Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Phaedo. See Plato

Phaedrus. See Plato

Phaeton [Phaethon] (Gk)

made Sun deviate fr its course II 535
myth of, explained II 770n


ancient theology & I 312
anthropomorphism led to I 451-2n
Ark of Covenant became II 459
body-worship, fourth race II 279, 285
of brazen serpent I 364 &n
Christianity honeycombed w I 451-2n
develops w loss of keys I 264n; II 471
fatal turning away fr truth I 264n
Greek rites became II 362
Holy of Holies degraded to II 459-60
Isis Unveiled on II 85
Jewish I 438n, 444; II 85, 125, 459
later Kabbala suffocated by II 457-8
man in image of, god II 472
no divine II 544
no, Jehovah for one thousand years II 469
none in earlier nations II 44
number ten later became II 463
in old religions II 657-8
of Pramantha story II 101 &n, 524-5
Prometheus myth & II 521, 524-5, 561-2
ram's head & II 182
sacr', sacred, etc are I 5n; II 465 &n, 467
Semites introduced II 54
starts w King David II 469
swastika degraded into II 101n
symbols I 318-21; II 30n, 62, 104, 182, 471-3, 542-3, 583, 588

Phallicism . . . See Jennings, H.

Phallus (i). See also Linga

batylos, lingam, lithos II 85, 467
carrier of the germ II 467n
Christian architecture & II 85
dragon symbol of II 104
Egyptians added, to cross II 542
oil-anointed in Bible II 473

Phanerogamous Plants, lotus I 57

Phanes (Gk) or Eros, part of Orphic triad I 451-2n, 582-3


Earth's early protoplasmic I 191
lunar pitris & II 89, 91 &n, 102 &n
vortex-atom a metaphysical I 489


Atlantis legend & Bible story of II 426-8, 494 &n
daughter & Moses story I 319 &n, 385 &n
"fairest tree of Eden" (Ezekiel) II 494
God tempts & then plagues I 383n
seven souls of, in Egyptian texts II 632
Sinaitic peninsula ruled by II 226
tempted by Sarah I 422; II 174


fanaticism of, cursed Jesus II 378
Jehovah, Saturn father of I 578
Jesus & the I 653
tenets of, fr Babylonia II 61

Phenoch. See Enoch

Phenomenal Universe, shadow of the pre-existing I 278

Phenomenon (a). See also Keely, Noumenon

all potencies have their I 470
causes of nature's I 2-3
creation of perceiving ego I 329
Dhruva & cosmic II 612 &n
geological & sidereal II 314
invisible powers noumena of II 517-18
kriyasakti & I 293; II 173
manifested, illusory I 18
noumenon & I 38, 481, 522, 535n
occult I 82 &n, 489
produced by elementals & matter I 146
will, thought & II 173, 652

Pherecydes (Gk)

God is a circle II 552
good & evil, light & darkness I 196 &n
on Hyperboreans [Pherenicus?] II 775

Phidias (Gk sculptor) II 660n

Philae (Egyptian temple)

egg of incense hatched at I 363-4
Horus shown raising dead at II 557
initiation scene at II 558-9
Khnoum adored at I 367

Philalethes, E. See Vaughan, Thomas

Philanthropos (Gk) Prometheus was II 526

Philebus. See Plato

Philip the Apostle, authored Pistis Sophia II 566n

Philistines, David brought name Jehovah fr II 541

Phillips, Sir R, axial changes & glaciations II 726

Philo Judaeus

forbade cursing Satan II 477
on hating the heathen II 471

——— De cherubim . . .
Adam as Mind II 490 &n

——— [De fuga et inventione]
twelve signs of the zodiac I 649
wisdom II 489

——— De gigantibus
souls descend to bodies II 111

——— De migratione Abrahami
kosmos is God w Chaldeans I 344

——— De mundi opificio
man a divine idea I 71
numbers six & seven I 407
seven (heptagon) II 602

——— De somniis
souls descend to bodies II 111

——— [Allegories of the Sacred Laws]
Adam Kadmon as Mind II 490

——— [On the Life of Moses]
Hebrew law translated into Greek II 200n

——— Quaestiones . . .
Logos next to God I 350, 352

Philology, Philologist(s)

claim writing unknown to Homer II 439
give out conclusions as facts I xxix
scientific, questioned I xxix-xxx

Philo of Byblus (Herennius Bibylius)

animated stones of II 342
Sanchoniathon on Javo II 129, 465
Sanchoniathon on universe birth I 340 &n


can look beneath coarse myths II 764-5
defined by Plato II 554-5
modern, content w effects II 589
pagan, sought causes II 589

Philosophia ad Athenienses. See Paracelsus

Philosophiae Naturalie . . . See Newton, I.

Philosophical Magazine . . .

article by Dr Babbage I 104, 124
article by James Croll I 511
article by Sir I. Newton I 13
articles by Kroenig, Clausius, Maxwell I 513
articles by Sir Wm. Thomson I 117, 513-14

Philosophical Transactions

arctic magnolias (Heer) II 726
botany suggests Atlantis (Heer) II 739
intellect & skull size (Davis) II 522, 790n
self-luminous matter (Halley) I 590
stars of Milky Way (Herschel) I 590

Philosophie naturelle. See Francoeur, L. B.

Philosophie religieuse. See Reynaud, J.

Philosoph. Plant. II 526. See Plutarch (De placitus)

Philosophy (ies)

Advaita & Buddhist, identical I 636
analogy is key in occult I 150-1
of blind faith vs knowledge I 612
Bright Space in esoteric I 71-2 &n
common belief of ancient I 341
Egyptian same as cis-Himalayan II 374n
esoteric, reconciles many systems I 55, 77
an essential truth of occult I 77
immortality & Vedic I 36n
incorporeal entities in I 218n
Indian, six schools of I 269; II 42
occult, in Spinoza & Leibniz I 629
our, compared w ancient I 507

Philosophy Historical and Critical. See Lefevre

Philosophy of History. See Hegel, G. W. F.

Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences. See Whewell

Philosophy of the Unconscious. See Hartmann


——— De vita Apollonii
feeding on serpents I 404

——— Heroica
giant skeletons II 278, 336

Philo-Theo-Sophia, pantheism & I 533

Phineata[e], Hermes worshiped at II 367

Phlegyae, Phlegyan (Gk) [Atlantis isle] destruction of II 144, 265, 365

Phlogiston. See also Caloric

substance of force I 511

Phobos (inner moon of Mars) not a satellite I 165

Phocea [Phocis] (Gk), Prometheus fashioned man fr slime at II 519

Phoebe (Gk)

Moon transformed into I 386
wife of Castor as the dawn II 122

Phoebe & Hilaeira (Gk) [Dawn & Twilight] wives of Castor & Pollux II 122

Phoebus (Gk)

-Apollo, delight of senses II 383 &n
Apollo or II 770
light of wisdom II 235


ancestors of II 328
astronomy fr, (Orientalists) II 551
Baal sun god of II 540
circumnavigated globe II 430
claimed descent fr Saturn II 768
colonized Samothrace II 3
cosmogony of I 110, 451-28n
did not invent writing II 439
earlier navigators than II 406
Elon or Elion highest god of II 380
fire (Kabiri) worship in II 363
Hebrew numbers fr II 560
Hindu Aryans older than II 406-7
(Iao) supreme god of II 541
invented writing (Grote, etc) II 440
Jews &, (Herodotus) I 313n
Kabiri of Egyptians & II 274
moving or animated stone of II 342 &n
origin of, Atlanto-Aryan II 743
origin of gods of II 769n
sailors pray to Astarte I 468
Sanchoniathon wrote in II 440n
secretive re navigation II 764
seven Earths of II 617
Venus sign & Ram on coin of II 546


Bennoo, bird of resurrection or I 312
Garuda the Hindu II 564
peacock as Hindu II 619
self-consumed & reborn seven x seven times II 617
Simorgh the Persian II 397-8, 617-18
solar cycle six hundred years II 617n

Phonetic Laws I xxxi-ii

Phonizier, Die. See Movers, F. K.

Phonograph, called ventriloquism II 784n

Phorcys (Gk), Arkite Titan II 143

Phoreg [Phorcys], one of Hesiod's seven Titans I 418

Phorminx (Gk), seven-stringed lyre II 529

Phoroneus (Gk), first man II 519-21

Phoronidae (Gk), poem on Phoroneus II 519

Phosphorus I 553

Satan "Lord of" II 513
"without, no thought" II 244


——— [Bibliotheca or Myriobiblion]
Ophites, talking stones II 342
on Prometheus II 519

Photograph(s, y)

akasic or astral, & pralaya I 18n
astrological influences & I 105
mystery of I 508-9

Photosphere, R. Hunt on I 530-1

"Phreno-Kosmo-Biology." See Lewins, Dr


fire (Kabiri) worship in II 363
priests of, described Atlantis II 371

Phta. See Ptah

Phylogen(esis, y) (Haeckel's term)

development of race, species II 659
laughed at by some scientists II 656
will never be exact science II 663

Physica. See Aristotle

Physical I 176n

astral before, body II 1
astral merges into II 257
bodies belong to Earth II 199
body built by Spirit of Earth II 241
body, death of, & adepts II 531
body shaped by lowest lives I 224
Earth's astral &, now grosser II 157n
every, form has astral prototype II 660n
form fr protoplasmic model II 150
improvement at expense of spiritual I 225
links between many classes II 257
man apart fr divine & spiritual II 254
man became, thru reabsorption II 170
man, birthplace of II 416n
man eighteen million years old II 157, 251, 310
moral, political &, blended II 369-70
nature, diagram of II 593
no, iniquity II 302
part of triple evolution I 181
plane has no contact w astral II 157
power of psychic over II 192
psychic man uses, body II 302
races first & second not II 289
spiritual &, evolution II 348

"Physical Basis of Life." See Huxley, T. H.

Physical Eclogues. See Florilegium of Stobaeus


of root-types II 649, 736
same as spirit materialization II 737

Physician's Hymn of Rig-Veda [X, 97], plants came three ages before gods II 52n

Physics, Physicists. See also Science

analogy key to cosmic I 150
Aryans learned, fr Atlanteans II 426
borrowed ancient atomic theory I 567-8
deals w lowest forces I 554
fifth element & II 135
has returned to Anaxagoras I 586
Hindu knowledge of II 107n
initiates' knowledge of I 516
occult I 97, 200-1, 262
scorn of modern, for ancient I 495
space-force-matter in I 615
unity in the sphere of II 24


Adam's sleep not II 181
age of, mankind II 156
Aryan religion higher than II 526
Atlantean mammals not perfect II 286
civilization &, transformation II 317
conjectures on foetus vague II 131
cross-breeding &, law II 196
differentiations II 120
Fall after Eden II 279
key to Moon symbol I 390, 398
key to symbolism I 363
man evolved fr astral II 737
psychic element develops the II 176
purity of third race II 172
refusal to incarnate was II 171
selection II 738
separation of sexes II 275
symbol & Prometheus II 100-1
Titans a, fact II 154
transformation of sexes II 147-8
transformations symbolized II 178-9

"Physiological Selection." See Romanes


denies a vital principle I 603
ignorant of Moon's influence I 264
magician of the future I 261
of man & animals II 187-90
occult facts of II 295-8
of organisms II 116-17
psychic knowledge would widen II 370n
septenate in II 623 &n

Physiology, Text Book of. See Foster, M.

Physique, Elements de. See Ganot, A.


Angel of Face, synthesis or I 434 &n
kabbalistic II 38-40, 465-6, 544, 560
number of circle, swastika I 90-1
numerical value of I 90-1, 114, 131, 230, 313
Ring "Pass-Not" of lipikas & I 131

Picardy II 738, 750n

Pickering, on diversity of Malays II 332

Pictet, Raoul, derided by Laplace re aerolites II 784n

Picture Writing II 130. See also Glyphs, Symbols

Pierius, on Numa's circular religious posture II 552

Pierres Branlantes (Fr) [rocking stones], of Huelgoat, Brittany II 342n

Pierret, Paul

——— Etudes egyptologiques
Osiris-Lunus I 228

——— Le Livre des Morts
"Day come to us" (Egy) I 134 &n

Pierron, P. A., translation of (echei) II 763

Pigeon I 81n; II 595

Pigmies. See Pygmy (ies)

Pikermi, fossil monkeys near II 723n


comets or I 250
eternal, masterpiece of evolution II 728
monad during its embodiments or I 16n
suffers thru every form of life I 268

Pilgrimage, obligatory, for each soul I 17, 40, 570

Pillaloo-codi [Pillalu-Kodi] (Tamil) Pleiades, Hindus observed rising of I 663-4


Abraham's, of unhewn stones II 472n
in ancient temples I 125-6, 462
Ases (Scandinavian) or, of world II 97
of fire I 338n, 341, 437
four, of Tyre I 125-6
of Jacob, oil-anointed phallus II 473
Mercury, Seth, Josephus & II 530
pyramids became, at Tyre I 347n
of salt & Lot's wife II 674
seven I 356, 408
world- I 235
of Zarathustra I 464

Pillars of Hercules

Atlantis beyond II 147, 323-4n, 394
Greeks did not sail beyond II 223

Pimandre. . . . See Foix, F. de


held pantheons to be immoral II 764

——— Hymn to Jupiter
Kabir Adamas first man II 3

——— Hymn to Minerva
Minerva on Jupiter's right hand I 401

——— Nemean Odes
Castor & Pollux II 122, 123
Gods & men of common origin II 270

——— Olympian Odes
Pherecydes [Pherenicus?] on Hyperboreans II 775

——— Pythian Odes
Aetna a celestial pillar II 763

Pine(s), oldest after ferns II 594

Pineal Gland. See also Third Eye

atrophied II 119, 294n, 296n, 298
discussed II 294-301
highest development of II 299
once physiological organ II 295
witness of third eye II 294-5

Pino, Don Bautista, [Three New Mexico Chronicles], secret meetings of Pueblos II 181n

Pipe(s) of Pan, symbology of II 581

Pippala (Ficus Religiosa) fruit of Tree of Life II 97-8

Piromis, Pontiffs-, of Egypt II 369

Pisacha (daughter of Daksha) mother of the Pisachas I 415

Pisachas (Skt) I 415, 571

Pisces II 656. See also Fish, Mina

constellation of Messiah I 385, 654
does not refer to Christ alone I 653
Night of Brahma & I 376; II 579n
planets conjunct in, at Jesus' birth I 654
runs throughout two Testaments I 264
southern, & beg of kali-yuga I 663
Zabulon [Zebulun], son of Jacob, or I 651

Pisciculi (Lat) [little fishes] Christians called themselves II 313n

Pistis Sophia

Barbelo invisible god II 570 &n
discovery & publishing of II 566n
earlier work than Revelation I 410
echoes archaic belief I 577
IEOV in I 449
King's translation conforms to Church II 569n
oldest Gnostic gospel II 604
original, probably pre-Christian II 566n
quotes Book of Enoch II 535
read in light of Gita, Anugita II 569
rescue fr Chaos by Christos I 132n
seven elements of man II 604-5
seven great gods, triads II 462, 512
sevens, forty-nine II 618
seven vowels, forty-nine powers I 410-11; II 564
sound, speech, voices II 563
vowels, lights, powers II 569-70

Pisuna (Skt) spy, Narada called II 48

Pit. See also South Pole

in Ezekiel II 492
South Pole, Hell or II 274, 357, 785
Virgo or Astraea descends into II 786

Pitar, Pitara [Pitaras] (Skt) fathers. See also Pitri(s)

Brahma (esoterically) II 60
-devatas created lower man II 94-5
divine, of first race II 394n
divine sacrificers, pitris or II 605
first race evolved fr II 329
Peris of Persia fr II 394n
progenitors of fifth race II 394n
progenitors of man II 88
Zeus, primeval progenitors of II 421

Pitar-devatas (Skt). See also Pitris

first gods before "no-gods" II 248
modes of procreation & II 148
progenitors of physical man II 94-5, 171
solar month is one day of II 620

Pithecanthropos alalus

caveman was not II 741n
fossils of, absent in Eocene II 679
man never was, (Joly) II 661
speechless savage of Haeckel II 677n

Pithecoid(s). See also Anthropoids, Apes

accidental, unnatural creation II 261
ancestors in Tertiary I 190
breeding of, explained I 190; II 286
fr fourth race man & extinct mammal II 683
Haeckel's theoretical, man II 667
Huxley tries to prove II 687
-man a fiction II 669
modern, & lemur compared II 717
-Noah & his three sons II 655
skull not under Atlantic II 727
stocks & Eocene II 676
third round, -like ancestor of man I 234

Pitri(s), Lunar I 179-91. See also Barhishads

ancestors of man, become man I 180-1; II 102
astral shadows of first Adams II 45-6 &n, 91n, 137
Brahma as II 60
cannot progress alone I 181-2
ethereal doubles of II 5
ethereal humans of third round I 182
evolve primordial man II 269
evolve shadows of fourth round man I 174, 180, 248
first root-race progeny of I 160
formed physical, animal man I 248
four lower, corporeal, create man II 91-2
have to become men I 180-1
Lords of the Moon I 448; II 75
lunar beings I 264; II 88
mankind offspring of I 224
most developed monads I 174
Pitar Devatas or II 171
progenitors of men II 45, 88, 91, 110
progenitors of physical man I 86-7; II 171
reach human stage in first round I 174
shadows of, dominate 3-1/2 races II 110
shadowy, in Agrippa manuscript II 487
various names for I 227n

Pitri(s), Solar. See also Agnishvattas, Asuras, Kumaras, Self-conscious

adepts of past manvantara II 94
discussed II 88-94
doomed to rebirth by karma II 93-4
endowed man w mind II 89
fashioned the inner man I 87
higher, no physical creation II 80
incarnated in third race II 89, 92-3, 247-8
informing intelligences II 34
our race sprang fr rishis or II 365
prajapatis &, are seed manus II 164
pranidhana & II 88
Prometheus was II 95
three higher classes (arupa) II 91-4
various names for II 92

Pitris (Skt) fathers. See also Ancestors, Asuras, Creators, Dhyanis, Fathers, Kumaras, Lhas, Pitar, Progenitors

endowed man w mind I 539n
forefathers of man I 445; II 683
Kabiri same as II 393
kumaras confounded w II 106
lunar & solar, described I 86-7
material classes of, create man II 91
men &, on Earth & God, demons I 457-8n
not ancestors of present man II 91n
one third of, arupa pitris II 93
our progenitors I 606
regents of worlds, gods or I 99
seven classes of I 179; II 77, 89, 91-2, 97
take charge of planets I 442
twilight, issue fr sons of II 120-1, 163
two types of II 77, 89, 91

Pitris of the Demons, barhishads are II 89

Pivot, manas or II 241

Piyadasi [Piyadassi] (Pali). See Asoka

Placenta, Placental

earliest mammals have no II 166
Haeckel's views on II 649-50, 668
-mammal I 190n
umbilicus connected thru II 461
various types of II 713-14 &n

Placitus philosophorum. See Plutarch, Moralia

Plagiarism (ized) II 472n, 481-2

by anticipation I 401-2; II 476
fr Book of Enoch II 229, 482-3, 484-5
by Brahmins fr Bible I xxxi
de Mirville on, by ancients I 400-3
Sepp, Wilford on, Hindus I 654-5; II 619

Plaksha (Skt) fig tree II 404n

dvipa, globe II 320-1

Plane(s) (cosmic)

diagram of I 200 &n
each atom has seven I 150
each, real to its denizens I 40, 296
energy on spiritual & physical I 644
everything conscious on its own I 274
Fall of Angels on every II 268
Fohat operates on all seven I 110-12, 328
fourth globe on lowest I 192
how to communicate w higher I 605
immortal ego acts on seven II 632-3
laya-centers & passage between I 148
light on our, darkness on higher I 450
manas irrational without atma-buddhi I 242n
man related to, of his upadhi II 157
mental, almost endless gradations I 175
midway halt betw astral & physical II 736
our consciousness limited to one I 20
principles correlated to I xxxv, 633
seven, & man's consciousness I 199
seven angelic, seven suns II 240-1
seven, called Seven Heavens II 273
seven globes on four lower I 152, 166; II 608
seven, of ideality II 335
subjective, objective I 176n, 189, 570, 603n
thickening of veil betw two II 281
three higher I 152
three higher, explained to initiates I 199
three higher, inaccessible to man I 200n
two poles on every I 41
visibility of globes & I 166
Zohar on I 239-40

Planet(s) I 21. See also Earth, Planetary Chains, Sacred Planets, Spheres

active, living (Aristotle) I 493
Agni-Vishnu-Surya source of II 608
Aletae were the seven II 361
all, comets or suns in origin I 103
all, septenary I 152-70
ancient knowledge re I 574 &n, 576
angels or regents of II 83, 89n
are born, grow, change, die I 609
aspects, nodes I 320
astral rulers of, create monads I 577
battles fought by growing I 101-2 }
biographies of, in Tarakamaya II 45
chariots & steeds of II 31
conjunctions of I 656, 662; II 63, 76
creative powers, zodiac & I 213
day same on four inner II 707
death of, discussed I 147
Dev chained to each II 538
development of, around Sun I 595
did not evolve fr Sun's mass I 101, 588-9
distance fr Sun & status of I 602
each race under a II 24
elements differ among I 142-3 &n
ethereality of inhabitants of, (Kant) I 602
every, can evolve life (Littre) I 502n
every, has six fellow globes I 158-9
evolution of life on II 153-4
evolved fr primal matter I 625
fire common element of I 101
Flammarion believed, inhabited II 45, 699, 707
fourth, only seen I 163 &n
genii or stellar spirits of I 198
Gnostic geniuses of I 577; II 538 &n
Heavenly Snails I 103
how could astral Earth affect II 251
human stocks on I 166
incipient rotation of I 505
informing spirits of I 128
inhabited I 133; II 701, 706-7
initiates knew of more II 488n
intact during minor pralayas I 18n
Lares regents of II 361
life germs fr other II 158
life on other worlds? II 33 &n
limbs & pulses of solar system I 541
man's faculties fr I 604
many more, in Secret Books I 152n
Mars & Mercury mystery I 163-4
Mars or six-faced II 382
matter differs among II 136-7n
Mazdean diagram of II 759
Moon &, cause catastrophes II 699
movements, positions of II 76
Music of the Spheres & I 433; II 601
never-erring time measurers II 621
nine, in Vishnu Purana II 488-9n
older & younger II 251
orbital perturbations of I 503
origin of I 101, 103, 500-6, 601
other, better adapted for life II 706-7
polar compression of I 593
pralayas of I 12n, 18n, 149, 172n; II 660n
Puranas on rotation of I 442
rational intelligences (Kepler) I 493
rectors move, (Plato, Kepler) I 479, 493
regents of I 152, 576-7; II 22-3, 83
Sabean dance & motion of II 460
secret relation of, to Earth I 163-4
self-moving, queried I 670
seven II 22, 293
seven, & seven races I 573 &n
seven, & terrestrial things II 361n
seven, & twelve zodiacal signs I 79, 573 &n
seven mystery gods & II 22
seven, or seven circles II 488
seven sacred I 99-101 &nn, 152, 167, 573 &n, 574n, 575; II 602n
seven sons of Aditi I 448
seventy, explained I 576, 654 &n
small size of, near Sun I 500n
stars & II 83
Sun giver of life to I 386
Sun, Moon substitutes for I 575 &n
Sun's brothers, not sons I 449, 588-9
temples of gods I 578
theoi or gods, called I 2n
three sacred, unnamed I 575 &n
twelve gods or, seven seen I 100
undiscovered I 102n, 576
uninhabited (science) II 699
upper globes of, invisible I 163
vary in orbits, axes, size I 593
wheel symbolizes I 40n
will be absorbed by Sun I 596
world bibles refer to II 703

Planet (Earth). See also Earth, Globe

ball of fire-mist once II 153
Fetahil creates I 195
Kabbala on birth of II 240


almost all, worlds inhabited II 701
attraction &, motion I 529
conjunctions, importance of I 656
dissolution or pralaya I 159
gods, Agni-Vishnu-Surya head of II 608
gods gravitate to Sun II 361
life-impulses & evolution II 697
motion & spirits (Kepler) I 499
orbits puzzled Newton I 498
powers, two aspects of I 633
round & globe round defined I 160
seven, creators Gnostic symbols I 73

Planetary Chain(s) I 158-70. See also Earth Chain, Planets

age of I 205-6
architects of I 128, 442
atyantika pralaya & II 309-10n
common belief in II 606-7
Days & Nights of I 154-5
death & energy transfer of I 155-6
destruction of, symbol for II 505
emerge fr cosmic monad II 311
evolution of I 231-2, 250 &n
failures fr previous II 233n
Fohat force that built I 139n
fourteen manus preside over II 321
in Isis Unveiled I 231-2n
karshvares seven globes of II 384n
major manvantara one round of II 309
man-bearing globes of II 77
many, in our solar system I 654n
Mars, Mercury each a I 152-3, 164
new sun rises in each new I 655-6
nirvana for monads betw two I 172-3
other, in our system I 575; II 699-709
our, described in world bibles II 703
principles of man & globes of I 153-4
second class of builders & I 128
septenary, all are I 152-70
seven dvipas or II 320, 758-9
seven globes on four lower planes I 152
seven, in our solar system II 311
Seven Sons creators of I 60
"seven wheels" refer to I 144
starts as nebula I 22
three-, six-fold II 616
upper globes of, invisible I 163
Uranus, Neptune guard other I 575
why teaching of, kept secret I xxxv
Zend Avesta on II 384-5, 606-7, 757-8

Planetary Spirits

Buddhists believe in I 635
each nation its own I 10, 576
highest, know our solar system II 700n
principles in man fr II 29
regents of planets or I 104; II 22
represented as circles II 552
rule destinies of men I 128
seven, of Christian mystics II 97
seven, or rishis II 318n
souls of heavenly orbs I 602; II 552
of stars, planets I 128

Planetoids, man's influence on II 700

Planet-tower of Nebo II 456

Planisphere(s). See also Dendera Zodiac

Carnac & West Hoadley are II 343

Plant(s) (kingdom). See also Botany, Vegetable

animals &, interdependent II 290n
bisexuality in I 320; II 133, 659
born fr bosom of the stone II 594
created before there was Earth I 254
dwarfed by climate in third race II 329
force which informs & seed described I 291
growth of, & Moon I 180
hard, that softened II 15
human embryo a I 184
intermediate hermaphroditism & II 167
Kabiri taught use of II 364
link Europe, America, Southeast Asia II 781
majority are hermaphrodite II 659
Moon (Soma) god of II 384n
nerves of I 49
New & Old World, similar II 792
not physical before animals II 290n
occult powers of, (Levi) II 74
orders, classes of, in Puranas II 259n
seed must die to live as I 459n
seventh emanation of Mother & I 291

Plasm. See also Cells

immortal part of our bodies I 223n
spiritual, key to embryology I 219, 224

Plastidular Souls

Haeckel's, discussed II 650, 670-1 &n
spurious speculation II 663n


Atlantis account of, compressed II 760-1
Atlantis of II 147, 221, 263, 314, 322, 323-4n, 395, 408, 429
Atlantis of, Indian legend II 223, 407
best of Pythagoreans (Syrianus) II 599
bound by oath of secrecy II 763
chaos became soul of world I 338, 343
circular motion, on I 201
could not believe in personal God II 554
deductive method of II 153
defines genuine philosophers II 554-5
Deity cannot create, taught II 159
divine dynasties in II 367, 370-1
divine Idea moves the aether I 365
divine thought of, & lipikas I 104
elements, stoicheia of I 123, 338n, 461
embraced ideas of Pythagoras I 348
in error before initiation I 588
fifth rounder, explained I 161-2
God geometrizes II 39, 41
Hesiod's Theogony history to II 765
hints Pelasgians Atlanteans II 774
initiate-philosopher-adept I 2n; II 88, 266, 395, 554
innate eternal ideas of I 281
island of II 8, 141, 250n, 322, 352, 395, 407, 693
Logos of I 15n
Mayas coeval w Atlantis of II 34-5n
Mysteries, discipline, virtue I xxxv
Poseidonis or Atlantis II 265, 314, 407-9 &nn, 765, 767-8
Poseidon of, substitute name II 323-4n
principles & elements in I 491-2
science regards, as lunatic II 589
Secret Doctrine known to I xxxv
Solon's story of Atlantis II 221, 371, 395, 436, 781, 786
soul's faculties fr planets II 604
source of wisdom of II 530-1
spoke cautiously II 268
Sweden Atlantis of, (Rudbeck) II 402
taught all pledges would allow II 765
tetrad animal of, (Taylor) II 599
universal method of II 573, 584

——— Banquet or Symposium
androgyne race II 96, 132-4, 177
early races II 133, 264

——— Cratylus
Anaxagoras on nous I 451
Golden Age II 264, 372, 373
Koros as pure intellect I 353
theos, derivation of I 2n; II 545
Zeus not highest god I 425-6

——— Critias
Atlantis larger than Lybia II 761
island fragment only II 8, 324n
island of II 221, 266
Neptune divides Atlantis II 765
Plain of Atlantis described II 767-8
power of names II 767
sinking of Atlantis II 314, 394
source of Atlantis story II 743n
war of nations II 394, 743

——— Laws (De Legibus)
origin of wheat, wine, fire II 373
planets moved by rectors I 493
Saturn's Golden Age II 264, 372-3

——— Parmenides
One, reflection of Deity II 555
Taylor's Intro on chaos I 425-6 &n

——— Phaedo
mind cause of all things (Anaxagoras) I 451

——— Phaedrus
rectors of planets I 493
winged races II 55n, 96, 264

——— Philebus
infinite & finite I 426 &n

——— Protagoras
Prometheus gave man wisdom II 412

——— Republic
immorality of pantheons II 764 &n

——— Statesman (Politicus)
fertile & barren periods II 74
rulers & the ruled II 373

——— Timaeus
Atlantis described II 743n, 761 &n, 767-8
cross in space I 321n; II 561, 589
definition of soul II 88
destruction of Atlantis II 314, 395
Divine Thought, matter, kosmos I 348
elements or irrational daemons I 567n
on four elements I 460
God lighted the Sun I 579-80 &n
island a fragment II 8, 147, 266, 768
Jupiter or Father-Aether I 465
"man must not be like one of us" II 94-5
mundane macrocosmic tree II 97 &n
Phoroneus father of mortals II 519
secretion of elements I 568 &n
shapeless infants of early races II 132 &n
sinking of Plato's island II 250n
Solon on Greek history II 743
universe a dodecahedron I 340 &n, 344
world conflagrations, deluges II 784

Platonist, Alexandrian, compiled Pymander II 267n

Platonist, The, T. M. Johnson, (editor) q Thomas Taylor on Jews I 426 &n

Platyrrhine (anthropoid)

apes & man II 171
fr late Atlantean times II 193

Pleiades II 549-50. See also Krittikas

Alcyone of, & age of Great Pyramid II 432
Atlantides have become II 768
central point of universe II 551
connected w renovation of Earth II 785
connected w sound I 648n
cycle based on, & Virgo II 435
Hindus observed rising of I 663-4
Karttikeya (Mars) & II 551, 619
mentioned in Job I 647-8
Niobe daughter of II 772
poussiniere (French), Pillalu-kodi (Tamil) or I 663
seven & I 648n; II 618-19
seven daughters of Atlas II 618, 768, 785
six of, then seven II 551
summer 'colure' passed thru II 407
Sun orbits Alcyone of I 501
"sweet influence of," (Job) I 648
Virgo inseparable fr II 785
when pyramids were built I 435
wives of seven rishis II 549, 551

Plenum, the (Lat)

absolute container of All I 8
all matter connected in I 615
of Descartes I 623
fullness of the universe I 671
gods, genii within I 569
nothingness of science is I 148
science, vacuity, ether & I 495

Pleroma (Gk) fullness, completeness

astral light &, of Church I 196
downfall of I 416
fifth & third states of II 79
Gnostic ogdoad & I 448
Logos reflected in II 25
planes of I 406
Satan's lair? II 506-18
scholiasts turn, into Satan II 511

Plesiosaurus(i) II 258

extinct w third race II 206-7
law of dwarfing & II 733
man contemporary w II 206-7, 676, 713
paintings of, in China, Babylon II 205-6

Plexus(es), Nervous, seven, radiate seven rays II 92


——— Natural History
Chaldean astronomical observations II 620
circular meditation posture II 552
Druid priests called magi II 756
Earth kind nurse & mother I 154
Earth's sphericity defended I 117n
Egypt covered by sea II 368
Egyptian year of thirty days II 620
the Euxine II 5 &n
giant Orion II 278
giants II 336
moving rock at Harpasa II 346-7
Persians consulted the Oitzoe II 346
rocking stones in Asia II 342 &n
Saros cycle I 655n
Saturnian Sea II 777n
six-month polar day, night II 773
stone which "ran away" II 342, 345

Pliocene II 254, 675-6, 690, 710, 714

apes & men in II 676
European man of, Atlantean II 790
man existed in II 688n
man immigrated to Europe in II 740n
man's origin in, (Haeckel) II 680
man's origin in, (Huxley) II 288
portions of Atlantis sank in II 314n, 395
scientists disagree on II 698
temperate climate in II 738n

Plongeon, A. Le. See Le Plongeon, A.

Pluralite des mondes. See Flammarion, C.

Plurality of Worlds. See Maxwell, A.

Plurality of Worlds. See Whewell, Wm.

Plutarch II 336

——— Lives (Vitae)

Caius Marius, Cimmerians' long night II 773
Egyptian year of thirty days II 620
May, Maia, Vesta I 396n
Sertorius, tomb of giant Antaeus II 278
Sylla, on the Great Year I 650; II 784, 785

——— Moralia
De animae procreation, the double quaternary II 599
De E apud Delphos, stood for number five II 580
[De fraterno amore], Castor & Pollux II 123
De Iside et Osiride
the elements I 125n
father, mother, son in Plato I 348
"ingress of Osiris into Moon" I 228
De placitus philosophorum
duad, mother, evil I 614
Ecphantus on Earth's rotation [I 117 &n]
giving form to matter I 622
Magnus Annus II 785
Stoics on thunder II 526
tetrad root of all things II 601
Quaestiones Romanae et Graecae
Castor's tomb in Sparta II 122n
May, Maia, Vesta I 396n
[Quaestionum convivalium or Table Talk]
Pindar's Hymn to Minerva I 401

Pluto (Gk). See also Hades

-Aidoneus or Aerial Jove I 464
Atlantean islands sacred to II 408
Axiokersos, Hades or II 362
Dodonean Jupiter & I 463
Earth, Yama or I 462-3
fire-flame of helm of I 338n
healer, enlightener II 26n
in Pit, carries off Eurydice II 78

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