Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Cabala [De Arte Cabbalistica, Reuchlin]

Oliver q on Heptad II 599-600
Tetraktys, Pyramis II 601

Cab and Urim, or Kabirim (Mackey) II 362n

Cabar-Zio [Kebar-Zivo], produces seven cardinal virtues I 196

"Cabbalah, The." See Skinner, J. R.

Cactus Plant, illustrates races II 434-5

Cadiz, Atlantis & II 371

Cadmus, Camilus (Kadmos, Kadmilos, etc in tx) II 267n

alphabet of I xxiii
Hermes or, a Kabir II 362
Sanatana in Sanskrit II 106
taught early man II 364

Caduceus (of Mercury) I 549-51; II 364

cynocephalus & I 388
double serpent I 253n
ogdoad, cycles & II 580
symbol of evolution of gods, atoms I 549
wand & brazen serpent are II 208

Caelo, De. See Aristotle

Caenogenesis (Cenogenesis) II 659, 663n

Caesar, "render unto . . ." I 296

Caesar, Gaius Julius, & burning of Alexandrian library II 692, 763n

Caesarea, Bishop of. See also Eusebius

censor of other religions I xxvi

Caesar Philippus I 311

Cagliostro, wrongly classed a charlatan II 156

Caherman, Simorgh & age of world II 617

Cain. See also Kain, Ka-yin

Abel &, female & male II 43-4n, 125 &n, 134-5, 273n
apple, Eve & II 166
Atlanteans prototypes of II 273
genealogies of Seth & II 391 &n
generated by Satan or Samael II 389
goes to Nod to marry I 324n; II 286, 394
Jehovah-, male part of Adam II 388
Jehovah is, esoterically I 414, 578; II 269n, 388
Mars is II 390
missionaries link, w Pulastya I 415
murder of Abel by, explained II 43-4n, 273n, 388, 469
race of giants II 222
Roman Church links, w sorcery II 391
Saturn, Vulcan, or I 578
Seth son of, & Abel II 127
son of Adam Kadmon II 12
three races & II 397
Vulcain, V'elcain, or II 392-3n

Cain-Abel, primal twins I 412

Cainan, son of Enoch II 391n

Cain and His Birth [De Cherubim I]. See Philo Judaeus

Cainite(s) II 391n. See also Atlanteans, Root Race — Fourth

called serpent creator II 209
cause of Noachian deluge I 415
declared heretical II 389
destroyed by deluge II 391
fourth race or II 146
races, pre-Adamite, divine II 172

Cain-Jehovah II 128, 269n, 388, 469


bisexual creative deity II 125
separation into sexes or II 469

Cairns, perfection of ancient I 208-9n

Cajetan, Cardinal, rejects Enoch, Jude II 531

Calcutta Review I 8n


Accadian, (Sayce) II 693
civil, of Aztecs I 322
fr data of Asuramaya II 50, 67-70
Hebrew, (Skinner) I 389-90
of kali-yuga II 50-1 & 51n
Ptolemy's I 663-4
theogonies related to religious I 652
Tirukkanda Panchanga II 50-1
Vedic, & Krittika II 551


allegory of cow & I 398 &n
golden I 578, 675


large bit of, once Lemuria II 328
Sequoia allied to Greenland trees II 11

Callimachus, In Delum (Hymn to Delos), on fabricating Poseidon's trident II 390 &n

Callisthenes, Chaldean astron figures II 620


luminous, (Levi) I 253n
Metcalf's I 524-7
physical residue of ether I 524n

Calpetus, Strait of II 371

Calvary I 612; II 559

Calvin, John, lost sight of Michael II 479

Calvinists, Catechism of II 304n

Calypso (Gk)

daughter of Atlas II 762
lived on Ogygia or Atlantis II 769n

Cambodia, Nagkon-Wat of II 430

Cambrian Period

astral fossils materialized in Laurentian II 684, 712
Croll's figures for II 10n, 715n
Darwin on II 688n
scientists on II 10-11

Cambry, Jacques

——— Monuments Celtiques
devil's tomb in England II 206n
Dracontia works of nature II 347
monoliths weighing 500,000 kg II 343
nature made rocking stones II 344
talking stones at Westminster II 342

Cambyses, King (Pers) I 399

saw black & white Kabiri statues II 360


flying, seduced Eve (Zohar) II 205
llama & II 792

Camillus. See Cadmus

Campanile Column of San Marco II 85

Campbell, George J. D., Duke of Argyle, Unity of Nature, man's early inventions greatest II 373


Jews married w, (Bible) I 313n
Nebo adored by II 456
prehistoric mysteries of II 452
race of, taller than Jews II 755-6
Votan descended fr Ham & II 380

Canary Islands

Basques & Guanches of II 790n
Cro-Magnon &, Guanches II 678n, 740, 791
Lake Superior stones like those in II 790
linked w Venezuela, Africa II 791
remnants of Atlantis II 222-3

Cancer (zodiacal sign)

Benjamin & I 651
location of White Island II 403
at South Pole II 431
Tropic of II 356

Candaules [or Myrsilus], Lydian King II 775n

Candia, Isle of, mandrakes in II 27n

Candidate (for initiation) I 433

attached to cross II 543, 558-9
beams of rising Sun & II 558-9
chrestos & II 573
entranced for three days II 558
passions of II 380-1, 615
personified his temple god II 466n
sarcophagus & death of II 462, 558


cross &, (Skinner) II 581n
Jewish, symbol II 581-2

Canis [Canes] Venatici (Hunting Dogs Nebula) irresolvable I 598n

Cannibal(s, ism)

earlier men not II 716n
worse among civilized man (Laing) II 723


Jehovah does not fit into Christian II 537
Job oldest book in Hebrew I 647
of Proportion originated w third race rishis I 208-9n
Pythagorean, of music II 600-1

Canstadt (la Naulette) Man II 688n, 744

Canton (China), aboriginal descendants near II 280 &n

Cap, The. See also Arctic, Polar Regions

first imperishable continent II 400-1

Capella, Martianus, [Satyra de nuptiis philologiae] . . . , Egyptian astronomy 40,000 years old I 650

Capellini, Giovanni

humans chipped Miocene flints II 752n
man's origin in Miocene II 288, 714n
Pliocene man in Italy II 740n

Cape of Good Hope, meteorite w carbon found at II 706

Cape Verde Islands, remnant of Atlantis II 222-3, 791, 793

Capricorn(us). See also Crocodile, Makara

crocodile or I 219, 233; II 576
fifth hierarchy, presided over by I 233
Makara (goat-dolphin) I 221, 376, 384; II 576-80
Naphtali or I 651
North Pole &, (Mackey) II 431
Tropic of II 356
twenty-eight stars of II 579

Captivity, the Babylonian II 473, 618

Caput Angelorum II 237

Carbon (element)

early geologic eras & I 253n
found in meteorites II 706
oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen & II 592
properties of II 593
in protoplasm I 637n; II 158

Carbonic Acid

animals supply plants w I 262n; II 290n
early races & II 157, 160
oceans of, in Carboniferous I 252-3n

Carboniferous Age II 257

carbonic acid & life in I 252-3n
giant ferns of II 276
races one & two & II 150, 713n

Cardinal Points II 392, 591

Christian, spirits; pagan, devils I 123
devas, maharajas preside over I 122-3
four & eight, explained I 128; II 576-7
four elements & I 462-3
four sacred animals symbolize I 363
in grotto of Zarathustra I 464
Jews had no name for I 128n
pyramid & I 617
in various religions I 126, 346, 367, 408-9; II 556

Caresma. See Baresma

Carib(s) (West Indians)

European skulls similar to II 738-40, 790
Guanches & II 792

Caribbean Sea, Atlantis fr, to Sahara II 424

Carlyle, Thomas

Christian & Hindu religions II 470

——— "On Heroes, Hero-Worship . . ."
man's body a temple (Novalis) I 212
mystery of "I" in us I 211-12

——— "Past and Present"
"great antique heart" I 210-11

——— "Sartor Resartus"
symbols I 303

Carnac (in Brittany) II 352, 752

Egyptian Karnac & II 380
giants & II 341, 343
isthmus once joined, & Britain II 750 &n
Malabar tombs & II 347
meant serpent mount [mound] II 380
pre-Druidic symbolic record II 754
relic of last Atlanteans II 343
world history symbolized in II 754

Carnelley, Dr Thomas

element of negative atomic weight I 584
elements are compound I 583

Caron, Abbe II 479


divine II 101 &n
St Joseph, of Bible II 101n
Visvakarman, of the gods II 101, 542-3

Carpenter, Dr William, Introduction to the Study of the Foraminifera, Paleozoic foraminifera II 257

Carson [Nevada] (Indiana in tx), giant fossil footprints II 755

Cartailhac, E., man-made flints II 752n

Cartesian System. See Descartes, R.

Carthage, giant skeletons at, (Tertullian) II 278

Caspian Sea

Indian Ocean once one w II 609
Io visits Astrakhan on II 416

Cassel, Rev Dr David I 113n; II 38, 40n

Cassini, Jacques

secular motion of Moon I 660, 666
tables of I 661, 667n

Cassiopeia, Brahe's new star in I 590

Cassius Hermone. See Hemina, L. Cassius

Caste(s) II 455

Brahman & priestly I 270; II 130, 165n, 502-3
Hamsa the one I 79
of Magas II 322
sacerdotal, & left-path adepts II 211-12, 502-3
Upanishads before, system I 270

Castor (& Pollux)

allegory of II 121-4
born fr egg I 366
Dioscuri or II 122, 361n, 362
tomb of, in Sparta II 122n


Egyptian symbol of Moon I 304-5
eye of, follows lunar phases I 387
Great, of Basin of Persia II 545-6
as lunar symbol I 387-8
vital fluid of, curled up II 552n

Cataclysm(s) I 273; II 138-49, 404, 751 &n. See also Axis, Continents, Deluges, Floods, Poles

Apollo-Diana, Sun-Moon & II 771 &n
& Aryan race II 445, 757
Berosus figured, by zodiac I 649-50
Bible references to II 703-4
causes of II 314, 324-5, 329, 500n, 699, 725-6, 771
destroyed fourth race II 144, 314
destroyed second continent II 138
destroy old civilizations II 311-12, 774
at each sidereal year I 649
every race records II 787 &n
of fire & water II 266, 307n, 309, 311, 725-6, 776n, 784-6
four, already; fifth to come II 138
fourth round, most intense II 149
geological records of II 486
Hindu computations re I 369
Lyell on II 786-7
Moon, Sun, planets cause II 500n, 699
new forms & bodies after II 262-3, 500n
next, & present continents II 332-3
Orphic Hymn on II 785-6
periodical, cyclical II 145, 329, 785
pralaya also applies to II 307n
racial, not a Noah's deluge II 325
Secondary Age, destroyed third race II 714
subraces subject to II 330
successive, destroy races II 307n, 309, 437, 500n, 703, 776
take thousands of years II 330
two meanings of, (in Isis Unveiled) II 144
Vendidad on II 609-10
violent & gradual II 787 &n
will destroy Europe, America I 646; II 445-6
wise men saved fr I 273


Egyptian, Chaldean II 379
of Ozimandyas decade I 321
swastika, cross & II 586-7

Catarrhine. See also Anthropoids, Apes

fr late Atlantean times II 193
man & II 171, 193, 264, 328-9, 663n, 665-7, 748-9

Catechism(s) I 120

Buddhist, quoted I 635-6
Calvinist II 304n
Druse II 27
kabbalistic, esoteric I 299
of Southern India II 31

Catechism, Esoteric or Occult

Breath digs seven holes into laya I 147
breath exhales, inhales II 43
flame & sparks I 120
god-monad-atom I 619
Great Breath, germ, space I 11-12
head, heart, soul of Gnyana [jnana] II 281-2
Mother or dry waters of space I 625
projection of forms II 57
Space I 9, 132, 522

Catechism of the Visishtadvaitains . . . (Bhashyacharya)

evolution of matter & lives I 522
pathway of the jivas I 132

Catherine de Medicis II 70

Catholic. See Roman Catholic(s), Catholicism, Roman

dogmas & rites originally pagan I 400-2
later Buddhist ritual identical w I 539n


Jews, Armenians, & Parsis are II 471n
one of three fifth-race types II 471n

Caucasus Mt(s)

decad in mounds of I 321
Io travels to II 416
Koh-Kaf, Kap-Kaz or II 398, 399 &n
Prometheus chained on II 244, 414, 768-9

Cauchy, A. L.,

---- Memoire sur la . . . lumiere
discontinuity of ether I 482, 486

——— Sept leccons . . .
theory of atoms I 486, 489

Causality, Causation I 405

Aeons & II 488
avyakta or state of II 46
cycles of I 638
dhyan-chohanic essence is II 120
intelligent II 738
karma law of ethical II 302n
latent during sandhyas II 239
One Unknowable I 139
physical, of forms II 736
plane of material II 157
science & ultimate I 465

Cause(s). See also First Cause, Nidanas

Absolute, of Egyptians, Spencer I 675
aspects of incognizable II 487
Brahma, of creative potencies I 55
Causeless I 9-10n, 14-15 &n, 55, 89, 258, 280, 425, 569; II 589
concatenation of, & effects I 171, 594
effects of conscious I 145
effects of suppressing bad I 644
elementals & primary, secondary I 146
of existence I 44-5, 55-6
exoteric, esoteric, endexoteric II 74
final, incomprehensible I 569
Fohat, of cosmic electricity I 554
infinite & eternal I 14
instinctual I 169
Karana as eternal I 41, 46, 93n, 280
karma & I 634, 644
of light, heat, etc I 514, 554
Mahabuddhi as the formless I 420
Mahat, of all things I 256
man's, awaken powers in sidereal world I 124
One, & Primal I 618
potency of every produced I 450
Space & Unknown First I 9n, 342
upadana or material I 55, 370n
verae, vs mayavic I 489 &n
Vishnu as the Ideal I 349

Cave(s). See also Cave-Temples, Initiations

Bamian II 338
of Dordogne II 522
-dwellers I 208n, 280
Gimil's, (Norse) II 100
gupta, near Okhee Math I xxx
of initiate-hermits II 381, 501
initiation- I xx; II 181n, 237n, 541, 558
libraries I xxiv, xxxiv
Moses initiated at Hor-eb II 541
Neolithic II 352
of rishis II 381
seven, of Nahuatl II 35 &n
Zoroastrian I 126

Cave Hunting. See Dawkins, W. B.

Cave Men (European). See also Cro-Magnon, Neolithic Man, Paleolithic Man

accursed races II 319
architecture not evolved fr I 208-9n
artistry of II 741n
Atlantean descendants II 740
immigrated to Europe II 740 &n
not Haeckelian monsters II 741n

Cavernes du Perigord. See Lartet, E. A.


decad in Hindu I 321
Fergusson dates, wrongly II 220n
perfection of, (Kenealy) I 208-9n
subterranean passages of II 221

Cedars of Lebanon, initiates & kings called II 494

Cedrinus, George

———[ Synopsis historiarum]
on Iao II 541 &n
Mars called Ertosi II 143-4n

Celaeno, daughter of Atlas II 768

Celepas Geraldinus, calls Henoch the "divine giant" II 366

Celestial "Ancestors," or sishtas I 248

Celestial Bodies

behavior of, model for Earth II 502
Brahma creates, in first kalpa II 625n
genesis of I 602

"Celestial Chemistry." See Hunt, T. S.

Celestial Logos I 246

Celestial Men, or angels I 230

Celestial Numbers, one, three, five, seven called II 35

Celestial Order of Beings I 216

Celestial Pole II 358, 785

Celestial Priapus (Gnos) II 458

Celestial Thrones, azure seats or II 424-5

Celestial Virgin I 60

akasa I 332, 460
of alchemists I 458n
hierarchies emanate fr I 215

Celibacy, chelaship & II 295-6

Celibate(s). See also Chastity, Kumaras

Adepts II 82
Eternal II 249
invisible, as creative Logos I 217
sons of Brahma I 236


arrange themselves into organs II 648
every, has its monad I 630n, 632
formation of, & crystallization II 255 &n
germinal I 223n, 224
hereditary transmission in I 219, 223n
monads inform atoms & I 632
Pasteur on I 249n, 263n
procreation of, & first race II 116-17, 166
reproduction II 658-9
robbing oxygen I 263n
six-foot man fr I 222-3
-souls of Haeckel II 670-4
spiritual plasm soul of I 219

"Cell-Souls & Soul-Cells." See Haeckel, E.


Church Fathers destroyed books of I 445
sevenfold ladder of creation I 445-6


destiny or judgment stone of II 342n
giant-legends lived late among II 754
invasion of, (Lefevre) II 741
Sun-born god among II 44n

Cement, ancient, indestructible II 430

Cenozoic Era

third eye in animals of II 299n
Titans fought, monsters II 206, 293

Censorinus, De Die natali, music of the spheres I 433

Centaurs II 65n

Center(s). See also Laya, Monads, Point

cosmic focus I 11n
neutral, between planes I 148
seven atoms, of energy I 635
seven, of first root-race II 35n, 249, 732

Central America. See also Incas, Mayas

giants of, (Donnelly) II 276n
Le Plongeon's work in II 34-5
man in, during Andes upheaval II 745
monuments w negro heads II 790
Palenque, Uxmal II 430

Central Asia(n). See also Aryan

adepts led races to II 425
Chinese Garden of Eden II 203
cradleland in Gobi II 220-1
Garden of Wisdom II 204
Grotto of Zarathustra I 464
little deluge in, (Bunsen) II 141
plateau of, submerged II 609
prehistoric civilization I xxxii
primeval Brahmans initiated in II 565
rocks, inscriptions in I 229, 321-3; II 439
Russian mystics initiated in I xxxvi
Sacred Island in I 209; II 220
Senzar secret tongue in I xliii
separation of nations II 425
sixth continent will include II 404-5 &n
some dry land in third race II 329
tablelands, formation of II 724
tau & swastika found in II 557
volcanism (Vendidad) II 356
wisdom-religion in I 376

Central Sun, Central Spiritual Sun I 231, 379. See also Sun, Sun-Abrasax

causes Fohat to collect dust I 201
central body of Milky Way II 240n
determines motions of bodies I 673
dhyani-chohans have not penetrated beyond I 13
electric fire of life II 114
formless invisible fire in I 87
our Sun emanates fr I 527n
our Sun reflection of I 100, 639
seven rays of I 574
Sun-Abrasax of kabbalists II 214
teachings re II 239-41
uncreated beam reflection of I 275-6

Centrifugal, Centripetal Motion I 604

both, awaken Kosmos I 282 &n
cause of rotation I 499
descending & ascending arcs II 261
female-male, negative-positive I 282n
interdependent I 416
planets & I 593
Satan represents II 245
septenary evolution & I 267

Century(ies). See also Twentieth Century

every, door will open wider I xxxvii-viii n
first, & karma of Israel I xli
Secret Doctrine sufficient for this II 742

Cephas. See Kephas

Cerastes, horned viper of Philae I 363-4


all, except wheat traced II 373-4
Isis gave, to man II 374
Neolithic man used II 716

Cerebellum, seat of animal proclivities II 297-301

Cerebral Hemispheres, forepart of, & human intellect II 301

Cerebration, & chylification I 297

Ceremonial Magic

in exoteric churchianity II 748
Jewish kabbalists dealt w I 234n

Ceres (Rom). See also Demeter

belongs to Kabiri class II 362-4, 390
brought corn to Sicily II 364
Diana daughter of, (Aeschylus) II 419n
Poseidon becomes horse for II 399n, 775
taught man agriculture II 390
Virgin took over worship of I 400-1
worshiped at Ierna II 760

Cerinthus (early Gnostic), doctrine of risen Christ II 508

Cesil (Orion). See Kesil

Cestrensis, Count Hugo, Stone of Mona & II 345

Ceylon. See also Lanka

astronomical allegories found in II 380
Egyptian zodiac fr II 435
giants (rakshasas) of II 336
Leo vertical to II 407
once part of Lemuria II 7, 324, 332
remnant of Atlantis II 314
remnant of sunken continent II 222
Veddhas of II 196n, 421n, 723

[Chabas, F. J.], Le Papyrus Magique Harris, ram-headed Ammon II 213n

Chackchuska, Chakshuba. See Chakshusha

Chaiah. See Hayah

Chain. See also Earth Chain, Globes, Moon Chain, Planetary Chain

creators act on globes of II 77
septenary II 308n

Chaire d'Hebreu . . . See Renan, E.

Chaitanya (Skt), Chit & I 6

Chakna-Padma-Karpo (Tib), Chenresi, dhyani & bodhisattva II 179

Chakra (Skt) wheel

circle, disc of Vishnu I 114; II 465-6, 546
six-pointed star, Vishnu & I 215

Chakravartin (Skt) universal ruler, Vishnu as, in treta age II 483

Chakshusha (Skt)

diagram II 309
manu third round, third race II 615n

Chaldea(ns). See also Berosus, Chaldees

Adam fr II 42-3
Adam was mankind II 102
adept, Qu-tamy II 454
Akkadians older than I 392, 650
allegories, legends II 282, 462-3, 477
ancestors of II 328
Anu of, & trinity II 62, 139n
astrological magic & theophania I 652
beings refusing to create in II 93
bower of voluptuousness II 204
catacombs II 379
cosmogony of Berosus II 504
creation story II 3-4, 53
Dagon of, & Matsya avatara II 139
Damascius on oracles of I 235
divine dynasties II 316, 429, 486
Ea a principal god of II 53, 139n
elements, angels, planets II 115n
Eusebius mutilated, records I xxxi
evil spirits emblems of chaos II 386
Fohat key to, religion I 673
four a sacred number of I 89n
fragment in British Museum II 283-4n
Garden of Eden fr II 202
Genesis of I 357; II 104
giants (Izdubar) I 266-7; II 336
initiates of, degenerated II 212
initiates' view of the Moon I 396
Java-Aleim II 215
Jews borrowed lore fr I 313, 352, 388, 655 &n; II 240, 428
Jews sought refuge in II 200
Kabbala identical w Jewish II 461-2
Kabiri received name fr I 435n
kosmos is God (Philo) I 344
Magas, Magi, initiates of II 323, 395
measures same as Jews' I 312-13
misunderstood Jewish cherubim II 518
Moon-gods II 139n
Moses' story fr II 428
myths based on fact, truth II 236
Nabathean Agriculture & II 452-6
oracles of I 235, 348, 462
pre-Adamite Mysteries (Chwolsohn) II 452
Puranic legends understood by II 4
received lore fr Brahmans I xxxi, 117; II 226
recorded motions of planets I 660, 663
scriptures apocryphal (Renan) II 456
scriptures disfigured, destroyed I xxvi-vii, xxxiv, 10
scriptures fountain of Bible I xxvi
seven, eight gods of I 575n; II 35
sevens in thought of II 97, 603, 612, 617
Sufis preserved works of I 288
swastika found among II 586
Syrians defined worlds like I 435
tablets agree w Hermes II 2
tablets are archaic records II 3, 5, 54, 202
taught three aspects of universe I 278
three keys in days of Berosus I 311
tree, serpent worship I 405
way to Bible thru, scriptures II 383
wisdom of Hebrew initiates fr I 352
works echo Secret Doctrine I 288
worshiped male & female Moon I 388
Xisuthrus is, Noah II 141

Chaldean Account of Genesis. See Smith, George

Chaldean Book of Numbers II 37, 85, 111

close to esoteric vidya I 241
derived fr "very old book" I xliii
Ibn Gebirol used, as source II 461n
key to Book of Concealed Mystery II 626n
no longer extant II 626n
oldest kab source II 461-2, 461n, 506
Zohar no longer same as I 214, 230
Ain-soph fiery pelican I 80
angels, first & secondary I 337
Babylonia given in numbers II 202
Blessed Ones & matter I 224
en, ain, aior, self-existent I 214
form of Crown (Kether) I 433 &n
light is darkness to man I 337
Ptah born fr world egg I 367
Rishoon & three sons in II 397
Samael, Michael & wisdom in II 378
sephiroth I 239-46
seven principles I 197 &n
seven worlds are seven races II 705
Shekhinah sexless in I 618
Worker's Hammer in II 99

Chaldean Kabbala

ancient wisdom &, identical II 461-2
Book of Numbers or I 618

Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster

aether of ancients was fire I 331
ether I 462
mundane god of spiral form I 348

Chaldees. See also Chaldeans, Magi

caste of adepts, not of a nation II 748
gave Hindu zodiac to Greeks I 658
governed by divine dynasties II 328
initiates or, & space II 502
knowledge of I 409; II 23, 35
later, greeted morning star II 759 &n
science has returned to I 586
settled in Babylonia II 748
taught succession of worlds II 756
Taurus sacred to I 657

Chaldeo-Akkadian Accounts II 4

Chaldeo-Assyrian Accounts II 3, 477

Chalice, sacrificial, or argha (ark) II 461

"Challenger" (soundings, voyage)

Atlantic continent II 333
Atlantic ridges II 782, 792-3

Chambers, J. D. See also Divine Pymander

——— Theological & Philosophical Works of Hermes . . .
seven men are Patriarchs II 2n

Chameleon, atrophied third eye of II 296

Champ Dolent, menhir of II 752

Champlain Epoch, Easter Island raised during II 327-8

Champollion, Jean-Franccois

amazement of, (de Rouge) II 367-8

——— Pantheon egyptien
(Eichton), Agathodaemon is II 210
Knouph [Chnuphis] I 472
serpent II 210
sevens in Book of Dead I 674
seven worlds, agents I 436
substantiates Manetho, Ptolemy II 367
Toum [Tum] or Fohat I 673 &n

Ch'an, Dan, Janna, Chinese, Tibetan esoteric schools I xx &n

Chananea, Rabbi. See Joshua ben Chananea


blind forces, in nature II 475
Coleridge on I 653
infinitesimal, variations II 697
matter-force-, trinity of I 505
no, in nature I 653

Chan-chi (Chin), demigods II 365

Chandalas (Skt)

ancestors of Jews I 313n; II 200
left India 8000 BC II 200

Chandrabhaga River I 377

Chandragupta, King II 550n

grandfather of Asoka II 550n
of the Morya dynasty I 378n

Chandra-Vansa [Chandravamsa] (Skt), lunar dynasties I 388, 392

Chandrayana (Skt), lunar year I 36

Chang-ty. See Huang-ti

Chanina, Rabbi. See Hanina

Chantong or Chenresi II 179

Chants Cypriaques, Hyg. Tal. See Hyginus, Fab. Lib.

Chaos (Gk). See also Waters

abode of wisdom, not evil II 503
Abyss I 367, 427; II 503
akasa I 338n, 452, 460
akasa proceeds fr I 536
in all Greek & Aryan speculation I 579
amrita mixed w evil in I 348
ark is spirit brooding over II 313
bird drops egg into I 359
ceases thru the ray I 231
fr (chaino) void I 109
cold luminous gas I 250, 599 &n
divided into seven oceans II 704n
Divine Thought directed into II 704n
dragons, serpents & II 386
eternal feud of, (Akkadians) II 477
evil spirits emblems of II 386
female binary (Levi) II 555
female space I 90n, 431; II 84
Flood symbolized by II 139
Great Deep, Arani, Aditi II 527
Hesiod's I 336n, 425-6
Ialdabaoth & I 197 &n
infinite, boundless, endless I 336n
is Space (Aristotle) I 336n
Kon-ton I 214
macrocosm, microcosm born fr I 283
male-female I 231
manifestation starts w I 330
Mot fr union of wind & I 340
mother, water or I 70
"nebular condition" I 579
Noun [Nun] (Egyptian) or I 312
ocean is masculine aspect of I 345n
part of Orphic Triad I 451-2n, 582-3
Phanes & Chronos (Orphism) I 583
planets evolve fr I 103
primary aspect of mulaprakriti I 536
primitive, & nebulae (Wolf) I 598-9
primordial, is aether I 332
primordial substance I 330, 332, 338, 599
secondary, & divine dynasties II 486
to sense, cosmos to reason I 2
senseless I 340, 342
Sophia rescued fr, by Christos I 132n
Soul of the World (Plato) I 338, 343
Space &, unmanifested Deity II 269
spirit & matter latent in I 64
spirit divorced fr matter I 640
spirit in, or space II 65
Spirit of God & I 74, 461; II 505
storehouse of future worlds I 337
Tohu-bohu II 477
undifferentiated matter I 451-2n; II 505
Uranos creative powers of II 269
Vach I 434
various names for I 283
veil betw Incognizable & Logos I 431
Virgin Mother I 65, 460
vital electricity I 338-9
Voice calls universe out of I 137
watery abyss II 503
fr wind &, sprang the seed I 340
world stuff I 579
Yliaster developed fr within I 283

Chaos-Theos-Kosmos I 342-9, 366

Chappe d'Auteroche, Abbe, Voyage en Siberie, six-month year in Kamchatka II 621

Charachara (Skt), locomotive & fixed beings I 454

Charcot, J. M. II 370-1n

Richet &, vindicate Mesmer II 156


heavenly form used as I 356
vehicle or, in Kabbala I 214

Charles, Jacques A. C., Law of I 84

Charm(s) II 394. See also Magic

magic incantations, etc I 468-9
mandragora (mandrake) as a II 27n
Sigurd became learned in I 404

Charton, Edouard T.

---- Magasin Pittoresque
bishops & Dracontia plans II 347

——— Les voyageurs anciens et modernes
Irish stone fr Africa II 343

Charvaka (Skt) [Materialist school], Wilson confused Buddhists & I 419n

Chassed. See Hesedh

Chastity, & pineal gland II 295-6

Chat. See Khat

Chateaubriand, Franccois A. R. de, on serpent as symbol I 403

Chattam Paramba (chatam peramba in tx), giant bones in tombs at II 347

Chatur (Skt) four

-mukha, four-faced Brahma II 465
takes on three, becomes seven I 71

Chatvaraha [Chatvaras] (Skt) [four], term in Bhagavad-Gita II 140n

Chaubard, L. A., L'Univers explique . . . , preferred Kabbala over science I 506 &n

Chauvaux, Mt, human bones at II 739

Chavah. See Havvah

Chayah. See Hayah

Chebel. See Hebel

Cheiron, seven brazen columns of II 612-13

Chela(s) (Hindi). See also Disciple

called "Companions" II 504
failure of one II 244-5n
initiate becomes, to a higher I 206
instructed in Upanishads I 270
lanoo or, & third eye I 71 &n; II 295
lay- I 163, 167
occult figures given only to I 170
pledged to the Brotherhood I 164
Sagara, of Aurva & fiery weapon II 629
schools for, & lay- I 122
two, authored Man [Fragments . . . ] II 227n

Chelaship, requires chastity II 295

Chemical. See also Elements

action of terrestrial light I 597
characteristics of comets differ I 142
molecules & Earth's atmosphere I 625
simple, combinations I 544n

Chemis [Chemmis, Chemi] (Gk), phantom form fr mundane egg I 367

Chemist I 144n

Frankenstein monster & II 349
should be psychometer I 201n

Chemistry. See also Physics, Science

approaches occult I 218n, 544-54, 580-1, 596, 620-6
Aryan, fr Atlanteans II 426, 430
atomic mechanics (Nazesmann) I 513
atoms in space & I 142-3, 201 &n, 673
cannot define fire I 121
cannot grasp atom I 554
compounds of, cease to combine I 478
evolution of atoms, & I 620
has returned to Anaxagoras I 586
homunculi will become fact in II 349
hydrogen & protyle II 105
magician of future I 261
meta elements in I 546-54, 581-6
new alchemy or meta- I 622; II 349
of Paracelsus I 283; II 656
periodic table of elements II 627-8
septenary doctrine & I 553; II 627
some missing links of I 82 &n
spectrum analysis & I 595-6
theories of, re ether I 487
Yliaster & protyle of I 283
zero point of, & laya-center I 138, 550-1

Chenresi, Chenrezi (Tib). See also Avalokitesvara, Kwan-yin

incarnates in Dalai, Tashi Lamas II 178
Padmapani, fourth race & II 173, 178
progenitor like Daksha II 178-9
Vanchug II 178

Cheops. See Great Pyramid

Cherchen, Cherchen daria [Cheerchenghe] (Chin), ancient ruins near I xxxiii-iv

Cherub, Cherubim (Heb). See also Angels, Saraph

anointed II 493
Christian sacred symbol I 363
copy of archaic prototype I 92
on Egyptian & Jewish tabernacles I 125
Ezekiel calls King of Tyre II 501
guarded Eden I 127
identical w devas, rishis, etc II 85
knew well, loved more II 243
"love most" (Jennings) II 238n
Moses adopted, fr Egyptians II 115n
name of celestial hosts II 501
Ophite, & Hindu serpents I 127
rule over eighth world (Syrian) I 435
same as seraphim II 501
"serpent in a circle" I 364n
twelve wings of, & twelve signs I 651
two, on Ark of Covenant II 460, 518
two, on Tetragrammaton II 361n
used to punish (Cruden) I 127
various names for I 126-7

Cherubim, De. See Philo Judaeus

Cheta, cave of Fa-hian I xx

Chevandier de Valdrome, E., duration of coal formation II 695n

Cheybi II 633. See Khaibit

Chhandaja(s) (Skt), incarnate in various manvantaras II 584-5

Chhandogya Upanishad, seven senses II 638

Chhaya(s) (Skt) II 233n

animal astral prototypes preceded, of men II 186-7
became solid in third race II 183
blastema & II 120
bodhisattvas, of dhyani-buddhas I 572
of the Fathers II 212
first root-race were II 91, 102, 138, 173
four Adams & II 503-4
holy youths refused to enter I 192
kabbalistic divine dynasties were II 487
linga-sarira or II 593
of lunar pitris & man's body I 181
pitris create rupa or II 102
-race II 90-1
reproduced unconsciously II 116
Sanjna leaves, behind II 101, 174
some Lords entered the II 161
some waited & entered inferior II 228
sons of self-born (pitris) II 120-1
"third 'Seven' evolved their" II 590

Chhaya-birth, sexless procreation II 174-5

Chhayaloka (Skt), shadowy primal world I 119

Chichen Itza, royal Kan Coh at II 34n

Chidakasa(m) (Skt), plane of universal consciousness II 597n, 598

Chiim. See Hayyim


little, term for initiates II 504
of Revelation 12 is universe II 384n

Child, Lydia M., The Progress of Religious Ideas . . . , lofty meaning of sexual symbols I 358

Child-birth, lunar influences on I 180, 264, 387, 395; II 583


abnormal, sixth race forerunners II 445
born w neck-clefts II 684n
Mary mother of seven II 527
procreating buddha-like II 415
who die are reborn sooner II 303
will be created, not begotten II 415

Chile, connected w Polynesia II 783 &n

Chimah, Cimah. See Kimah

Chim-nang. See Jen-nang

Chimpanzee. See also Apes

brain measure of, (Vogt) II 682n
evolved fr lower anthropoids II 193
extinct in sixth race II 263
fr fourth race man & extinct mammal II 683
man's likeness to II 287
owned by HPB II 676n


astronomy of II 621, 766
Buddhism declined in I xxi
Buddhists reached, in 61 AD I xxviii
divine dynasties of II 365, 368
dragons of II 205-6, 209-10, 280n, 364-5
esoteric school in I xxiii
Kwan-yin of, equal to male gods I 136n
Lolo aboriginal language rare MSS II 280n
mountain tribe of, Lemurian II 195-6n
Pa or men-serpents of II 209
scriptures of, need key I xxv &n
temples to Sun, dragon in II 378-9
traditions of deluge in II 365
true old texts of, hidden I xxxiv

China Revealed. See McClatchey

Ch'in Dynasty II 692

Chinese, Chinamen

alphabet I 307 &n
America known to II 424n
antiquity of, (Gould) II 311-12
astronomical sphere I 658
Atlantis legend II 371-2, 425
based Mysteries on ten II 603
Buddhist ascetics secretive I 173-4
Buddhists, pilgrimage of II 215
cosmogonical symbols of II 554
cosmogonies the most hazy I 356
cosmogony Pythagorean I 440-1
creation story II 54n
cycles, solar, lunar, zodiacal II 620-1
dragon-emperor II 364-5
dragon legends of I 408-9; II 280n, 365, 486
first man born fr egg I 366
forefathers led to Central Asia II 425
four quarters, twenty-eight signs of I 408-9
Garden of Eden II 203
highest civilization of II 280n
isolation, effects of II 425
libraries destroyed II 692
Mao-tse legends II 280-1
monsters II 54n, 713
Noah or Peiru-un II 365
one of oldest fifth race nations II 364
origin of II 425
remnants of Atlantean race II 603
tabernacle, square form of I 125
taught three aspects of universe I 278
teachers or Brothers of the Sun I 271n
third eye legend II 301-2
toy nests & invisible worlds I 605
worshiped idols II 723

Chinese Buddhism. See Edkins, Rev J.

Chinesische Litteratur. See Schott, W.

Chin kuang ming ching (Luminous Sutra of Golden Light), on Kwan-shi-yin I 470

Chinmatra (Skt) [Parabrahman] Vedanta term II 597n

Chior [Choir] -Gaur. See Cor-Cawr

Chips from a German Workshop. See Muller

Chiram. See Hiram, King of Tyrus

Chit (Skt)

Parabrahman, achit I 59n
pure thought, Brahma I 6

Chiti (Skt), Mahat or I 288n

Chitkala (Skt), Kwan-yin I 288n

Chiton (Gk) [coat], became Slavonic word II 202

Chitonuth Our [Kathenoth `Or] (Heb), coats of skin II 202

Chitragupta (Skt), reads out soul's life I 105

Chitra-Sikhandin (Skt)

seven informing souls I 453
seven rishis of Great Bear I 227n; II 631

Chittagong II 324

Chium (Egy) II 390n

Chi-Yi (Chin), ten or seven, taught man II 365

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