Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Slack, Henry James, "Recent Researches in Minute Life," metaphysics & science I 588, 600

Slaughter, Reverend William. B., The Modern Genesis, rationale of nebular rotation I 97n

Slavonia (ic, ian)

chiton (coat) became, word II 202
deluge in, mythology II 270
God of, fr Greek Bacchus I 347
legends of giants in II 754-5
Leibniz of, descent I 628n
red Easter egg of I 368
Russian &, "R" is Latin "P" II 547n


Atlanteans did not dream in II 761
dreamless I 47, 266
dreamless, of first two races (Adam) II 181
ideation ceases in deep I 38
laya or, center I 147
matter during universal I 69
mental, of early man II 194
profound, too deep for dreams II 701
sushumna ray during I 537

Sleep of Siloam, initiated adept plunged into II 558

Sloth II 733

Smaragdine Tablet (of Hermes)

as above, so below . . . II 113
disfigured by Christian hands II 113
Isarim, an initiate, said to have found II 556
seven keys to meaning of II 109
swastica in II 99

Smarta, Smartava Brahmans

founded by Sankaracharya I 271
head of, sometimes a real initiate I 272

Smell I 251

Anugita on I 535 &nn
Earth rudiment of I 372
evolution of II 106-8

Smith, George

——— Assyrian Discoveries
evil gods II 61-2
evil principles emblems of chaos II 386
Hea-bani raised to heaven II 531
King Sargon's date II 691
story of Moses fr Babylonia I 319n
War in Heaven II 386

——— Chaldean Account of Genesis
Adam (mankind) II 4
Chaldean gods, genii II 248n, 383-4
corroborates teachings II 5
cosmogenesis described in I 357
creations, two or more II 53, 54
Curse & the Fall II 282
dragon of Chaldea II 354
evil gods II 61
monsters II 52
proves forgeries of Eusebius I xxvi n
Sargon's story I 319n
seven races (kings) II 2
Sun & Moon II 145
tablets written before Moses II 3n
war between gods, dragons II 383-4
War in Heaven & Fall II 104
Zu & Umsimi II 283-4n

——— Transactions of Society of Biblical . . .
Sargon-Moses story I 319n

Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge

Alexander on nebular theory I 588
Stockwell on glaciations II 141, 144

Smithsonian Reports, Retzius on Guanches, Caribs II 792


baptism by, Holy Ghost II 566-9
clouds of, are Montanist heresies II 485
stood for exoteric religion II 566-7

Smyth, Charles Piazzi

Astronomer Royal of Scotland I 317n
Hebrew language divine I 316-17
height of Grand Gallery II 466
King's Chamber & sarcophagus I 317n
Mosaic origin of measures I 313
pyramid figures I 314, 315
Solomon's temple I 115n

Snails II 659

intermediate hermaphroditism & II 167
Sons of Light or Heavenly I 103

Snake(s). See also Dragons, Nagas, Serpents

blind, atrophied eyes II 296n
cosmic, -gods born of Kasyapa II 382n
great, of the Pueblos II 181n
hole or initiation passages II 379-80
initiate called I 408
king-, or nagas II 381
Kneph, emblem I 353
Nagpur city of II 346n
Ophites revered a living II 386
tortuous, of the Jews II 230

Sochoniston. See Sanchoniathon

Society of Antiquaries [Archaeologia] II 380


believed in higher beings I 611
daimon of II 419
would not argue about Being I 4

Socrates [Scholasticus], calls Eusebius forger I xxvi

Sod, Sodalian (Heb)

arcanum, mystery (ies) I 463; II 212n, 626
calculations of II 395
Mysteries of Baal, Adonis, Bacchus II 212
mysteries of the seven stars II 633


members of priest colleges II 212n
Moses chief of II 212
of right-, left-hand paths II 211

Sod-Ihoh, Mysteries of Ihoh II 212n

Sod, the Mysteries of Adonis. See Dunlap, S. F.

Sod, The Son of the Man. See Dunlap, S. F.

Sogdiana (Sagdiani in text), Aryan Magi emigrate into II 356

Soham (Skt), "he (is) I" I 78; II 465. See also A-hamsa, Hamsa-vahana, Kalahansa

Soirees de St. Petersbourg. See Maistre, J. de

Sokhit. See Seket

Sol (Lat) II 575. See also Sun

Sol alter, Sukra-Venus called II 31

Solar. See also Solar System, Sun

body & seven rays I 525n
dynasty, Moru [Maru] will restore I 378
extinctions of, fires I 84, 552
fire & the gandharvas I 523 &n
life part of universal life I 591
lunar &, beliefs of Christians I 388, 395
lunar &, cycles II 620-1
lunar &, deities I 362, 397; II 427
lunar &, influences & "Wind" II 105
mythos I 303-4
vortex of Kepler I 623
year interpreted by St Germain II 583

Solar Boat

Osiris & seven rays enter II 141
soul coeval & disappears w I 227
Thoth, solar discus & II 529

Solar Devas. See also Pitris (Solar)

brought mind to humans I 181

Solar Lhas (spirits) II 105, 109-10. See also Lhas

Solar System(s) II 148. See also Manvantara, Pralaya

anima mundi of II 672n
becomes ocean at pralaya I 371
birth of I 110-11, 289
central & other suns in I 13; II 240
cosmic evolution refers to II 68 &n
cosmic monads progenitors of II 311
critique of evolution of I 501-2
dhyan-chohans limited to I 13; II 700-1 &n
elements differ in planets of I 142-3
enormous age of, (Laing) II 72
fabricated by Kosmocratores II 23
failures born into new II 232-3n
fire septenary in I 87
formation out of nebular rings I 149-50n
heart, brain, circulations of I 541
Humboldt on other, like ours I 497n
intelligences regulate laws of I 530-1
invisible worlds of I 605-6
is a monad I 21
knowledge of previous I 369
kosmos may refer to our I 199n
lifetime of II 68 &n
many planets in I 654n
matter different outside I 601
nebular theory of I 595-9
other intellectual beings in I 133, 164
pralaya of I 53
rotations, revolutions in I 501
science secure only within I 601
Secret Doctrine deals mostly w our I 60
seven conditions of matter in I 139; II 597n
Sinnett's mistakes re I 163-5
starts as nebula I 22
sukshma form of I 138
Sun-fluids impart motion to I 529
Sun heart of I 540-2
vital principle of I 530-1; II 311n
young, old, dead planets in II 251

Soleil, Le. See Secchi, Father P. A.

Solids, liquids, gases & I 526; II 136-7n

"Solids, Liquids, and Gases." See Williams, M. M.

Soliman's Ring. See also Suliman

brings one to fountain of life II 398

Solinus, Gaius Julius ("Polyhistor"), [Collectanea rerum memorabilium], Hyperboreans sow, reap in one day II 773

Solomon, King. See also Temple of Solomon

biblical, fr Persia II 396n
on circuits of the spirit II 553
did not recognize Moses or Law II 541
left pillar in temple of II 461
never really existed II 314
Seal of I 118; II 591
seventy-two of, (Herbelot) II 396


Atlantis story & II 221, 371, 395, 436, 743 &n, 781, 786
Egyptian dynasties related to I 266
giant intellect II 217
knew power of names II 767
one of Grecian seven sages II 743n

Solstice(s) I 363, 639; II 533, 546, 576. See also Equinox

Northern & Southern in Gita passage I 86
symbols of living verity I 639

Solus (Lat). See also Sun

later became Sol, the Sun II 575


hydrogen & occult II 112-13
motion, the alchemical I 258
universal I 260

Soma (Skt) Moon. See also Deus Lunus, Moon, Soma Juice

born fr churning of the Ocean I 398
Brihaspati, Tara, Budha & I 228n; II 45 &n, 138, 456, 498-500
as Earth's calf or Moon I 398
embodies Trimurti power I 398
fish, sin, & I 238
fourth race & globe under II 29, 44-5
fruit of Tree of Knowledge II 499n
gandharva force of I 523n
generative, creative god II 466
illegitimate father of Budha I 288n
Indra & his, drinking II 378
King, masculine Moon I 386, 395
lunar god I 392, 396-8; II 23, 29, 139n, 386, 495
makes alliance in solar portion II 496
moon-plant I 210, 523n; II 45n, 101n, 378, 384n, 498-9, 590
occult potency of Moon I 396
our globe under II 29
parent of esoteric wisdom II 500
rays of, mature Marisha II 175
regent of visible Moon II 45
second race & II 175-6
sidereal Don Juan I 228n
Sin &, parents of Earth II 23
sons of, not immortal II 44
War in Heaven story & II 45

Soma Juice

Akta anointed w II 101n
fr Asclepias acida II 498-9
experiences of drinker of II 499n
of Moon-plant I 210
real, & the reborn initiate II 499
Rig-Veda, Puranas on II 378
sacred II 45n

Soma-Loka (Skt) region of the Moon II 44

Somapa Pitris (Skt), worshiped by Trisuparna Brahmans II 590

"Some few whose lamps . . ." See Dryden, J.

"Some Things the Aryans Knew." See Brahmachari Bawa

Somniis, De. See Philo Judaeus


above is kosmos, below is mankind I 60
becomes own father & mother I 398
Father &, equivalents of II 492
Father &, meaning of II 231n
fatherless, & immaculate Mother I 256
Father, Mother, & I 40
Heavenly Man is Logos or II 236n
kosmos is, w Plato I 348
Logos or, various names of II 703-4n
of Mahat II 103
mother's husband I 614
one w the Father II 113
only begotten, is Brahma I 349
right side of triangle I 614
seventh, of a seventh II 213
by whom God made worlds II 703

Sonata of Beethoven, cannot play itself II 348

Son of Kriyasakti. See also Sons of Will & Yoga

Mundane Tree compared w I 211

Son of Righteousness I 656

Son of the Morning. See Lucifer

Son(s) of the Serpent, Dragon

hierophants of Egypt & Babylonia II 378-80, 530
sheds old skin, has new body II 380

Son(s) of Wisdom II 52

Atlantean survivors led by II 428
became Sons of Darkness II 272
becoming a, described II 380
Chinese teachers, adepts I 271n
deferred incarnation II 161, 228, 286
dragon mystic name for II 280n
entered those who were ready II 167, 185, 286
failed karmic duty II 185
first mind-born sons II 204
give rise to adepts II 167
incarnated in Aryan ancestors II 318
incarnated in early buddhas II 423
incarnated in Sons of Will II 199
legendary names for II 269-70
manasa or II 171
produced Sons of Ad I 207
seed of iniquity carried by some II 228
serpent of Genesis & II 236
sin of mindless & II 185, 191, 228
some, refuse to create II 191
Sons of Night II 161
warned re forbidden fruit II 267
will enlighten humanity II 167-8

Son of Yered (Jared) or Enoch II 532

Sons of Ad. See also Sons of the Fire Mist

produced by kriyasakti I 207

Sons of Atri, barhishads reborn as II 89

Sons of Brahma I 88-9, 116, 236, 413, 436, 457n, 521, 571; II 44, 78, 82, 89, 91-3, 121, 132, 161, 173, 176 &n, 249, 253, 284, 374, 382n, 548, 613n, 624-5 &n, 775n. See also Asuras, Dhyanis

kumaras or, refused to create I 236
were sons of Vasishtha II 146n

Sons of Cycles, Cyclopes I 208n

Sons of Darkness

asuras called II 487-8
human failures became II 272

Sons of Dark Wisdom

archangels or II 248
Atlantean adept sorcerers II 495
"fallen," pure, divine II 248

Sons of God. See also Asuras, Bnei Elohim, Elohim

Aryan adepts II 495
assist Christian creator I 440
Bamian statues depict II 224
became fallen angels I 412
brahmaputras or I 209
could live in water, fire, air II 220
destroyed sorcerers II 772
as dragons, serpents II 274
fallen angels in Genesis II 61, 229, 284
founded civilizations I 208 &n
four, of Egyptians II 213
hierophants of King's Chamber II 470
history begins w, marrying II 284
immaculate virgin legends fr I 61
initiated Brahmans descend fr I 209
instructed hierophants II 221
lower, had sexual connection II 375
not punished in Genesis II 491
prototype of Enoch's angels I 523n
of Sacred Island II 221, 495
Satan as one of II 378, 489
seventh race will be II 483
Sons of Light are II 489
taught arts, sciences I 208 &n; II 572
Titans progeny of II 501
various, described II 374-6
Vedas on II 605
War of, & Sons of Darkness II 495, 500
Wondrous Being guided I 208

Sons of Jacob

allegory of black & white II 211-12
story of, & fifth race II 428-9

Sons of Joseph, Afghan tribe called II 200n

Sons of Krisasva, gods of legendary weapons II 629

Sons of Kriyasakti I 211

Sons of Light. See also Ahriman, Asuras, Elohim

are Sons of Darkness II 489
battled Sons of Night II 772
described I 481
formless fathers of dhyanis I 572
root of spiritual man I 106
self-generated in infinite ocean I 481
seven, & sacred planets I 575
seven, born fr conscious life I 572
sishtas of seventh root-race II 531
those who conquered joined II 272

Sons of Manasseh, Afghan tribe II 200n

Sons of Marichi, agnishvattas reborn as II 89

Sons of Necessity, universes I 43

Sons of Night II 161, 772

Sons of Passive Yoga

Daksha's will-born progeny II 275
early third root-race I 207; II 165, 275

Sons of Rebellion (Egypt), dragons, serpents were II 386

Sons of the Dragon, hierophants II 379, 380, 530

Sons of the Fire, Fire-Mist I 86-7

Chinese teachers, adepts I 271n
did not fall into sin II 319
first to evolve fr fire I 87
not fiery serpents II 212
Sons of Ad or I 207

Sons of the Flame of Wisdom, saviors, agnishvattas II 411

Sons of the Shadow. See also Black Magic

war w Sons of God II 500

"Sons of the Sorceress" (Isaiah), phallic practices of II 588

Sons of the Sun, war w Sons of Night II 772

Sons of Twilight, pitris II 91, 120-1, 138, 163

Sons of Will & Yoga II 163, 771

adepts &, seventh race II 275
ancestors of arhats, mahatmas II 173
body gnawed at by time I 211
born before separation of sexes II 181
created by kriyasakti II 172, 181, 228
did not fall into sin II 319
divided into sexes I 209
early third root-race II 181
first to have mind II 199
four sacrificed themselves II 281-2 &n
pitar were called II 394n
remained apart fr mankind I 207
remnants of, & inland sea II 220
roots of, & Mundane Tree I 211
seed of future saviors II 173
Sons of Wisdom incarnated in II 199
third race created II 173
warred w Atlanteans II 227n

Sons of Yoga II 109

first race called II 198
forms created by fathers II 115
seven stages of evolution of II 117
zodiacal calculations fr II 436n

Sopatros (Sopater of Apamea), unchained the winds I 469

Sophia (Gnos) Wisdom

akasa or I 197
Mother, Holy Ghost I 72n, 197, 618; II 512
serpent symbol of II 386
Seven Sons of I 434; II 210n
universal soul or I 353
Venus & II 512, 540

Sophia-Achamoth (Gnos)

Aditi is II 43
daughter of Sophia, wisdom I 197, 449
Divine Mother (King) II 570n
lower astral light or ether I 197
mother of Ialdabaoth (demiurge) I 197 &n, 449; II 243
rescued fr chaos by Christos I 132n
spiritual principle of first couple fr II 215

Sophocles II 674

Sorcerer(s, y). See also Black Magic, Dugpa

African, & Irish stones II 343-4
astrology & II 179
Asuramaya a II 67, 70
Atlantean II 93n, 224, 272n, 286, 371, 762
Atlantean, destroyed II 93-4n, 147, 350, 493, 495, 636, 772
Atlantean, memory of, lingers II 503
Cain, Ham &, (Roman Church) II 391
died after passing the Word I 404
Easter Island statues of II 224
followed beginning of Christianity I xl
giant races of II 285
holy, survived II 350
Institutes of Justinian & I 469
Jews acquainted w I 230
Lords of the Dark Face or II 427
Moon friend of I 156
Mysteries deteriorate into II 281
reverse five-pointed star symbol of I 5
reverse side of Magic II 179
Roman Catholic legends of II 272
serpent or II 26
seventh son of seventh son is II 213
sex during some lunar phases is I 228-9n
Sons of God victorious over II 224n
war betw initiates & I 419; II 384, 492-5

Soret, estimates Sun's heat I 484n

Soshiosh. See Saoshyant

Sothiac Cycles (Egy), five, observed in Egypt I 435

Soul(s). See also Animal, Human Soul

animates every atom I 51, 567
ascends fr lowest to highest I 17
atom, genius, angel or I 569
blending w spirit II 639n
butterfly symbol of, (Greek) I 74
cell, evolves into human, (Haeckel) II 670
Christian view of I 106, 182-3, 570; II 302-3
cosmic, or astral light II 113
could die while body lives I 234 &n
descends first as astral mold II 728
descent of spirit into I 113n, 226n
distinct fr spirit I 568-9
divine, or buddhi I 216
divine, Prometheus aspires to II 419
divine, remembers all past II 424
divine, symbolized by water, Moon II 113
"Doctrine" of Buddha I xxi
each, born fr boundless light I 577
evolution of, (Stobaeus) II 137-8
faculties fr planets (Plato) II 604
human, & earth, water II 43n
human, symb by wind, air II 113
identity of all, w oversoul I 17
influence on evolution II 728
intracosmic, no beginning or end I 3
is number four II 575
journey of, & moksha I 132
Kantian, & prakriti I 602
latent in monad II 150
Luciferian, Lucianist views on II 239n
mahatma a purified, I 46n
matter, spirit, life, & I 49
mayavic vehicle of, -mind I 624n
monads are atomic I 619, 629
Odin gives man, & life II 97
Paul on man's (Adam's) II 513
physical intellect & I 225
pineal gland seat of, (Descartes) II 298
Plato's definition of II 88
psyche or I 194
purified in Amenti, reborn I 365
scintillas & I 619
separation of, fr body I 234-5 &n
spirit &, or Father & Son II 231n
spiritual, or anima mundi II 573
struggle betw spirit & II 377
thread-, or sutratman I 17n, 610n
-voice II 424
whirling, or atoms I 568
will pass into new bodies II 760
of the World (Plato) I 338, 343

Soulless Men I 234-5 &n

Soul of the World. See also World Soul

akasa, divine astral light or I 140
Alaya or I 48, 49
born of purusha & matter I 365, 461
female, or "Great Deep" I 353
primordial substance, chaos, & I 338, 343
various names for I 365

Soul of Things, The. See Denton, Prof & Mrs

Sound(s). See also Communication, Languages, Logos, Voice, Word

akasa & Ether cause of I 296n
akasa & touch, color & I 205, 372
akasa the Mother-Father of II 400n
Anugita on I 534-6
apex of ladder of life I 539
atoms called, in occultism I 633
bell-, in space I 557
bhutadi devours, in pralaya I 372
collective Demiurgos or I 372
commanding forces by, & color I 514n
described, explained I 554-5
disturbs atomic equilibrium I 565
effect of equal, waves meeting II 489
ether produced, [Vishnu Purana] I 587
Fohat & I 139, 145
Gandharva & causes of I 523n
Keely's occult ideas on I 564-5
language of second race II 198
noumenal & phenomenal I 145-6
occult power of I 93-5, 464, 534-7, 555, 564-5
odor &, real substance I 564
opens door betw mortals & immortals I 464
related to elements & senses I 307; II 107
rhythm &, related to elements I 307
Second Logos or II 563
septenary law governs II 613, 622, 627, 628
seven II 613
speech &, ether of space II 107
subjective or sensational I 633
Tyndall has traced physical I 633
ultimate causes of I 514-17
Vach magic potency of I 137
in Vishnu Purana I 521

"Source of Heat in the Sun." See Hunt, R.

Source of Measures. See Skinner, J. Ralston

South (direction)

red corn depicts, (Zuni) II 629
Yama guards the I 128

South Africa

arrowheads of Bushman of II 522
mere fragment of Lemuria II 333

Southall, Dr J. P., Epoch of the Mammoth . . . , Paleolithic man came to Europe II 740n

South America(n)

beaches rose 100-1,300 feet II 787n
bird-eating spider of II 440
esoteric schools in I xxiii
fossils linked w Europe, Africa II 791
India &, connected once II 327
man on cross carvings in I 322

Southern Cross

Alpha Draconis of Pyramid I 407
three & four shown in I 321

Southern Fish, & kali-yuga I 663

South Pole

abode of cosmic elementals II 274
fohatic forces, akasa & I 204-5
lethal influences fr II 400n
nether pole, demons, hells II 404, 785
passing of North Pole to II 360
Patala associated w II 357
Pit, Hell or II 274, 357, 785

South Sea Islander(s) II 168, 421n

Soyuti, on Seth, Enoch, pyramids II 361-2


entirely unknown to science II 669, 745n
Haeckel's mythical amphibian II 652, 656, 745n

Space. See also Duration, Motion

abode of Ea, wisdom II 53
Absolute transcends time & I 1-2n; II 158
abstract, generator, female II 43
all born in, & time must die II 549
always part of larger increment I 87-8
aspect of Be-ness I 14-15
aspect of the Absolute I 43
astral light (akasa) is II 511-12
Bain on, & time I 251n
body of limitless extent I 342
boundless, infinite I 99, 113
boundless, of divine Plenum I 148
boundless void (science) I 587, 615
Brahma-Vishnu is infinite I 8n
bright, son of dark I 71-2
chaos is, (Aristotle) I 336n
chaos or unmanifested Deity II 269
chaos-theos-kosmos aspects of I 344
chaos, void, Ain-soph or I 109
cosmic, or devamatri I 53 &n
Crookes on I 550-1, 581n
dimensionless in every sense I 55
duration, matter, motion & I 55
of East not understood in West I 496n
eternal substance, boundless II 239n
every point in, animated II 513
female or chaos I 431; II 84
filled w atoms (Leucippus) I 2, 64, 117
first Mother, then Father-Mother I 18
Fohat divides I 674
force, matter &, (Pratt) I 615
fullness & void I 8, 35
good & evil progeny of, & time II 96
gravity as force pervading I 511
Hari as Brahma sleeps in I 371-2
incomprehensible deity I 35, 336n
Kronos beyond, & time I 418
Maqom stands for II 612
measurability of, absurd I 251
Parabrahman infinite cosmic I 6
perpetual motion & limitless I 2
potential & abstract I 4
Pratt on, & First Cause I 9n
realm of divine knowledge II 502
ruling intelligent powers in II 502
six directions of I 116, 118
spirit first differentiation in I 258
there is no empty I 289, 527 &n
thick w molecules I 150
time &, forms of Deity II 382n
unborn & undecaying II 487
unknowable living entity I 615
unknown container of all I 342
vacuum betw celestial bodies (Newton) I 491
whole finite kosmos called I 277

Spagyrisation (alchemy) of matter II 592

Spain, Spaniards

dolmen of Anteguera in II 752
joined to Barbary once (Joly) II 751
met savage chiefs II 744
Northwest Africa once extension of II 8n, 740, 751-2, 793
rocking stones in II 342n, 793


animate all kingdoms I 103, 246
extinguished by bestiality II 318
hangs fr the Flame I 238
identical w devas, rishis II 85
immortal, reflecting divine flame I 275
individualities in lower spheres I 275
monad a homogeneous I 571
sacred, in man II 421n
some sons projected a II 161, 286
term for atoms I 108
universes called, of eternity I 16
will rebecome the Flame I 265
worlds like I 99, 199, 246n; II 99, 704

Sparsa (Skt) touch, in pralaya I 372

Sparta, Castor's tomb shown at II 122n


Ad-i name of first, race II 452
animal, beast (automata) II 427-8
stones II 341-2 &n

Spear-holder. See Saktidhara

Specialization, Specialized

gradual human, missing II 716
man & lower genera exceptions to II 256
man's skeleton not II 720-3


all, change w every root-race II 697
all, once hermaphrodite II 299
continuance of, (Kabbala) II 457
crop of, after physicalization II 736
designers, builders & growth of II 732
differentiation of II 737
different rates of evolution for II 256
gradual transformation of II 347-8
growth & decline of II 733-4
human, can breed together II 195
interbreeding of II 184-5, 191, 201, 267, 287
law of retardation on II 260 &n
now stereotyped II 697
progressive development of II 260
relapse to ancestral types II 697

Species Immateriata, Kepler's planetary forces I 479

Specimens of the Hindu Theatre. See Wilson, H.

Spectroscope (ic)

analysis of nebulae I 595-9
Crookes q Maxwell on I 143n
findings of, limited I 142, 543-4n
no use beyond visible matter I 543n
seven colors & II 627-8
shows Sun's outer robes only I 528

Spectrum, of the stars I 595-6, 598

Speech I 464; II 563. See also Sound

development of II 198-201
Ila goddess of, (Dowson) II 148
inflectional in Atlantis II 199
Logos both reason & II 199n
mantrika sakti & I 293
Mercury symbol of II 542
noiseless, superior to noisy I 95
not evolved fr animal sounds II 661-2
origin of, & occult properties I 93-4
Sarasvati goddess of I 95
third race, monosyllabic II 198-9
Vach goddess of I 137

Spencer, Herbert II 671

agnostic I 19n
on environment & unity of types II 736-7
evolution of chemical atoms I 622
internal & external relations I 293
John Fiske's master II 787
monism & I 124-5n
more dangerous than Buchner I 528n
pale copyist I 96n
positivist II 156n
will-o-the-wisps of II 451

——— First Principles
First Cause I 14-15 &n
matter affected by motion I 12n
motion I 496
unknowable of I 19n, 54n, 281, 327 &n, 675

——— "Nebular Hypothesis"
implies a First Cause I 600 &n

——— Principles of Biology
evolution fr a preexisting being II 348-9
worthlessness of Darwinism II 730

——— Principles of Psychology
evolution as a dream II 490n
ideas vs absolute thought II 490

Spencer, Johann (Joannes)

——— De Legibus Hebraerum
Abarbinel on Nabatheans II 455-6
Azaz(y)el sent to Mt Hermon II 409
derives Azazel fr Ajal, El II 376

Spenta Armaiti (Zor) Spirit of Earth

Ahura Mazda father of II 385
helped Yima enlarge Earth II 609-10

Speucippus, followed in Plato's steps II 555

Sphere(s). See also Globes, Planets, Stars

"above, higher," & invisible I 605
Ain-soph a boundless I 429
astral rulers of, create monads I 577
of being numberless II 33
beings of other, live in & thru us I 605
builders, watchers of the seven I 53
chain of, beyond Earth II 701
Earth contains six other II 111
egg symbol of our I 65, 89, 359
eighth I 156, 163, 227n
emblem of infinity & eternity I 65
every, called dragon's head II 505
of expectation II 57 &n
gyratory movement of, & atoms I 117
human prototype in, spiritual I 235n
Lords of, now rebellious angels I 577
music of the I 167, 432-3, 445-6; II 601-2
seven, in Hindu scriptures I 112
seven, of action II 621n
"Wheels" gradually become I 116-17


of Earth among ancients I 40n, 117 &n, 441
primordial form of everything I 65

Spheroidal Form, drop assumes, I 97-8n

Sphinx(es) I 643

Aeschylus, Shakespeare were II 419
narthex must be wrenched fr II 518
recalls androgynous race II 124
riddle of the II 403, 516-17, 540
Simorgh or II 618

Sphinx (magazine), Lambert diagram, seven principles fr II 633

Sphinxiad. See Mackey, S. A.

Spider, bird-eating, disbelieved II 440

Spiller, Philipp, Der Weltaether . . . , incorporeal matter of I 493n, 508

Spinal Cord, sexual action connected w II 296

Spinoza, Baruch

Leibniz & I 628-30
opposed Descartes' ideas I 629
subjective pantheist I 629

——— Chief Works of: Letters
face of universe ever the same II 1


lines traced by Fohat I 118-19
motion, cycles, ogdoad & II 580

Spirit. See also Body, Purusha, Soul

akasa is ideation or I 326
all things originate in II 190
astral is vehicle of I 624n
Bacchus or II 458
blind without matter II 123n
breath of life confused w I 225-6
chief, of seven planetary genii II 22-3
cosmic ideation or I 16; II 24
directs the elements in ether I 343
disembodied, or future man I 277
divine, & divine substance one I 337n
divine, symbolized by Sun, fire II 113
divorced fr matter is chaos I 640
evolution of, into matter I 550-1
evolves forms out of aether I 332
fecundates germ in space II 84
female, evil w Nazarenes I 194n
fire, male or, & water I 341
first differentiation fr THAT I 35, 258
first human principle, not seventh I 153n
force, matter & I 341
higher, or male astral light I 196
history realization of, (Hegel) I 640-1
is & is not (Manu) I 447
latent in matter II 42
lipika separate pure, fr matter I 130
Logos is II 25
of love (Ragon) II 576
manas link betw matter & II 98
man's, sole mediator I 280
matter & I 327-8
matter &, aspects of Parabrahman I 15, 51
matter &, inseparable, interdependent I 247, 416
matter &, latent in chaos I 64
matter &, maya I 633
matter &, psyche & nous II 134n
matter &, reconciled I 623
matter &, struggle of II 64
matter &, two poles same substance I 247, 542
matter is, & vice versa I 179, 633
nature &, illusory universe II 36
Noah is, vivifying matter II 145
no name, species or body I 373
one w paramatman I 265
permeates every atom I 338, 449, 567-9
plunges into matter, redeemed II 88
the, Principle I 5
pure, lost in absolute Non-Being I 481
root-matter or I 543
Sankara on not-spirit & I 573
soul &, or Son & Father II 231n
soul distinct fr I 568-9
soul united w, is monad I 119
struggle w soul & II 377
supreme, alone remains I 373
swan & good symbols of I 357-8
swastika, matter & II 99
three hypostases of I 18-19
unconscious purposiveness of I 328
Vishnu Purana on I 284
wind, air &, synonymous I 342
worshiped by fourth race I 327

Spirit-Guardian, of our globe II 22

Spirit History of Man. See Dunlap, S. F.

Spiritismus, Der. See Hartmann, K. R. E. von

Spiritistic Revelations about Moon, stars, planets II 701

Spirit-Kings, ruled Atlantis II 222


evolution of, or cosmogony I 277
infinite depth of I 628
Second Logos, life, or I 16
symbolized as white point in darkness I 327-8

Spirit of God

aetherial winds are, (Muller) I 365
Ain-soph, Parabrahm II 128
breathes over chaos II 505
lived in sea of space (Bab) II 477
spiratus or, (Ragon) II 576

Spirit of the Sands (Jap) I 217

"Spirit of the Supreme Spirit", Prithivi greets Vishnu as I 18

Spirits (angels, elementals, etc)

animated man of clay II 273
broke thru circles of fire II 275n
degradation of II 275n
described II 370n
drawing down powers of II 455n
Egregores or, of energy & action I 259n
elementals guided by high planetary I 278
elementaries or nirmanankayas I 233n
elementary I 234n, 620; II 632
of elements & divinations I 395
of elements of primary creation I 218n
evil, at war w gods II 232
Fall of the I 192-8
Gobi desert protected by II 372
of heaven & then of Earth II 248
hosts of, surround man II 370 &n
incorporeal beings II 87
of light & darkness II 162, 512
materialization of II 737
of mediums not higher principles I 233n
must attain self-consciousness I 193
nature, or elementals I 221, 461; II 102
personating, or demions (dimyon, Hebrew) II 508-9
planetary I 128, 278, 602; II 22-3, 29, 318n
science, spiritualism on I 276
seven divine & six lower orders of I 133
seven invisible II 488
seven planetary, (rishis) II 318n
three, explained (Ragon) II 576
were or will be men I 277; II 370n

Spirits of the Earth II 23, 109-10

clothed the shadows I 224-5; II 110
lowest dhyanis were I 224
Spirits of Heaven then became II 248

Spirits of the Elements. See Yazatas

Spirits of the Face

seven, all in Jehovah's image I 197-8
seven, or builders I 128

Spirits of the Presence (Christian), Egyptian counterparts of I 312

Spirits of the Stars (Christian), suspiciously like gods I 123n


civilization & the II 319
fire of agnishvattas II 79
higher pitris man's, parents II 171
iniquity & loss of, third eye II 302
intellectual has replaced II 300
intelligences must pass thru human stage I 106
involution & evolution II 348
key to symbolism highest I 363
lives are a maya (Buddhism) I 635
man in Puranas II 254
oldest subraces at, apex II 301
rock that followed Israel II 341
senses barrier to, development II 296
sight, pineal organ of II 299

Spiritual Ego(s). See also Egos, Higher Self, Self

drawn to rebirth by lower selves II 109
experiences of, in initiation II 558
higher self II 230
man's, dwells in unseen worlds I 234n
one w Visvakarma II 559
reemerge w mother-source I 237

Spiritual Fire

hydrogen is, in alchemy II 105-6
makes man divine, perfect II 105
man's higher self II 109
noumenon of "Three in One" II 113

Spiritualist(s, ism)

believe in spirits of dead I 287
Butlerof defended I 520
facts of, & man's origin II 86-7
ignorant of matter I 276
limitations of I 288
materializations of II 86, 87
Pember on II 229n
phenomena will be recognized II 156n
possessing entities of I 233 &n
regard kriyasakti as phenomenal II 652
Wallace, Crookes, Zollner & I 520


ascending arc & II 110
cycles of I 175-7, 620; II 300-1, 446
intellect &, discussed II 167

Spiritual Monad

of early man II 154
needs fourth & fifth principles II 79, 242

Spiritual Soul

buddhi (in man) I 157 &n; II 596
universal ideation (cosmic) II 596

Spiritus (Lat) breath, wind I 226n

begets seven evil spirits I 195-6, 217, 248
elementorum, spirit of elements I 395
female astral light I 196
flamma, sulphur & II 113
ventus (Lat, wind) &, synonymous I 342

Spiritus Vitae, Spiritus Mundi (Lat), former originates in the latter I 532

Spitzbergen II 398, 677

continent fr, to Dover II 324, 326
Nova[ya] Zemlya & II 398
part of pre-Lemurian continent II 775
second race continent & II 401-2

Spleen, little understood II 296

Spoeren, estimates Sun's heat I 484n

Spontaneous Generation II 189, 718-19

esoteric philosophy teaches II 150-1, 157-8, 286, 719
existed in nature II 116
Haeckel on II 164n

Spores, reproduction by II 167, 171n, 659

Sport, creation of world a II 53, 126

[Sprenger, Jacob, Malleus Maleficarum], on Hoppo & Stadlein I 469


equinox & origin of zodiac II 435
eternal II 135, 201, 356, 400, 738 &n
eternal, of third race II 135, 201, 356, 777 &n
seven symbol of, & summer II 583

Spring, Professor, q by Littre on human bones II 739

Square(ing) II 573-5

within circle I 99
circle & initiation II 450
formless I 98-9
four is Tetraktys or Sacred I 89n
four sacred powers or I 134n
Gnostic gnosis rested on II 573
Hindus know how to, circle II 544
Macroprosopus is perfect II 626
Parker's premises on I 315-16
second figure in nature II 594
triangle & II 24, 36, 596

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