Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Ti, China's demon who fell II 486

Tiahuanaco, ruins of II 317, 337

Tiamat (Bab) sea dragon

Binah, Elohim, Thalatth I 394
chaos, sea, mother I 357
Ea disfigured into II 53, 61, 477, 503
female power I 394
female, womb II 104
slain by Merodach II 53, 503
spirit of chaos, Abyss II 104, 384
struggle of Bel w II 477
war betw gods & II 384

Tiaou (Egy) [infernal region], conception, Osiris, Moon & I 227-8

Tibet, Tibetan(s). See also Dalai Lamas, Tashi Lamas

ancient civilizations in I xxxii
Buddhism declined in I xxi
Chenresi protector of II 178
dorjesempa, mahatma, etc I 52 &n
esoteric schools I xxiii
high tablelands once submerged II 608-9
Kwan-yin patron deity of I 72, 471
Lhassa, derivation of II 63
Little, or Baltistan II 204, 416n
meaning of Dalai Lama II 502n
Od of von Reichenbach a, word I 76n
Russian mystics traveled to I xxxvi
sea in Lemurian times II 324
seat of occult learning I 271n
seventh subrace, fourth root-race II 178
square form of tabernacle & I 125
swastikas on hearts of, buddhas II 586
tradition of White Island II 408n
Zampun, mystical tree of II 97

Tidal Waves, due to Moon, planets II 699

Tides (al)

axial changes & II 52, 64, 325
effect on Earth life II 595
influence on continents II 325
Moon & the I 180; II 669, 699
physical cause of I 292n

T'ien (Chin) sky

dropped egg (man) into waters I 366
first teacher of astronomy II 766
heaven or I 356

T'ien-hoang [huang] (Chin)

kings of Heaven II 368
twelve hierarchies of dhyanis II 26-7

Tien-Sin [T'ien-hsin] (Chin) "Heaven of Mind" I 139

Tierra del Fuego, portion of sunken continent II 789

Ti-hoang [huang] (Chin) kings on Earth II 368

Tikkoun, Tikkun [Tiqqun] (Aram)

firstborn, Protogonos, idea II 25
not yet mirrored in chaos II 704n

Timaeus. See Plato

Timaeus, Commentary on. See Proclus

Timaeus the Locrian, on Arka II 463n

Timaus, alleged cradle of humanity II 204

Time. See also Chronos, Duration, Kala, Kronos

Absolute above space & I 1-2n; II 158
abstraction of deity (Coleridge) I 645
always part of larger increment I 87-8
aspect of Ain-soph I 350
aspect of Brahma I 19
Bain on, & space I 251n
based on number seven I 408
beginning of, in Book of Concealed Mystery I 239
best test of truth (Laing) II 662
boundless circle of I 113-14; II 233, 488, 549
Chium (Egyptian) god of II 390n
described I 36-7, 43-4
duration & I 37, 43-4, 62
eats up works of man (Haggard) II 317n
eternity brought forth II 233
eternity is, whose ends are not known I 354n
evolution of I 407
fire deity presides over I 86
form of Vishnu II 307n
genesis: coming out of eternal into II 24n
Goethe on I 83
good & evil progeny of, & space II 96
Great Bear mother of, (Egyptian) I 227n; II 631
infinite, or Kala I 407
Kronos beyond divided, & space I 418
Kronos or II 142 &nn, 341n, 420
limitless, in eternity & circle I 113
man is the "Eternal Pilgrim" in space & II 728
a Master's words on I 44
measures of, were secret II 396
Moon as cycle of II 464
nature, man &, (Cicero) II 451
never-erring measures of II 621
no, without consciousness I 37, 43-4
Old, of Greeks w scythe I 459
origin of, -periods w ancients I 389 &n
Ormazd firstborn in boundless II 488
perception of, is one of first occupations I 389-90
pitiless devourer of events II 743
prakriti, spirit & I 545
rishis mark, of kali yuga II 550
Rudra-Siva god of II 502n
St Michael a son of, or Kronos I 459
Saturn or II 341n
secondary creation born in & out of I 427
septenary cycles of I 392
serpent symbolizes II 756
Sesha or infinite II 49
seven rishis mark II 549
space &, are one II 612
space &, forms of incognizable Deity II 382n
space &, forms of THAT II 158
space &, infinite, eternal II 154
succession of conscious states I 37, 44
swastika & cycles of II 99
truth the daughter of II 571
Vishnu enters circle of II 549
"was not . . ." I 27, 36-7
will cease at end of seventh round II 565

Times, The (London)

Max Muller on myth in, (Massey) I 303
review of Laing's Modern Science I 669

Timion (Gk) reflection of Deity (Plato) II 555

Timoor [Timur or Tamerlane] hordes of II 338

Tiphereth (Heb)

one of the sephiroth I 200
symbol of grand cycle II 214

Tiresias, Greek soothsayer II 381

Tirthankaras (Skt) [Jain adepts], buddhas identical w II 423n

Tirukkanda Panchanga, Tamil calendar for kali-yuga II 50-1 &n, 67-9, 551

Tirvalour [Tiravalur] Brahmans of, & Hindu epoch I 661-2, 666

Tiryaksrotas (Skt) monsters slain by Lords I 446; II 162

Tiryns (Greece) cyclopean structure at II 345n

Tisalat, Ea disfigured into II 61

Tishya (Skt), lunar asterism I 378

Tismat. See Tiamat

Tit. See also Tityus

the Deluge (Faber) II 361

Titaea, Titea, Tythea (Gk)

bosom of Earth II 269
mother of Titans (Diodorus) II 143

Tit-ain, Titan possibly derived fr II 142


Aletae, Kabiri or II 141-2 &n
anthropological fact II 154
Atlantes called II 360-1
belong to fourth race II 293
biblical giants I 416-18; II 70, 154, 236, 265, 273-4, 390-1, 755, 775
crucified, is Prometheus II 413
daityas or II 501
Danavas or II 183, 501
derived possibly fr Tit-Ain II 142
divine, or Prometheus II 363, 411, 422
dragons of wisdom & II 381
fallen angels, not demons II 516
fell into physical procreation II 766
giants, mentally & physically I 416
giants of ancient days II 154, 236, 775-7
giants of Genesis II 236
giants of Greece II 336
gibborim became II 273-4
Hesiod's I 202, 418; II 63, 269-71 &n, 293, 525, 777n
Kabiri & II 142-3, 360, 363-4, 390
man will rebecome the free II 422
Michael a divine, (de Mirville) I 418
Mt Atlas last form of divine II 493
mutilated Uranos II 766
Noah an Atlantean II 265, 390
one of three dynasties II 369
Orphic, Ephialtes II 70
pi, circle & I 114
Porphyrion the red II 383n
Prometheus rebelled against Zeus II 280n
Puranic, called devils I 415
real men, not mere symbols II 755
rebelled against the gods II 525
rebelled against Zeus II 776
rebellious, were fallen angels II 525n
Rhea mother of II 144, 269
seven divine, or Kabirim II 141
sons of Kronos II 142n
spiritual creators or II 422
Telchines or II 391
theologians link, w devil II 354
third race II 9
Titea mother of, (Diodorus) II 143-4
two types of, in Latin Church I 417-18
various names of I 114
Venus-Lucifer & II 31
War of the I 202; II 63, 269n, 493, 498, 500-1

Titanic Age, close of first, described II 411

Titanidae. See also Titans

heptad, sevenfold (Proclus) I 446

Tit-an-Kabiri, or Manes II 144

Titanosaurus Montanus II 218

Tityos, Tityus (Gk)

son of Earth II 591n
or Tit-theus, divine deluge II 142

T'murah. See Temurah

Toad, man's saliva & venom of I 262n

Tod, Colonel James, [Annals . . . of Rajast'han], re name Morya I 378n

Todd, Prof James Edward, oscillatory movements on earth II 325

Tohu-Bohu (Heb) [without form & void], the Deep of Genesis II 477

Toledoth (Heb), generation II 134

"To live is to die, to die is to live" I 459n

Tolla. See Olla

Tollner. See Zollner, Prof J. K. F.

Toltecs, Senzar known to forefathers of I xliii

Tomb(s). See also Dolmens

contained ashes of giants II 753
giant, of Sardinia II 352
placed in adytum II 459
Stonehenge & Carnac not II 754

Tones, seven, in music of spheres II 601

Tonga Island, relic of Lemuria II 223, 332

Tongshaktchi Sangye Songa (Tib manuscript)

described II 423
quoted II 424, 427-8

Tooke, William, "Some Account . . ." [Sepulture des Tartares], rocks not native II 343

To On (Gk) the One II 105, 113. See also On, Plato

To pan (Gk) the All I 353-4

Topinard, Paul, Anthropology, color of the races II 249n

Torah [Torah] (Heb, Thorah in tx) law. See also Pentateuch

allegory of heavy load I 393-4
Zohar &, dogmatic II 462

Torpor, mental, of first two races II 181

Torquay, Kent's cavern in II 724

Torquemada, Tomas de II 70

Torricelli, Evangelista, vortices of I 623

Tors (West England) natural origin (geological) II 343

Tortoise. See also Kurma, Sisumara

Brahma as II 75
Kasyapa means II 253
mystery of I 441-2 &n
sacred, of Confucianists I 441
Vishnu as, -avatara II 549

Totmes III (Egy), fragment fr hall of II 559

Touch I 96, 535. See also Senses

akasa, sound, light, color & I 205
procreation by II 176
related to senses, elements II 107
sparsa or, in pralaya (Vishnu Purana) I 372

Toum. See Tum

Tower of Babel. See Babel, Tower of

Tower of Bhangulpore. See Bhangulpore

Toyambudhi (Skt) (Sea of)

England identified w, (Wilford) II 402n
northern parts of II 319

T.P.S. See Theosophical Publication Society

Traces de Bouddhisme en Norvege. See Holmboe

Tractates de Anima. . . . See Cordovero

Tradadhafshu. See Fradadhafshu


ancient, convey truths II 224, 235, 410
based on soul's memory II 424
corroborated by esotericism I 646
history &, are proofs II 336
living II 351
more reliable than history I 676; II 136-7, 349, 424
myths are I 425; II 235
proofs afforded by, rejected I 317
prove prehistoric civilization (Bailly) II 742-3
unbroken, of sanctuaries II 443
universal, safest guide II 349
universal, scientific weight of II 136-7, 217, 340
universal, supports occultism II 194

Tragos (Gk) goat, Azazel, Genesis & II 387

Traite de l'astronomie indienne . . . See Bailly


on cruciform couch II 558-9
initiate & three days' II 580
samadhi or mystic II 569n
seer & sushumna ray during I 515
third eye active in II 294

Trans. of the Geol. Soc. of Glasgow. See Thomson, Sir Wm.

Trans. of the Royal Soc. of Edinburgh. See Thomson, Sir William

Trans. of the Soc. of Biblical Archaeology. See Smith, George

Transcendentalists, Hegel & German I 50

Trans-Himalayan. See also Cis-Himalayan

arhat esoteric school I 157
esoteric doctrine & seven principles II 636
esotericism & Stanzas II 22n

Transmigration. See also Reincarnation

doctrine of I 261, 293, 440
gilgoulem [gilgulim] or I 568
of life-atoms II 671-2n
of souls & kundalini-sakti I 293

"Transmigration of the Life Atoms." See Blavatsky, H. P.

Traume eines Geistersehers. See Kant, I.

Treatise concerning The Principles of Human Knowledge. See Berkeley, G.

Treatise on Colour. See Newton, Opticks

Treatise on Electricity. . . . See Maxwell, J. C.

Treatise on Optics. See Brewster, D.

Tree(s). See also Asvattha, Sephirothal Tree, Yggdrasil

of Ahura Mazda II 97
armies of Assyria called II 496
of Bodhi II 589
of evolution II 259n
ferns larger than California giant II 733
w golden fruit given Jupiter I 128-9n
have souls (Hinduism) I 454
initiates, sorcerers or II 494-6, 560
Jesus called, of Life II 496
Jewish, & cross-worship phallic II 588
meaning of, symb II 587-9
on Mt Meru, serpent guards I 128-9n
mundane I 211; II 259n
savage tribes live in II 676
serpent, crocodile &, worship I 403-11
seven, or senses, mind II 637-8
symbolize secret knowledge I 128n
withering, or left-path adepts II 496

"Tree is known by its fruit" (Matthew 12:33) I 421

Tree of Being (Universe), triple seed of II 589

Tree of Eden I 114; II 97

initiates or II 494

Tree of Knowledge

Adam Kadmon II 4, 293
Adam tasted of, received intellect II 175
becomes Tree of Life II 587
dragons guard I 128-9n
esoteric or Secret Doctrine II 202
Eve, Juno, & fruit of I 128-9n
fourth race had tasted of II 134
fruits of, give life eternal II 588
of good & evil I 247; II 4, 124, 214-15, 293, 626n
fr India II 215
Metatron-Shekinah become II 215-16 &n
Ophis represents II 214-15
serpent, apple &, interpreted II 354-5
soma is fruit of II 499n
suffering generated under II 124
various II 215-16

Tree of Life. See also Asvattha, Yggdrasil

Adam driven fr, expl II 216
Babylonian II 104
Christians borrowed I 410
described I 405-6; II 216-17
Ennoia represents II 214-15
glyph of immortal being I 406
on Gnostic gems II 458
initiate crucified on II 560
kabbalistic I 614
life known only by I 58-9
microcosmic in macrocosmic II 97
Persian, & androgynes II 134
roots of, in heaven I 406
serpent connected w I 405
symbol fr India II 215
Tree of Knowledge becomes II 587
various II 97
Venus sign & II 30-1

Tree of the Hesperides, golden apples of I 128-9n

Tree of Wisdom (Eden), eating fruit of II 272

Trees of Righteousness, initiates called, in Asia Minor II 494

Trent, Council of II 209

Treta, Tretagni (Skt) sacred triad of fire I 523

Treta-Yuga (Skt) II 308n. See also DvaparaYuga, Kali-Yuga, Satya-Yuga, Yugas

Brahma sacrifices to open II 625n
length of II 69
occurs in Bharata (Varsha) II 322
of third race II 520n
Vishnu as Chakravartin in II 483

Triad(s). See also Pyramids, Sephirothal Triad, Triangle

Agni, Vayu, Surya (Vedic) I 90
Akkadian II 54
Aristotle's, misinterpretation I 615-18
arupa I 213-14
becomes the Tetraktys I 60, 99
Chaldean II 26n
crocodile symb of human I 220 &n
diagram of I 242
emanates seven other numbers I 427
Father, Mother, Son I 18
female II 463
first II 80
firstborn, or O2, N2, H2 I 623
Gnostic I 351
higher, emanates quaternary II 595
higher, lower, & planets II 462
immortal, spiritual I 237
initial, manifested, creative I 278
intelligible & intellectual II 599
kabbalistic I 352, 354-5, 384
lower, emanated by quaternary II 595
monad evolves, & retires I 427, 573-4
planetary I 574 &n
Pythagorean I 440-1; II 599-600
root of manifestation I 15, 18
Theban, explained II 464
three in one I 278
Trimurti or II 591
upper Sephirothal I 130
which disappears at death I 122n


becomes Tetraktis I 60
in a circle I 613-14
circle, point & I 320-1
cube, circle & I 612
Deity is abstract, (occultism) I 19
double, & races (Isis Unveiled) II 533
double interlaced I 118; II 36, 533, 591-2
equilateral, Parker on I 316
Father-Mother-Son II 582
fire in possession of II 79
first came three or the II 594
first of the geometric figures II 575
first One or I 131
Gnostic I 351
kabbalistic I 354-5
kosmic, explained I 614-15
lower line of II 80
manifested, & hidden Tetraktys II 312n
marriage ceremony & I 614-15n
mysterious seven born fr upper II 574
point becomes, & quaternary II 612
pyramids & I 616-17
Pythagorean I 612; II 24, 111n
quaternary &, septenary man II 591-3
quaternary, Tetraktys & I 614
side lines of II 57
space, matter, spirit II 612
in the square II 36, 626
symbol of Deity I 113n
symbology of, (Ragon) II 575
ten dots & seven points I 612; II 111n
vehicle of Deity II 582

Triassic Period

marsupial fossils II 684
third race & mammals in II 713

Tribe(s), Tribal

cycles within national I 642
every, exalts its deity II 507
or karmic cycles I 642
savage, live in trees II 676

Tribes of Israel

disappeared during captivity II 130
ten lost I 651; II 130
two, Judah & Levi II 130
zodiacal signs & I 400, 651; II 200n

Tribhuja (Skt), triangle II 576

Tri-bochana. See Trilochana

Tricephalos (Gk), three-headed Mercury II 542

Tridasa (Skt) [thrice ten] Vedic deities I 71n

Tridunameis (Gk) [Three Powers], lower triad in Pistis Sophia II 462, 512

Trigonias, fossil shells II 196

Trigonocephalus (of Portugal) man's saliva & venom of I 262n

Trigram(s) (of Fo-He) ciphers known before II 554

Trigunas (Skt) three qualities I 348. See also Rajas, Sattva, Tamas

Trilithic Raised Stones in Asia, Europe, Etruria, etc II 346n


not result of gradual change II 697
in oceans of Primary Age II 160

Trilochana (Skt) three-eyed

Rudra-Siva called II 502n
three-eyed II 295

Trimorphos (Gk) three-formed

Diana-Hecate-Luna I 387 &n
three moon-phases or I 395
various equivalents of I 396

Trimurti (Skt) having three forms

Brahma, Siva, Vishnu II 313
hypostases of I 571
Sephirah, Hokhmah, Binah is I 355
Soma embodies triple power of I 398
three kabbalistic heads or I 381
triad or II 591
Vedic, or Agni, Vayu, Surya I 90

Trinite Chretienne devoilee. See Lizeray, H.

Trinity (ies). See also Logos, Triad, Trimurti

Christian, purely astronomical II 358, 540
Diana-Hecate-Luna I 387
double mystery of I 58
dragon, second person of II 355
Egyptian II 462
esoteric & Christian I 18-19, 574n
Greek, Chaos-Gaia-Eros I 109
highest I 429-30
Hindu, Christian, & Brahmin forgery I xxxi &n
Kabbala on, (Skinner) II 38
kabbalistic I 337, 343, 346, 384, 447
kosmos emanated fr I 337
Kwan-yin & I 136
light, heat, moisture I 2-3
matter-force-chance I 505
Moon prototype of our I 387, 396
origin of Christian I 113n
perfect cube among Christians I 19
personal, of Christians II 236n
primordial cosmic II 107
Reuchlin on II 601
St Michael just below II 479
spirit, soul, & matter I 49
Sun, Mercury, Venus II 540
in Tao-teh-ching (Amyot) I 472
Theban II 464
three aspects of universe I 278
three steps of Vishnu & I 433n
triangle symbol of (occult) I 19
unified in supersensuous world I 614
unity & quaternary I 58-9
Voice-Spirit-Word or I 337

Trinity College (Cambridge) II 132

Trinosophists (Masonic order) founded by Ragon II 575

Tripartite, Earth is II 758

Tripitaka (Buddhist "Three Baskets") I xxxviii

Tripurantaka Siva (Skt) statue of, in India House II 591

Tripurasura (Skt)

Karttikeya slayer of II 549n
statue of Mahadeva destroying II 591

Trismegistus. See Hermes Trismegistos

Tristan da Cunha Island, Atlantic ridge extends to II 333

Trisula (Skt) trident of Siva II 548-9

Trisuparna (Skt), Brahman whose forefathers drank Soma I 210; II 590

Triteye [Tritiya] (Skt) three rajamsi or worlds II 621-2

Tritheim, Johannes, or Trithemius

on astral light II 512n

——— Concerning the Seven Secondaries
seven spiritual intelligences I 453n

Triton (Gk) [son of Poseidon], Man-Fish or Matsya avatara II 578


man, limiting influence of I 225-6
nature of differentiated substance I 614

Triyuga(m) (Skt) [three ages], plants came in, before the gods II 52n

Troad (region around Troy) fire (Kabiri) worship in II 363

Troglodyte (cave dweller) gap betw man &, (Huxley) II 315n

Trojan(s). See also Troy

ancestors pure Aryans II 101
origin of, religion II 796
War closer to 6000 BC II 437n

Tropical Year II 76. See also Sidereal Year

circle of, called serpent II 356
length of, & 370 "leaps" II 505
subraces & II 446

Tropic of Cancer, Atala on same degree as II 403

Tropics (ical)

Fohat & I 204
Poles once had, climate II 11-12, 726
recede four degrees fr poles each sidereal year II 331


end of, foretold by Ophite stone II 342
founding of, interpreted II 796
regarded as myth II 236, 440, 441
Schliemann proved existence of II 236
skeleton of giant killed at II 278
swastika uncovered at II 101, 586

True Intellectual System. See Cudworth, R.

Trumholdt, Prof. See Humboldt, F. H. A. von

Truth(s). See also Paramartha

absolute I 48, 53
always has its champions I 297
ancient, disfigured II 515-16
can never be killed I xl
described as a woman I 352
esoteric, never change I 312
Four (Buddhist) I 45
is the daughter of time II 571
love it, aspire to it II 640
Master unable to give whole I 168
moral death to revealers of I 299
no religion higher than I iii; II iii, 798
not exclusive property of West I 279
occult, tabooed I 297-8
preserved thru initiation I xxxvi
primeval, killed by dogma II 797
relative I 48
rests on facts II 711
reticence concerning I 167
satya age of II 146
search for, endless II 640
should be sole aim of science I 509
spiritual, taught man I 267
there is no new I xxxvi-vii
time best test of, (Laing) II 662
of today, yesterday's falsehoods II 442
tradition based on II 264, 777
universal in antiquity I 285
visible to eye of seer xxxvi

Tsaba. See Tseba'ah

Tsaddiq (Heb, Sadic, Sydic, Zedek in tx)

Agruerus, Saturn are II 142 &n
Kabiri, Titans, sons of II 142, 392
Melchizedek, Father Sadik II 392
Noah was II 391-2

Tsaidam, Western (China) hidden libraries in I xxiv

Tsan (Stanza) fraction I 140

Tsanagi-Tsanami [Isanagi-Isanami] (Jap) I 217, 241

Tsang (Tib), Alaya or I 48

Ts'an t'ung ch'i. See Wei Po-yang

Tsaphon (Heb, Tzaphon in tx) north wind I 466

Tseba'ah (Heb, Tsaba, Saba in tx; sing) II 366, 501. See Tseba'oth (pl)

Tseba'oth (Heb, Sabao, Sabaoth in tx) hosts. See also Iao

genius of Mars I 577; II 538n
Iao-, the ten-lettered god II 603
Jehovah & I 438, 576
Saturn or I 459
stellar spirit I 449
thirty-two paths & II 39
Thoth-, or the Bear II 115n

Tselem (Heb, Tsala, Tzelem in tx) image

Adam the, of the elohim II 137
four Adams & II 457, 503-4
reflects Michael & Samael II 378
several in Kabbala II 633

Tsien-Tchan. See Hsien-Chan

Tsin Dynasty. See Ch'in Dynasty

Tsin She Hwang-ti. See Shih Huang Ti

Tsi-tsai (Chin), self-existent or the Unknown Darkness I 356

T'sod Olaum. See Yesod `Olam

Tsong Kha-pa

avatara of Amitabha Buddha I 108 &n

——— "Aphorisms of Tson-ka-pa"
workers received Thyan-kam I 635

Tsu-no-gai-no-kami (Jap), male being (Shinto) I 217

Tsurah (Heb), prototype of second Adam II 457

Tuan ying t'u (Chinese classic) describes Yellow Dragon II 365

Tuaricks [Tuaregs], Berber nomads II 792

Tubal-Cain (Heb) legendary craftsman

Kabir, metal arts instructor II 390
mineral kingdom symbolized by II 575
Vulcan, Visvakarma or II 384n

Tum (Egy)

creative force in nature I 312
divider of Earth or Fohat I 674
Fohat or I 673 &n
primordial creator II 580

Tumuli (of Norway, Denmark) II 352

like mounds in USA II 424n, 752

Turamaya, Indian "Ptolemaios" (Weber) II 50

Turanian(s) I 113

Aryans & II 200, 203
borrowed Aryan terms II 452
common religion before separation I xxix
effects of isolation upon II 425
forefathers in Central Asia II 425
Mongolo- I 319
Negro-, & Canstadt Man II 744
races II 421n
religion not new I xxxvi
Shemites or Assyrians & II 203
typified as dwarfs II 754

Turin Papyrus, vindicates Manetho, Ptolemy II 367

Turiya (Skt) fourth state of consciousness

man loses self in I 570
samadhi, nirvana or I 570

Turkestan, lost cities in Tarim district of I xxiv n

Tuscan sages, on Great Year, Plutarch's Sulla I 650

Tuscul. Quaest. See Cicero

Tushitas (Skt) twelve gods in second kalpa II 90, 182

Tvashtri (Skt). See also Visvakarman

divine artist & carpenter II 101
family of, among maruts, rudras II 615
father of gods, creative fire II 101

Twan ying t'u. See Tuan . . .

Twelve. See also Dodecahedron, Zodiacs

classes of creators I 213; II 77
gods, apostles, tribes, zodiac signs I 400, 651
great gods created by Brahma II 90
-legged horse of Huschenk II 397-9
nidanas I 39
relation of, to Zodiac I 649
transformations symb by day's "hours" I 450

"Twelve Signs of the Zodiac." See Subba Row

Twelve Tribes of Israel I 400, 651; II 130, 200n

Twentieth Century

disciple may give final proofs I xxxviii
Michelet on I 676
nineteenth & I 378
proof of man's priority to ape in II 690
Secret Doctrine will be vindicated in I xxxvii; II 442

Twice-Born. See also Dvija, Initiate

Brahmins I xxi, 534, 542; II 111
cycles known to II 70
invasion of India by I 270

Twilight(s). See also Sandhya I 289

Hilasira [Hilaeiro] or, & Phoebe (dawn) II 122
pitris issue fr II 163
of a planet II 660n
seven, & seven dawns II 308
Sons of II 18, 91, 120-1, 138
time betw I 144

Twin Souls, esoteric meaning of I 574

Two Brothers (Egyptian tale) II 270n

Two-Horned, term explained II 398

Tycho. See Brahe, Tycho

Tyndall, John I 528n

atmospheric vibrations of sound I 633
on atom & force I 510n
atoms instinct w desire for life I 249
called metaphysics "fiction" I 584n, 669
can we grasp ultimate structure? I 670-1
molecularist I 637n
"scientific imagination" of I 483

——— Faraday as a Discoverer
Faraday & Aristotle I 507

——— [Fragments of Science]
chasm betw brain & consciousness II 673
on spontaneous generation II 150-1, 719

Tyndareus (Gk) father of Castor & Pollux II 121-2

Tyndaridae (Gk) Castor & Pollux as day & night II 122


basic, thrown off by man II 683
cast off human, & lower beings II 263
diversified in post-Atlantis II 425
human repertory of all II 187n, 256-9, 289-90, 659-60, 682, 685, 736n
persistent, in evolution II 256, 257, 259
tend to revert to original II 277
three great human II 780

Types of Mankind. See Nott & Glidden

Typhoeus (Gk). See also Typhon

winds sons of, (Hesiod) I 466

Typhon (Egy & Gk). See also Typhoeus

becomes power of darkness II 93
brother of Osiris II 283n, 380
cosmic war betw Osiris & I 202
cuts Osiris into pieces II 93, 385
Diana escapes, as a cat in moon I 387-8
Dragon of Eden (de Rouge) I 399n
equivalents of II 379
fallen angel II 283, 516
falling god of Egypt II 486
of Great Bear & ankh II 547
Hermes or II 380
once great god, later debased II 32n
Osiris & II 379
Pan, goat & II 579
pictured bound to cross II 588
Seth & II 32n, 82n, 231, 366, 380, 385
Seven Rishis, Great Bear & II 549
Thoth as Ibis escapes fr I 362
will be dethroned II 420

Tyre, pillars at, & elements I 125-6, 347n


David brought name Jehovah fr II 541
Jews &, kin in Bible I 313n
purple II 430

Tyrrhenian Cosmogony (Suidas), Creation took 12,000 years I 340

Tyrus, King of. See King of Tyrus

Tythea (Gk). See Titaea

Tza [Tsadei] (Heb) [fishing hook], male Hebrew letter I 114n

Tzabaoth. See Tseba'oth

Tzaphon. See Tsaphon

Tzelem. See Tselem

Tzite Tree (of Mayans), third race created fr II 97, 181n

Tzon-kha-pa. See Tsong Kha-pa

Tzure. See Tsurah

Tzyphon (Heb) genius of doubt (Lacour) II 215-16n

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