

absolute homogeneity I 522, 589
awakens, becomes a comet I 203-4
-centers a condition, not points I 145
condition, "central sun" in II 240n
described I 147-8
divine breath issues fr I 289
dying globes transfer energy to I 155-6
evolution of atoms fr I 522
Ilus rests in I 140
Keely terms "Etheric Centers" I 148n, 556-7
life even in I 258-9
nirvana of seventh principle I 289 &n
nirvana or, & elements I 140
points visible to adepts I 489
primitive, state of atoms 568n
protyle & I 522; II 105
seven, centers I 138-9, 147-8
state normal condition I 567
transfer of principles & I 172
universal Virgin-Mother emerges fr I 88
fr, to vortex of motion I 258
zero point or I 130, 147-8, 545, 551, 620

Layard I 125n, 126. See Lajard, J.-B.-F.

Layard, Austin H., excavations of II 5

Laycock, Dr Thomas

——— "Periodicity of Vital Phenomena"
cyclic nature of disease II 622-3 &n
man's three septenary cycles II 623n

"Lead us not . . ." II 517

addressed to God, not Devil I 414

"Leaflets from Esoteric History." See Blavatsky, H. P.

Leah, mandrakes, magic &, [Genesis] II 27n


initiates called cedars of II 494-5
Nabatheans of Mount II 455n

Le Clerc, Jean, oulam [olam] not eternity I 336n, 354n

Le Couturier, Charles H.

——— Panorama des mondes
attraction just an idea I 492n
combated Newton's vacuum idea I 494 &n, 495
Earth 350 million years old II 698n
force & mass I 502
gravitation merely a word I 604
rotation of Sun I 500

"Lecture on Protoplasm." See Huxley, T. H. "On the Physical . . ."

Lectures on Mr. Darwin's . . . See Muller

Lectures on the Bhagavad-Gita. See Subba Row "Notes . . ."

Lectures on the Origin . . . See Sayce, A. H.

Lectures on the Philosophy of History. See Hegel

Lectures on the Science of Language. See Muller

Lectures on the Science of Religion. See Muller, F. M. Introduction . . .

Leda (Gk)

Apollo, Latona fr egg of I 366
fable of Jupiter & II 197n
legends of, various II 121-4
mother of Castor & Pollux II 121-2
swan, Kalahansa, etc I 358-9; II 122

Ledrenus. See Cedrinus, George

Lefevre, Professor Andre

——— La Philosophie
chronological info uncertain II 66 &n
on death of old races II 780
geological time imperfect II 685 &n
last glaciation 100,000 years ago II 779n
man dates fr Miocene II 714n
man last of mammals II 714n
monogenism vs polygenism II 169 &n
recapitulation of embryo II 187n
relative figures of Periods II 709-10
Tertiary man on sunken lands II 782n
traces pre-Aryan Europe II 741
vegetable phase of human foetus II 685n

Left-Hand Path I 417-18

adepts of, called trees II 494-5
adepts of, or Levites II 211
Atlanteans followed I 192n; II 331
persecution of right by prophets of II 503
right &, began in Atlantis I 192n
South Pole & II 400n
started sacerdotal castes II 503

Legend(s). See also Allegories, Myths

based on facts in nature II 293, 393
of deluges II 314
of four previous races universal II 311
Gould on actuality of II 217-19
more true than history II 182
of reclaiming buried libraries I xxxiv
of third race propagation II 132
transformed by popular fancy II 777
worldwide community of II 311

Legendes Persanes. See d'Herbelot

Legends & Theories . . . See Hardy, R. S.

Le Gentil de la Galaisiere, G.-J.-H., on Hindu zodiac I 663

Legge, James, The Life & Teachings of Confucius, Confucius transmitter, not maker I xxxvii

Legibus, De. See Plato, Laws

Legum Allegoriae. See Philo Judaeus

Lehm, gravel deposit in Belgium II 744

Leibniz (Leibnitz), Gottfried W.

all matter connected I 615, 627
believed many worlds inhabited II 706
Couchy's points are monads of I 630-1n
ethereal fluid of I 623, 626
Haeckel's theories & monads of II 671, 673
metaphysical intuition of I 627
monadic evolution of I 619-20
monad reflects itself in root forms II 186
monads of, & early atomists I 579
monads of, or elementary germs I 139, 489
on Newton's agent of gravity I 491
not initiate or mystic I 619
objective pantheist I 629
science should weigh theories of I 625
sought univ philos tongue [Merz] I 310
theories of, dealt w lower planes I 626
truths of, alloyed I 622

——— Examen des Principes . . .
God made nothing but monads I 631

——— Letter to Father Des Bosses
distinguishing betw monads, atoms I 631

——— The Monadology (Monadologie)
atoms as mathematical points I 628
brushes esoteric secrets I 626
endowed nature w life I 627, 630
monads as entelechies I 632n
monads indestructible I 179
monad universe in itself I 107
universe reflected in monad I 632

——— Systeme nouveau . . .
on atoms I 630n, 631n

Leibniz. See Merz, J. T.

Lemaitre, Jules, on Renan II 455

Lemmings, migration of, & Atlantis II 782

Lemminkainen (Finn), good magician II 26

Lemniscate, symbol of, & caduceus I 550-1

Lemnos, Island of

fire (Kabiri) worship in II 363
giant skeleton at II 278
sacred to Vulcan II 3
volcanic isle (Decharme) II 391

Lempriere, Dr John, on Sanskrit I xxxviii

Lemur, & modern pithecoids II 717

Lemuria. See also Lemuro-Atlanteans, Root-Race — 3rd

Africa never part of II 263, 368
archaic names of, secret II 263-4
"Atlantis" &, may rise again II 333
Atlas personified II 762
Australia remnant of II 314, 779
HPB on, (Theosophist) II 788-9
broke into smaller continents II 324, 327-8
climate of II 777 &n
colossi & cyclopean ruins fr II 263, 346n
combustion & submersion of I 439n
complete records of II 334
continents of II 220, 326, 781n
cradle of ape-man (Haeckel) II 171, 193n
cradle of physical man II 46, 679-80, 715n, 737, 789
described II 7-8 &n, 221, 264, 323-4, 326-8, 333-4, 405, 781n
destroyed by fire II 266, 316, 331, 762
destruction of I 439n; II 197, 221, 313-14, 332, 371-2, 776
Dioscuri, seven dhyani-chohans of II 361n
Easter Island remnant of II 326-8
elect of, in Sambhala II 319
evidence for II 781-2, 788-9
extended up the Atlantic II 337
giant peaks of II 763
Latona-Niobe story & II 771-2 &n
Madagascar remnant of II 177
man originated in, (Haeckel) II 679-80
New Zealand part of II 296
no sharp line betw, & Atlantis II 333
origin of name (Sclater) II 7, 171, 323-4n
perished before Eocene II 31, 779
re-Tertiary II 8n, 433n
risings, sinkings of II 320-31
sank in Indian Ocean (Haeckel) II 679-80
Sons of Light & of Darkness in II 772-3
southern Hyperborean continent II 770n
stretched to polar regions II 769n
submerged continent of, (Crotch) II 782
Sweden, Norway part of II 402
tilting of axis & II 329
volcanism destroyed II 141n, 266
Wallace admits, a reality II 193n
written language of II 346n

Lemurian(s). See also Lemuro-Atlanteans, Root-Race — 3rd

accursed races of II 319
adepts II 351
ancient nations descend fr II 768-9
Andaman Islanders fr late II 195-6
androgynous then bisexual II 777
animals, mated w II 286-7, 775
bred monsters II 285-6
built huge cities II 316-17
continent broke apart II 324-8
continent submerged II 606n
cyclopean ruins of II 263
divine dynasties of II 366, 774
early, androgynous II 777
early, were astral II 737
elect of, on Sacred Island II 319
failures among II 272
first physical man II 46
gravitated toward North Pole II 274
hermaphrodite then sexual II 178
holy race of giants II 171-2
later, highly intellectual II 263
looked upon as mythical II 761
male, forefather of apes II 201n
mindless wives of II 283, 286
no outward worship among II 272-3
physicalization of II 736-7
pineal a gland after fall of II 301
polar regions tomb of II 324
records of II 334-5
Saturn governed II 765
seven, divisions of Earth II 366
seven kumaras, White Island & II 584
sin of the mindless of II 683
size of II 171-2, 316, 340, 344, 446
sorcerer & circular stones II 343-4
sorcery of II 286
Tasmanians fr late II 195
third deluge destroyed II 351
two classes of II 772
ungodly Atlanteans comp w II 350
Wealdon remnant of, river II 333
worshiped their own statues II 316

Lemuridae, Haeckel's, & Prosimiae II 649-50, 668

Lemuro-Atlantean(s). See also Lemuria

age of II 751
bred monsters I 184n; II 285, 775
civilization of, drowned II 426
continents II 10
descendants of II 195, 199n, 779
dynasty of spirit-kings II 221-2
fell victim to animal natures II 285
first physical races II 772
had no dogmas II 272
highly civilized, speaking race I 191
innate knowledge of II 285
kings of, not always good II 222
overlapping of Atlantis & Lemuria II 433n
"Sons of Night, Sons of Sun" II 772
took wives of lower race II 195, 283, 284-5

Lenoir, Marie-Alexandre, "Du Dragon de Metz" II 386

Lenormant, Franccois, [Manuel d'Histoire ancienne de l'Orient], prehistoric Egyptians II 432

Leo (Constellation)

fiery lions or divine flames & I 213
heart of, & beginning of kali-yuga I 663
Hydra & Dendera II 432-3
Judah & I 651
vanquished II 785
vertical to Ceylon II 407
Virgo inseparable fr II 785

Leo [III] Isaurus, burned Constantinople library II 763n

Le Plongeon, Augustus

discovered Kan Coh sepulcher II 34n

——— Sacred Mysteries . . .
on Book of Enoch II 229-30, 506
Mayan & Egyptian alphabets alike I 267n
Mexican Sephirothal Tree II 36 &n
number seven in antiquity II 34-5

Leporine (hare-rabbit), fertile hybrid II 287

Lepsius, Karl Richard, Denkmaler aus Aegyptien . . . , Osiris-Lunus I 228

Leslie, Sir John, An Experimental Inquiry . . . , light & heat related I 515n

Lesser Bear. See Ursa Minor

Lesser Holy Assembly. See Idra Zuta Qaddisha

Lethe (Gk), river of forgetfulness II 690

Leto (Gk). See Latona


M & its symbolism I 384-5
P & R evolve fr one II 574
seven, of Jehovah's name I 335, 351-2

Letters from North America. See Hodgson, A.

"Letter to a Theosophist," race of buddhas, christs II 415

"Letter to Father Des Bosses." See Leibniz

"Let there be Light" (Genesis) I 215-16n

"Lettres et conversations." See Humboldt

Lettres Persanes. See Montesquieu, Baron de

Lettres pour servir . . . See Brasseur de Bourbourg

Lettres sur L'Atlantide. See Bailly, J. S.

Leucippus (of Abdera)

atomic theory of I 2, 117, 579
atoms in a vacuum I 64, 343
believed in gods I 518

Leucomaines, men, animals swarming w I 260-1, 262n

Leverrier, U. J. J., predictions of II 441

Levi (son of Jacob) II 211-12. See also Levites

Simeon &, or Gemini I 651

Levi, Eliphas I xliii n; II 268n

astral light of I 196, 253-5, 338n, 421; II 74, 409, 485
re concept of God II 545, 555
confuses ruah & nephesh II 633n
full of contradictions I 259n
God should not be given form II 536
hesitated re Fall of Angels II 238n
incarnated paradox II 584
kabbalist II 238n, 506
miracles he claimed I xliiin
pandered to Rome II 507, 510-11, 562
paradoxes of II 510, 589
phallic interpretations of II 555
terminology of I 242
universal agent of I 76
veiled references of II 511

——— La Clef des Grands Mysteres
angels aspire to become men II 377
sevenfold man (Kabbala) I 241-2, 243-5

——— Dogme et Rituel . . .
Enoch & six-pointed star II 533
sign of cross II 562
yang, yin explained II 554

——— Histoire de la Magie
astral light I 259n
Fall of Angels II 238n
grand kabbalistic symbol II 359-60
Lucifer or astral light II 511
Satan described II 506-7
Sepher Yetsirah, Zohar, etc II 536

——— The Mysteries of Magic [A. E. Waite]
on astral light I 253-4n, 255
[Waite] q re Book of Enoch II 506

——— [Paradoxes of the Highest Science]
[Master KH] II 415
Leviathan (flying serpent) II 577
in Job II 206
Neptune riding on II 268n
saraph mehophep & II 206n

Levites. See also Jews, Levi

Ark in Holy of Holies of II 459
degraded Holy of Holies II 468-9
"fiery serpents" name given to II 212
of left-hand path II 211, 212
priestly caste, disappeared II 130


disfigured Laws of Manu II 748
offering of "coats of skin" II 748
seven rounds, forty-nine races II 618, 747-8
seven Sabbaths II 565n
twelve cakes I 649
unclean foods I 80n

Lewes, George Henry

"guarded materialism" of I 124-5n
more dangerous than Buchner I 528n

Lewins, Dr

effects of Newton's discoveries I 484n

——— "Phreno-Kosmo-Biology"
on cerebration I 297 &n

Lewis. See Lewes, G. H.

Lewis, G. C,. Capella on Egyptian astronomy I 650

Lexicon Pentaglotton. See Schindler, V.

Lha(s) (Tib) spirits, pitris

create the world II 23
defined II 22
fivefold I 238
incarnate in men II 191
inferior, & man's body II 57
Melha a revered II 63
of Moon gave man form II 102
solar II 17, 105, 109, 110

Lhakhang (Tib) I xxiv

Lhamayin (Tib), of below & Lhas II 63

Lhasa (capital of Tibet), word derived fr Lhas II 63

L'Homme rouge des Tuileries. See Christian, P.

Lhy [Li] (Chin), cuts communication betw heaven & Earth II 281

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