Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Taaroa (Tahitian Creator) II 194


curtain hiding, explained I 125
of man designed for a god II 302, 420
of Moses identical w Egyptian I 125, 347n, 391
priests of, & revelation II 455
Solomon's Temple based on I 314-15
square form & Cardinal points I 125, 347n
symbol based on Great Pyramid I 314-15

Tables. See Diagrams

Tables of Stone of Moses II 530

Tablets. See Babylonian, Chaldean

Tabor. See Faber, G. S.

Tabula Smaragdina II 109. See Divine Pymander, Smaragdine Tablet

Tad (Skt) That. See Tat

Tadpole, foetus assumes shape of II 188

T'Agathon. See Agathon


creation of man fr dust II 193-4 &n
legends of Pacific continent II 223-4, 788
taller than average II 332

Tahmurath [Teimuraz] (Pers) legend of II 397-9

Taht [Taat]-Esmun (Egy) Moon-god

eighth sphere or I 227n
seven souls of I 227n; II 633

al-Taifashi, Ahmad ibn Yusuf, Book of the Various Names of the Nile . . . , on the nature of Seth II 366


in caduceus I 549
of comet I 203, 504, 606
dragon's, or moon's nodes I 403
Great Dragon's II 351, 484-5
in human foetus II 685
peacock's, or sidereal heavens II 619
rudimentary, of man II 681
serpent swallowing I 65, 74, 253n, 291, 642; II 504-5

Taimuraz. See Tahmurath

Taine, H. A., History of English Literature, antiquity of civilization II 334

Tairyagyonya or Tiryaksrotas (Skt) Animal Creation

archebiosis begins in I 455
both primary & secondary I 455n
creation of animals & monsters II 162
fifth or sacred animal creation I 446, 455-6

Tait, P. G. See Stewart &; also Thomson &

Taittiriya Brahmana. See also Aitareya Brahmana

asuras fr Brahma-Prajapati (Aitareya in tx) II 500
Kama son of dharma II 176

Taittiriya Upanishad, intelligence, ether, air, elements I 330

Taka-mi-musubi-no-kami (Jap) offspring of Heaven & Earth I 214

Talbot, M. G., Bamian statues pre-Buddhist II 339

Tales of Derbent, Simorgh & the good Khalif II 397

Taley [Dalai] (Tib) II 502n. See Dalai Lama

Taliesin (Cymric Bard), serpent, Druid II 380


porcelain, (Mackey) II 436
preparation of, (Nabatheans) II 455n
primitive cross II 557, 588
serpent I 410

Tallies (Nallies in tx) show writing among early men II 729


age of II 454
Angel of Death is Satan II 385
axiom fr II 118
degraded Jewish symbols II 459n, 618
describes Lilith as charming II 262
dragon Prince of Waters in II 505
forbids cursing Adversary II 477-8
highest deity not a creator I 439 &n
Lord rebuking Satan II 478 &n
Macro-, Microprosopus I 350
Mikael, Prince of Water I 459; II 505
Paul (Saul) "little one" II 504
St Michael called God II 478
Samael, serpent, demon I 417
Satan, Samael, evil spirit II 388
spurned by Sadducees I 320-1n
thaumaturgists mentioned I xliii n

Talmudic Jews, Talmudists

altered Jewish faith I 320
lost rounds, races teaching II 618
Midrashim &, differ re Enoch II 532
non-initiated II 618
profaned nature's symbols II 471

Tam (Tamil), same as Thomas, Athamas II 135

Tamas, Tamasa (Skt) darkness, inertia

dullness, insensibility I 330
Hindus called elements I 332
one of the trigunas I 348
sattva, rajas & I 535
spiritual darkness I 373
stagnant I 335n

Tamasa (Skt, Thamasa in tx), a Manu II 309

Tamaz [or Athamaz] same as Adam Kadmon II 44

Tamial [Tamiel] taught astronomy (Enoch) II 376


edition of Bagavadam [Bhagavata Purana] II 620
works on Atlantis, Lemuria II 326

Tamil Calendar, Tirukkanda Panchanga II 51n, 67-70

Tamra (Skt), wife of Kasyapa II 181

Tamtu (Assyr, Damti in tx) the sea Belita, Eve or II 463

Tanais River [now the Don] II 773

Tanha (Pali) thirst for life of lower, personal selves II 109-10

Tanjur (Tib Buddhist canon) 225 volumes of I xxvii

Tanmatras (Skt) rudimentary elements

five, Mahat & ahankara I 256n, 335; II 639
noumenoi of elements I 536n, 572n
rays of the Logos I 572n
rejected by Hopkins I 334
release from, leads to highest goal I 572
in Sankhya I 335
Second Creation & I 452, 454

Tannaim (Heb), initiated teachers I 202; II 469

Tantalus (Gk) revealed secrets, punished II 396

Tantrik [c] (Skt), five makaras II 579

Tantrika(s) (Skt)

of Bengal & Moon I 156
mahavidya now degenerated into I 169

Tao (Gnostic). See Iao


seven jewels of I 173
used circles as symbols II 554

Tao-sse. See also Lao-tzu

sacred scriptures of I xxv

Tao-teh-ching. See Lao-tzu

Tapas (Skt) [heat, devout exercises], Sanjna practiced II 174

Taphos (Gk) tomb, placed in adytum II 459

Tapirs, prehistoric bones of, in France II 277

Tapo-Loka [Taparloka] (Skt), one of seven dvipas II 321

Tara or Taraka (Skt)

Budha son of II 45, 138, 456, 498
"Helen of Hindus," causes war II 498-9
initiation of, by Soma II 499
prefers esoteric truths II 45n
War explained II 497-500
wife of Brihaspati II 45, 138

Taradaitya (Skt)

demon II 404
lived on seventh stage II 407n
white devil of Puranas II 403

Taraka (Skt)

demon & his austerities II 382 &n
slain by Karttikeya II 382-3, 549n, 619

Taraka-Jit (Skt) title of Karttikeya, vanquisher of Taraka II 382, 619

Tarakamaya (Skt) War in Heaven I 418; II 45, 63, 384n

Taraka Raja-Yoga (Skt)

division of man's principles I 157-8
three upadhis enough for II 592-3n, 603

Taramaya. See Tarakamaya

Tarana (Skt), Hindu year 1887 II 68

[Tardy, Joseph], Cosmographie . . . , could the Earth fall I 502

Targum of Jonathan, King of Ai crucified II 558

Targum of Onkelos, crucified against the Sun II 558

Tarija (Ecuador) giants of, warred w gods & men II 754

Tarim (Turkestan desert)

once many cities in I xxiv n, xxxii
subterranean libraries in I xxiv n

Tartars [or Tatars], astronomical tables of I 658-9

Tartarus (Gk) lowest hell. See also Hades

Atlas legend & II 762
imprisoned giants in II 776
Prometheus hurled into II 525

Tashi (Panchen) Lama (Tib, Teschu in tx)

Chenresi incarnates in II 178
incarnation of Amitabha I 471


became sterile II 196
descend fr Lemuro-Atlanteans II 195, 195-6n
lost continent fr India to II 221, 324
now extinct II 332
race apart (Broca, Virey) II 725

Taste I 96, 251, 535-6. See also Senses

related to senses & elements II 107

Tat, Tad (Skt) That. See also Boundless, Kalahansa, Parabrahman, That

all that is, was, or will be I 545
unrevealed abstract Deity I 77

Tat (Egy). See also Thoth

Apophis bound on, or tau II 588n
emblem of stability II 557
Seth, Thoth (Hermes), or II 380, 530

Tathagata (Skt) ["thus gone," epithet of Buddha], Lord, & Bamian statues II 339

Tatoo [Tattu] (Egy), erection of Tat in II 588n

Tattva(s) (Skt) principles of matter

five, six, seven elements II 574
Mahat-, creation I 446, 450-2

Tau, Tau Cross (Egy)

borrowed by Christians I xli
called (Gaieios), son of Earth II 591n
closed Jewish alphabet II 581
couch in form of II 558-9, 573
cube unfolded becomes I 321; II 542, 600n
described & explained I 5; II 546-8, 557, 581
Egyptian II 30, 36, 542, 557
formed fr figure "7" II 590-1
found at Palenque II 557
initiation connected w II 543, 558
Inman & Knight degrade I 405
Jaina, Christian &, same I 657
mahayogi w Ru on II 548
phallic symbol II 214, 542
stands for androgynous man II 30
stands for generation I 365
supports Egyptian egg I 364n
or Tat II 588n
three & four in I 321

Tau-ists. See Taoists

Tauris [in Crimea] human sacrifice to Artemis in I 395

Taurus (constellation)

Aldebaran looks down fr eye of II 785
Aleph of, & Christ I 656-7
Eridu & Sun in II 693
eye of, & beg of kali-yuga I 663, 665
in Issachar I 651
Pleiades in neck of II 551
sacred in every cosmogony I 657
Sun-gods connected I 656
Sun in, understood by Druids II 759
symbol of II 551
when vertical to Atlantis II 407-8

Taurus Draconem . . . II 133

Taut. See Thoth

Taygete (Gk) a Pleiad, daughter of Atlas II 768

Taylor, Thomas. See also Plato

knew less Greek but more Plato I 453n
most intuitional Greek translator I 425

——— "Introduction" to The Parmenides
"Chaos was generated" (Hesiod) I 425n
the One never creates I 425-6

——— The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus
on nature of Dionysos I 335

——— "On The First Principle"
Jew's concept of artificer of universe I 426n

——— On the Theology of Plato [by Proclus]
refered to, by Oliver on Tetrad II 599

Tchandalas. See Chandalas

Tchan-gy. See Chan-chi

Tchengis-Khan. See Genghis Khan

Tcheou. See Chou

Tchertchen. See Cherchen

Tchoon-Tsieoo. See Ch'un Ch'iu

Tchy-yeoo. See Khih Yu

Teachers I 159-60. See also Adepts, Initiates, Mahatma Letters, Masters

HPB had Sinnett's letters fr I 187
on cometary matter I 597
forbidden to speak on some subjects I 163-5
inhabit Snowy Range I 271
Mahaguru guides I 208
various names for I 271n

Teachings. See also Occultism

qualifications for secret I 164
Rig-Veda corroborates occult II 606
Secret Doctrine, old as the world II 449

Teakwood, Babylonians used, fr India II 226

Teapy [i]. See Easter Island

Tectum (Lat) [roof], Ragon on tau & II 581

Tefnant [Tefnut] (Egy) inhabits devachan II 374n

Tehung & Lhy [Li] (Chin) two lower dhyani-chohans II 280-1

Teimuraz. See Tahmurath

Telang, Kashinath Trimbak

on Anugita II 566n
Buddhism not taught in Gita I 419n
on fire symbol in Vedas II 567
Gita passage puzzles I 86
on life-winds II 567-8
meanings of sattva I 68-9 &n
translated Anugita II 496n

Telchines, Kabiri, Titans, Atlanteans II 391

Telepathic Impacts, science now considers II 156

Telescopes, cannot see outside matter world I 166-7

Telesphoros (Gk) [bringing to fulfillment], name for heptagon II 602

Tell, William, some say, never existed II 761

Tel-loh, monuments at, 4000 BC II 226, 691-2


differs on other planets I 142
theories of solar I 484n

Templars, serpent symbol of Christ w I 472

Temple(s). See also Initiations, Pyramids, Temple of Solomon

body of man is a I 212, 327, 574n; II 470, 651
bulls in old Hindu II 418n
curtains in ancient I 125, 462; II 459
Dracontian, grandeur of II 380
gods are, of God I 578
-libraries II 529
planetary, in Babylon II 456
rock-cut, of India I 126
sacred to Sun, dragon II 378-9
in universe & in us II 651
Vitruvius gives rules for Greek I 209n

Temple, Bishop Frederick

——— The Relations between Religion & Science
"primal impress" of Logos II 24, 645
supported Darwinism II 645

Temple de Jerusalem. See Villalpand, J.-B.

Temple of Pachacamac (Peru) II 317

Temple of Solomon II 233. See also Solomon

based on pyramid symbolism I 115n, 314-15
Holy of Holies of I 391
left pillar of, or Boaz II 461
like that of Hiram II 541
Masonry &, (Ragon) II 795
measurements of, universal II 465, 543
never had any real existence I 314
planets, elements, zodiac I 395


of flesh in Eden I 383
two kinds of, defined I 414

Tempter. See also Jehovah, Nahash, Rakshasas, Satan

in Garden of Eden I 383, 422; II 387
mind is redeemer & II 513
Zeus as the II 419

Temurah, T'murah (Heb) interchange of Hebrew letters, I 78, 90n; II 40

Ten. See also Decad

born fr matter, chaos, female I 90n
described & explained I 94-6, 392; II 581
double womb I 391-2
dual, one & circle I 94, 391, 398
esoteric in India I 360
esoteric rendering of I 433
five &, sign of Makara I 221
four, seven & II 603
full number of Sephirothal Tree II 595
Jehovah, androgyne or II 416n
Jod is, male & female I 347; II 126n, 574
mother of the soul (Hermes) I 90n
number of all human knowledge I 36
one & nine or I 98 &n
part of sacerdotal language I 362
perfect number I 98n; II 564, 573
phallic number I 391; II 463
Pythagorean decad I 36; II 553, 573, 603
seven proceeds fr II 573
three plus seven or I 98n, 427
three plus three & four or II 564, 603
twelve & II 36
universal only w Ain-soph II 596
universe contained within I 94, 360-1, 427; II 573

Ten-brel chug-nyi (Tib) I 38n. See Nidanas

Tenerife (Mt)

Asburj & II 408
Atlantis & II 727, 791
once three times higher II 763
relic of two lost continents II 763
Sun sets at foot of II 407

Tennyson, Alfred, The Idylls of the King, temptation of Merlin II 175n

Ten-shoko-daijin [or Ten-Sho-Dai-Jiu] (Jap) first of five gods (races) of Earth I 241

Tephireth. See Tiphereth

Teraphim (Heb) nourisher, oracle

mode of divination II 455
Seldenus describes I 394

Tereti, power of Chald gods II 283-4n

Termini (Lat) II 542

Terminus & Tectum (Lat) Ragon on tau & II 581


animals are, only II 575
divine creation & II 128
spiritual & physical man are II 575
symbol of third life I 384
three spirits or II 576
triangle & I 616

Terra (Lat), Gaia (Gk) [Earth-goddess], Cyclopes sons of, by Coelus II 769

Terra del Fuego. See Tierra del Fuego

Terrestrial. See also Cataclysms, Earth, Substance

cosmic &, forces I 205, 291, 554, 594, 604
laws begin w physicalization II 736
life no gauge for stellar life II 703, 707

Tertiary Age II 688n. See also Mesozoic, Primary Age, Secondary Age, Quaternary Age

age & size of animals II 733
Atlantean apex & destruction II 710
axis change began early in II 314
beginning of II 751
brilliant civilization in II 679
Croll's figures re II 10 &n, 685, 715n
endured five to ten million years (Laing) II 676
flora in II 727, 790
Lemuria perished before II 313, 433n
mammals appear in II 258
man & ape date back to I 190; II 87n
man existed before II 206, 288, 751
man fr ape in late, (Haeckel) II 680
man lived in II 56n, 155, 751
Northeast Asia, America united in II 322n
pre-, giant man in II 9
rocks of, 5,000 feet thick II 709
science on man in II 288, 713-15 &nn
term Age of Mammals misleading II 713n
uncertainty as to periods of II 10-11, 693-5


Devil "Monkey of God" II 476
existence of, some doubt II 278 &n

——— On Baptism
great fish saves many fishes II 313n

——— On the Resurrection . . .
giant skeletons in Carthage II 278

——— The Prescription against Heretics
Basilidean teachings I 350
World Holders, Dominations I 331

Teshu, Teschu Lama. See Tashi Lama

Teth. See Set, Thoth

Teth (nineth letter of Hebrew alphabet) I 76

Tethys (Gk) wife of Oceanus

is & is not Gaia or Earth II 65
magi &, [should be Thetis] I 467

Tetrachord, in ancient musical notation II 600

Tetractis. See Tetraktys

Tetrad. See also Four, Tetraktys

animal of Plato, (Thomas Taylor) II 599
four elements & I 448
Microprosopus is, male-female II 626
root of all things (Plutarch) II 601
Supreme, appears to Marcus I 351-2
unfolded makes hebdomad II 599


interpreted II 128-9
Isis Unveiled on II 557

Tetragrammaton (YHVH)

Adam Kadmon or I 99n; II 596
Ancient of Days becomes I 60
androgynous I 72 &n
cherubs (two) on sides of II 361n
equivalents in other faiths II 601, 625
esoteric interpretation II 601, 625-6
firstborn I 344; II 25
four letters of I 438n; II 57n, 312n, 625n
head of seven lower sephiroth I 344, 438n
"Heavenly Man" or II 25, 625n
host of builders I 344
invented to mislead profane I 438
is Jehovah I 618; II 601
Jah-Noah was II 596
Logos in Kabbala I 99n
Malkuth bride of I 240
manifested kosmos II 24
Microprosopus or I 240
Ophis & I 73n
Protogonos or II 25
secondary perfection II 582
Second Logos II 599
Sephirothal Tree II 625n
seven, essence of II 626, 628
six-pointed star & I 215
Tetraktys & II 312n, 463 &n, 599, 621
triangle, Tetraktys & II 312n
two of, discussed II 626
universe emanates fr II 625n
YHVH or I 438n, 618

Tetraktys (Pythagorean) I 616

dhyani-chohans & I 197
eternal in essence only I 88
four or sacred square I 89n, 134n
heptagon & II 598-602
lower, root of illusion II 599
Macroprosopus in circle II 626
musical notations & II 600
mystery of I 344
oath on the II 603
Reuchlin on unfolding of II 601
Second Logos II 599
self-existent one or I 88
symbolizes the sephiroth II 111 &n
symbol of man II 36
Tetragrammaton II 312n, 463 &n, 599, 621
three becomes II 621
triad becomes I 60, 99
triangle in square II 24
triangle, quaternary & I 614; II 582

Teut, Egyptian four-letter god II 602

Teutobochus (Teutonic chief) spurious bones of, found II 277

Teutonic Peoples, & giants II 754

Text-book of Physiology. See Foster, M.

T.G.A.O.T.U. (Masonic) The Great Architect of the Universe I 613

Thabit ibn Qurrah (Thebith in tx) oscillatory theory of I 664

Thackeray, William M., soul part eternal II 424

Thaingen Grotto (Switzerland) reindeer portrait in II 717-18, 720

Thalamencephalon (interbrain) in Quain's Anatomy II 297

Thalami, Optic. See also Third Eye

pineal gland & II 297-8, 301

Thalassa (Gk). See also Thalatth

deep sea, Moon II 115
Greek goddess II 65n

Thalatth (Chald). See also Thalassa

Binah, Elohim, Tiamat or I 394
Chaldean feminine element I 394; II 54, 115
gave birth to sea monsters II 65n
sea dragon, Satan II 61
signifies beginning of creation II 135

Thales (Gk philosopher) I 330

universe evolved fr water I 77, 345 &n, 385
on water element I 385; II 591n

Thalia. See Herodotus

Thamasa. See Tamasa

Thammuz [Akkadian Tammuz, Sumerian Dumuzi], son, father, husband I 396

Thartharaoth, mule, Uriel & II 115n

That I 373-4. See also Ain Soph, All, Boundless, Parabrahm, Sat

the Absolute All II 158
abstract Deity or I 77
alone was I 445
Be-ness, not a being II 310
can never be at rest II 80
cause of spirit & matter I 35
First Cause & I 391n, 426
golden womb & I 89
illusory dual aspect of I 545
is Non-being to finite beings I 7
is the One Life I 258
neither asleep nor awake II 310
"One Pradhanika Brahma Spirit" I 256
Parabrahman or I 7
precedes manifestation I 450-1
Rabbi Barahiel on I 618
space & time as incognizable II 612
"Thou art," or Brahman I 572
unfathomable darkness I 77, 373-4
of which all things are made I 371

Thaumaturgists, two mentioned by Franck I xliii n

Thavatth. See Thalatth

Thayngin Grotto. See Thaingen Grotto

Thebes, Theban (Egy)

Ammon at I 367, 675
catacombs of, described II 379
heroes who fell at II 271
now dated 7,000 years old II 750
sacerdotal class conceptions I 311
temple of Kabirim at II 363
triad discussed II 464

Thebith. See Thabit

Theein (Gk) [to run], theos, theoi derived fr (Plato) I 2n, 346; II 545

Theists I 147, 414, 421, 634

Themis (Gk) kept man within nature's limits II 305n

Thenay, Miocene flints of II 740n, 748 &n

Theocritus, Idylls, Castor & Pollux, dual man II 122 &n

Theodolinda, crucifix of II 587

Theodoret, Quaest. xv in Exodum, Jehovah or Yahva (Samaritans) II 129, 465

Theodosius I 312

Bossuet on II 485

Theogony (ies) II 147. See also Hesiod

all, have divine rebels II 79, 94n
beginning of I 231
connected w zodiac I 652
of creative gods a key I 424-45
future, concealed in divine thought I 1
Greek & Latin, appropriated fr India II 143-4
key of, re Moon not phallic I 390
key to all II 23, 767
key to symbols I 363
manifest, begins w Brahma-Vach I 434
metaphysics of, & elements II 359 &n
old primitive II 248

Theogony. See Damascius

Theogony. See Hesiod

Theogony. See Mochus

Theoi (Gk). See Theos


compress Hindu chronology I 654
craft & deceit of I 423
dated man 6,000 years old II 675
degraded kumaras into Satan I 458
distorted ancient ideas II 475-6
Hindu genealogies & II 248
slander Satan I 415
symbols confused by II 476
take everything on blind faith I 669
took God, angels, Satan fr pagans II 475-6


historical facts become, dogmas II 776
religions stand for dead letter II 377


absurd fictions of materialistic II 149
anthropomorphism of I 3n
antiquity of man & I 323; II 194-5
astronomy &, linked I 320
biblical II 9, 194-5
Christian, enforces belief I 287
cruel & pernicious dogma II 231
dead-letter sense of II 94n, 95n
disfigures truth II 451
distortions of Christian I 414-15, 417, 458; II 475-6, 485
dogmas of, based in fact II 776
dogmatic assertions of II 349
every, sprang fr Mystery language I 310
followed twisted paganism II 507
materialism & I 323
materialistic II 149
occultism differs fr II 449
rejected doctrine of emanations II 41
sees every occultist as evil II 70
western, holds copyright to Satan II 231-2

Theon (of Smyrna), Mathematics Useful for . . . Plato, Pythagorean musical canon II 600

Theophane (Gk) Poseidon as a ram deceived II 775

Theophania (Gk) & astrological magic I 652

Theophilus, & cruciform couches II 559

Theophrastus II 760. See also Theopompus

——— De Ventis (Weather Signs)
Moon a feebler Sun II 124n

Theopompus of Chios, Meropis, on Atlantis [q by Aelianus] II 371, 760, 764

"Theorie der Materie, Die." See Wundt

Theorie du monde. See Huygens, C.

Theorie mecanique . . . See Hirn

Theory (ies)

anthropology & geology II 71-2
can never excommunicate fact II 715n
given out as facts II 662-3
short-lived, one-sided I 637
speculation, not law II 665

"Theory of a Nervous Ether." See Richardson

Theos, Theoi (Gk) God, gods I 288n

chaos-, -kosmos I 342-9
derivation of, (Plato) I 2n, 346; II 545
evolves out of chaos I 344
four-letter god II 602
messengers of the law I 346
planets are I 2n
Plato's conception of II 554

Theosophical Publication Society, [Theosophical Siftings], Moore on Keely's work I 560-1

Theosophical Society

first rule of I 296
interlaced triangles & II 591-2
motto of I xli; II 798
mysteries of spiritual procreation & II 415


arraigned by public opinion I 298
Brahman seven-fold classification & II 641
God no-being, no-thing to I 352
Massey vs II 630-1 &nn
no true, claims infallibility II 640
q on avenging angel I 644
reception of Secret Doctrine volumes (I & II) II 798
recognize value of science I 296
some, translate karma as nemesis II 305n
take nothing on trust I 669
taxed w insanity I 676

Theosophist, The I 306, 570n

HPB on higher states of matter I 560
HPB on manus II 307-10
HPB on Pacific Lemuria II 788-9
on Esoteric Buddhism I xviii
Figaniere article II 289n, 290
Mitford on War in Heaven II 244-5 &n
Row, B. P. S. on yugas II 69-70
Row, T. S., Notes on Gita I 10n, 428; II 25n, 90, 140n, 318n
Row, T. S. on cosmic vital principle II 311n
Row, T. S. on evolution of elements I 620-1
Row, T. S. on forces of nature I 292-3
Row, T. S. on history of creation I 269
Row, T. S. on mulaprakriti I 10n
Row, T. S. on seven-fold man I 157-8
Row, T. S. on seven-fold nature II 635-6
Sankara on Isvara, atma I 573-4
Wilder on bisexuality II 133-4

Theosophy. See also Esoteric, Occult, Secret Doctrine

essence of Buddhistic, (King) I 668
not limited to Buddhism I xvii
Pember on II 229n

Thera (Isle of), giant remains on II 278-9

Theraphim. See Teraphim

Thermochemie [Grundriss der]. See Naumann

Thermuthis (Egy) crown formed of an asp II 26n

Thesmophoriazusae. See Aristophanes

2 Thessalonians Lord (Christos) as flaming fire I 87


deluge of, confused w Atlantis II 776
sorcerers of, called down Moon II 762
witches of, & Moon I 156

Thetis (Gk, Tethys in tx) [sea deity], Xerxes' Magi sacrificed to I 467

Theurgist(s). See also Alchemy, Neoplatonists, Paracelsus

Emperor Julian on II 35
Fire & the Magi I 81n
"living fire" of I 311, 338, 344

Thevetat, evil Atlantean king II 222

Thierry, Augustin, Revue des deux mondes, legends as history I 675-6; II 182

"Thieves, all . . . before me are" [John 10:8] II 482

Third Creation. See Indriya Creation

Third Eye. See also Dangma, Pineal Gland, Siva-Eye

acted no longer II 227, 271, 288
active into Atlantean times II 306
ascetic must acquire II 615
ascribed to early man I 46n
atrophied II 294-5 &n, 302, 306
atrophy of, & Ulysses-Polyphemus II 769
connected w karma II 302
embraces eternity II 298-9n
expands during visions II 294
Eye of Siva I 46n; II 284, 295
holy Atlantean sorcerers & II 350
laid aside for future use II 299
location of II 294 &n
loss of, evolution not Fall II 302
many animals have atrophied II 296
odd, primeval, or Cyclopean eye II 299
originally seeing organ II 299 &n
origin of II 295-302
pineal gland relic of II 295
retreated within II 294-5
simple gland after Fall II 301
Siva's, is Egyptian Ru on Tau-cross II 548
Siva's, spiritual insight II 179
spiritual intuition I 46n; II 299
window, mirror of soul II 298

"Third Letter to Bentley." See Newton, I.

Third Logos. See also Amshaspends, Brahma, First Logos, Jehovah, Logos, Prajapatis, Second Logos

Man regarded as II 25

Third Manvantara, can mean third root-race II 94

Third Race. See Root-Race — Third

Third Round. See Round, Third

Third Stage of Cosmic Manifestation

all personal gods belong to I 437
ray separates into seven Forces I 437-8

Third World (Yetsirah, Zohar), sephiroth inhabit II 111

Thirteen, & thirteen forms I 374-6

This, or manifested universe I 7

Thlinkithians, in Popol Vuh II 222

Thomas, or Adam, Athamas, Tam II 135

Thomas, Prof, man has no connection w monkeys II 729

Thomas Aquinas I 582n

prototypes of Michael were devils II 478

Thompson, Charles Wyville, "Geographical Distribution . . . ," Old, New World fauna, flora II 792

Thompson, Prof S. P., strobic circles II 589

Thomson, Sir William

age of vegetable kingdom II 154, 694
ether continuous I 482
incrusted age of world II 149n, 694
life came via meteorites I 366n, 488; II 158, 719
man product of matter II 719
nebular matter dark, cold I 505
predicts death of universe I 552
primitive fluid & chaos I 579
tidal action of II 64

——— "On the Dynamical Theory of Heat"
life span of Sun I 501; II 149n, 258n

——— "On Geological Time"
age of Earth 400 million years II 258

——— "On Vortex Atoms"
vortical atoms I 117, 488, 492, 579

——— Philosophical Magazine (article in)
perfect elasticity of atoms I 513-14

Thomson, Sir Wm. & P. G. Tait

——— Treatise on Natural Philosophy
age of Earth & Sun II 10n
cooling of Earth I 501 &n; II 694
matter resists outside influence I 485n

Thor (Norse)

four-footed cross weapon of II 546, 588
swastika, mjolnir, hammer, & I 5; II 99, 588

Thorah. See Torah

Thor's Hammer. See also Mjolnir

fylfot II 546
genesis of II 99, 588
sparks fr, become worlds II 99
swastika in circle I 5

Thot[h] (Egy) Hermes. See also Hermes, Mercury, Set, Thoth-Hermes

authenticity of Book of II 506
biblical Patriarch, (Bailly) I 648
caduceus & II 364
chief of seven planets (Gnostic) II 538n
divine instructor II 365
in earliest trinity II 462, 464
Edris became II 529
escaped fr Typhon I 362
explained II 267-8n
generic name of initiates II 210n, 267n
god of wisdom II 558
has retreat in Moon I 403
Horus, Set & II 283n
Ibis-headed god II 558
Ibis sacred to Mercury or I 362
invented Egyptian alphabet I 307; II 581
Khonsoo confused w II 464
Osiris &, initiate candidate II 558
scribe of Amenti I 385
Seth a Jewish travesty of II 380, 530
seven-rayed solar discus of II 529
sitting on lotus I 385
symbol of Virgin Mother I 403
Taut or, serpent symbol II 26n
various names of II 380, 529-30
Wednesday sacred to II 366-7

Thoth-Hapi (Egy), Lord of Horizon I 674

Thoth-Hermes (Egy) I 353, 675; II 359, 540

Budha, Mercury or I xxxii
chief of the rectors I 577
generic name II 210n, 211, 267n
hides in Moon I 403
Osiris reappears as II 359
represents secret wisdom I 403
sacred volumes of I xliii
secretary to King Saturn I 459

Thoth-Lunus (Egy)

Budha-Soma, Mercury-Moon I 396n
Khonsoo becomes II 464
occult potencies of Moon I 396
septenary god of seven-day week II 529-30

Thotmes, Pharaoh shown worshiping Hathor I 400

Thot-Sabaoth, bear in alchemistry II 115n

Thought(s). See also Divine Thought, Ideations, Mind

Descartes on I 629
divine I 1 &n, 3, 16, 39, 44, 61, 64, 74, 325-41, 348; II 158, 488-9, 536-7, 649n
divine, becomes kosmos I 43
divine, or boundless darkness I 327
divine, or Logos I 58
exists eternally I 570
Fohat & I 108, 137n; II 649n
freedom of, in Upanishads I 270
ideas vs absolute II 490
impressed on astral I 93, 104; II 199n
infinite gradations of I 627
karma & I 644
kriyasakti power of I 293; II 173
language & II 199n
nerve molecules & I 134n
passions stimulated by II 244
without phosphorus no II 244
product of molecular change I 124 &n
reflection of universal mind I 38, 280, 617
seven modes of II 335, 569n
subjective side of nervous motion I 124-5n
unrelated to intellection I 1n
Voltaire on what produces II 88-9

"Thought father to the wish" (Shakespeare) I 413

Thought Transference, once common to mankind I 537; II 199


fire (Kabiri) worship in II 363
Orphic priests of, & Druids II 756

Thraetaona (Pers), war betw, & Azhi-dahaka II 390


analogy the Ariadne's, to mysteries II 153
of immortal monadship II 513
of life I 222
of radiance II 80
betw Silent Watcher & shadow I 264
-soul or sutratman I 16-17n, 222, 236, 610 &n; II 79-80, 513


becomes the Sacred Four II 621
-eyed man II 744
Father, Mother, Son I 58
first came, or triangle II 594
five, seven &, in Masonry I 113n
four &, female & male I 321
four, seven &, explained II 582-3
gamma or Gaia (Earth) II 583
higher grades of initiation I 206
male, spirit or I 36; II 592
seven & divine, or ten II 564
-tongued flame I 237
transformed into four I 58

Three Fires II 57n, 247

Three Fundamental Propositions I 14-20

Three in One

atma-buddhi-manas II 113
higher triad II 595-6, 597n, 599
spirit, soul & mind II 113

Three New Propositions II 1-12

Three Strides (of Vishnu) II 38, 622n

body, soul & spirit or I 113 &n, 122

Thribhujam. See Tribhuja


abode of pure spirits II 111
of the Almighty II 63
b'ne-aleim tenth subdivision of II 376
copy of ancient prototype I 92
Dominions & I 92, 435
firstborn, first to fall II 80
monad as the, (Masonic) I 613
Saturn governed by I 435

Thummim. See Urim & Thummim


Jove, Agni, fire & I 462
seven of Revelation I 410; II 563, 565

Thursday, Jupiter's Day I 652

Thury, psychod & ectenic force of I 338n

Thyan-Kam (Tib)

power guiding cosmic energy I 635
was not, Stanza One I 23

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