Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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P, signifies paternity II 574

Pa, men-serpents of China II 209

Paccham, fifteen solar day cycle II 620

Pachacamac, Temple of (Peru), cyclopean in style II 317, 337

Pacific Ocean

Atlantis in portions of North & South II 405
evidence of, continent II 788-9
huge Lemurian islands in II 327
Lemuria disappeared beneath II 7
Lemuria extended far into II 324, 333
Wallace on, continent II 789

Pacificus, Blake's term for Pacific Lemuria II 783n

Padma (Skt) lotus. See also Lotus, Matripadma

golden, & wisdom II 578
Lakshmi, Sri or I 380
prakriti &, creations I 427
Primary Creation II 53 &n
symbol of I 57-8

Padma Kalpa (Skt) lotus age

Brahma awakes fr I 454, 457
last kalpa was I 368; II 179
Matsya avatara in I 369

Padmapani (Skt). See also Bodhisattva

Avalokitesvara or II 178, 637
fourth race & II 173, 178

Padma Purana

description of White Island II 319
Panchasikha worships Vishnu (Bhagavata Purana in tx) I 236
Pisacha mother of pisachas I 415
770 million descendants of Diti II 571
sons of Marichi II 89
spirit (male) entered prakriti I 451-2n

Padmayoni (Skt) Abjayoni or lotus-born I 372

Pagan(s), Paganism

Christians &, re superstitions I 466-70
Christians borrow fr I 198, 312-13, 399-403, 410
Christians claimed, demoniacal II 60
converted, not morally advanced I 468
Devil forced, to imitate Jews II 472n
Egyptain symbols &, dogmas in Synoptics I 384
giant skeletons mentioned by II 336
good & evil twin brothers among I 412
idol worship, Catholic & II 341
Pentateuch &, birth stories II 544-5
philosophers sought causes II 589
plagiarized II 481-2
taught dual evolution I 464
wisdom repudiated by West I 642

Paganini du Neant, le [The Paganini of Nothingness], Lemaitre called Renan II 455

Pagoda of Mathura, built in form of cross (Massey) II 588

Pain, value of suffering & II 475


of Sankhasura II 405
of seven creative angels II 4
seven, of Sun II 31
seventh, in Zohar I 356
of Solomon II 396n
sun window in solar I 541

Palaemonius, the Tyrian Hercules II 345n

Palenque II 430, 751

cross I 321, 390
decad in ruins of I 321
initiation scene bas-reliefs II 557
Nachan or II 35

Paleolithic Man. See also Cro-Magnon

Africo-Atlantean stock II 740
age of II 206
Atlantean karma & II 741
Atlantean offshoot, remnant II 721
canon of proportion & I 208-9n
civilized man lived beside II 522, 717
Cro-Magnon was II 791
disappeared II 741
European, Atlantean II 790
moved to Europe II 740-1 &n
Neolithic & II 722-3
non-cannibal II 715, 716n, 723
not fr "missing link" II 717
not small-brained II 686n
in Palestine before nephilim II 775
period betw, & Neolithic man II 715n
remains of, at Kent's cavern II 724
remarkable artist II 715-21
savage & civilized II 317
skeleton of, superior II 257-8

Paleontologist(s), think third eye once functioned II 297

Paleontology II 205, 736

& pre-physical types II 684
on stature of animals II 733
on third eye in Cenozoic animals II 299n

Paleotheridae, roots of explained II 736

Paleozoic Age

animals bisexual near II 594n
fishes of II 170
high tides of, [G. H. Darwin] II 64
rocks of II 251
today's foraminifera & II 257

Palestine I 656; II 472n

dolmens found in II 752
Nebo adored throughout II 456
Paleolithic man in II 775
Seth primitive god of II 82n
symbol of nirvana I 568

Palgrave, William Gifford, Narrative of a Year's Journey . . . , Sabeans and pyramids II 361-2

Palingenesis II 659

Pali Shepherds, (India) origin of Jews & I 313n

Pallas (Gk) or Athena

Moon-goddess of Athenians I 400
sparks on helm of I 338n

Palmyra, giant race of, (Blake) II 755

Palus Maeotis, Cimmerians at II 773

Pamir (mountains, Central Asia), Garden of Wisdom on plateau of II 204

Pamphos (Gk) first called Artemis Kalliste I 395

Pan (Gk) nature god

flame on altar of, & Archaeus I 338n
had goat's feet II 579
Jupiter-Aerios or I 463
later became merely a rural god II 581
linked w water birds, geese I 358
nature is the god II 389n
presides at physical generation II 510
symbology of pipes of II 581

To Pan (Gk) the All I 353-4

Panadores. See Panodorus

Pan basileia (Gk) Semele, Queen of the World I 400

Panca [Pancha] Krishtayah (Skt) five races in Rig-Veda II 606

Panca Pradica [Pancha pradisah] (Skt). See also Continents

five regions in Rig-Veda II 606
three submerged, one & five existing II 606n

Panchadasa (Skt) fifteen

became Gnostics' "Five Words" II 580
five words became the, (Vedas) II 579
Greeks had their II 580

Panchakaram (Skt) [five-sided], Makara or pentagon II 576

Panchama (Skt) the fifth (note) I 534

Panchanana (Skt) [five-faced], Siva called II 502n, 578n

Pancha Pandava (Skt) [five Pandus], stone circles & II 347

Panchasikha (Skt) five-crested

one of seven kumaras I 236, 457n
visited Sveta-dvipa II 319

Panchasyam (Skt) [five-headed], five Brahmas or dhyani-buddhas I 213

Panchen Lama. See Tashi Lama

Pandavas (Skt)

gift of Mayasur(a) to II 426
Kunti mother of II 527
stone circles & II 347

Pandora (Gk)

Egyptian story of II 270n
& "fatal gift" to Epimetheus II 270
Hephaestus molded II 519
saviors blamed for gift of II 411-12

Pandu (Skt). See Pandavas

Panini (Sanskrit grammarian)

grammar of II 253, 439-40
writing in time of II 225, 439

Panjkora, Afghan tribe in II 200n

Panodorus, on divine dynasties II 366, 368-9

Panorama des Mondes . . . See Le Couturier

Panoramic Visions, of the soul I 266

Pansophia (Gk) [universal wisdom], initiates perfect knowledge of II 133

Panspermic, occult teachings are II 133

Pantheism, Pantheist(s) I 533-4

ancient I 382-3
animating spirit-soul is I 51-2
Atlantean, described II 273-6
atomists were spiritual I 569
cross in circle is pure I 5
of German school I 51, 79n, 124
Hindu, q Vishnu Purana I 545
Hindu, reveals profound knowledge II 107n
hylozoism highest aspect of II 158
of India I xxviii
Jewish, became monotheism I 112
karma of abandoning I 412
Leibniz on objective I 629
may be physically rediscovered I 533
polymorphic, of Gnostics II 509n
righteous Atlanteans were II 273
Secret Doctrine corrects ideas of I 6, 349, 412
Spinoza a subjective I 629
true I 6-8, 533
of Vedanta & Judaism II 472-3
venerated sarcophagus II 459
Western I 16, 641; II 24


four Adams (races) & II 503
heathen, distorted II 475-6
of human fancy will vanish II 420
origin of II 769
universal, nationalized I 655

Pantheon Aegyptiorum. See Jablonski, P. E.

Pantheon egyptien. See Champollion, J. F.

Pantomorphos (Gk) [having all forms], prince of fixed stars I 672

Papantla, Pyramid of, described by von Humboldt I 322


brain larger than French II 168n, 522
descends fr ape-man (Haeckel) II 193n
dying out II 780
mixed Atlanto-Lemurian stock II 779
Pacific continent &, (Haeckel) II 328

Papyrus Magique Harris [F. J. Chabas], ram-headed Ammon in II 213n

Para (Skt) beyond, supreme

highest form of Vach I 434
latent light & sound I 432
Parabrahman is, form of Vach I 138 &n

Parable(s) II 94, 335

a spoken symbol I 307
of the Testaments unveiled I 315

Parabrahm, Parabrahman (Skt) I 15. See also Ain-Soph, All, Boundless, Sat, That

alone above maya I 54n
can have no attributes I 7, 130n
cannot will or create I 451
central point turned inward I 340
chimmatra in Vedanta II 597n
circle, naught or II 553
creative gods illusive aspect of I 451
ever unmanifested principle II 233
First Cause not II 108
hidden nameless deity I 6
ideal & Isvara the real I 55-6, 130n
ideal plan held within I 281
indivisible, unknown II 99
known only thru point I 432
Logos, Isvara cannot see I 351n
Mahat first aspect of II 58
manifestation of II 24-5
mulaprakriti & I 46, 69, 273, 337n, 340
-mulaprakriti & avyaktanugrahena I 521-2
mulaprakriti vehicle, veil of I 10n, 130n, 179
Narayana personification of I 64
as nirguna I 62
not God, not a god I 6
Oeaohoo or I 68
One Life, Great Breath or I 226n
one-, three-, seven-voweled terms & I 20
para aspect of Vach I 138
passive because absolute I 7
pradhana & I 256
purusha & I 582
Sabda Brahman latent in I 428
spirit & nature merge into II 36
spirit moving on waters II 128
Subba Row on II 310n, 598
Tree of Life springs fr I 536
ultimate unconsciousness II 598
Unconscious of pantheists & I 51
unknowable, Ain-soph II 128, 553
unknown darkness or I 134n
unspeakable mystery I 330
various names for I 15, 113; II 553
Visishtadvaita on I 59n

Paracelsus I 611

Archaeus of I 51-2, 532 &n, 538-9
called a quack I 297
criminal hand ended life of I 263
dhyanis called Flagae by I 222n
discovered nitrogen I 297
European most versed in magic I 263
father of modern chemistry II 656
on force behind all phenomena I 281-2
Haeckel vs II 656
homunculi of I 345; II 120-1, 349
limbus major & minor of I 283-4
mysterium magnum of I 61, 584; II 511
phenomena, noumena of I 492
potency of matter I 283
vibrations, sound, color & I 514
wanted to agree w Bible I 294n
Yliaster of I 283

——— De fundamento sapientiae
animal elements in man I 294n

——— De generatione hominis
on liquor vitae I 532 &n, 538

——— De viribus membrorum
Archaeus or liquor vitae I 532

——— Paragranum
vital force of I 532n, 538-9

——— Philosophia ad Atheniensis
everything fr the elements I 284
everything is living I 281

Paracelsus, Life of. See Hartmann, F.

Paradesa (Skt) [remote country], highland of first Sanskrit-speaking race II 204

Paradigms of Plato II 268


garden of II 559
lokas are the various II 321
of man's heart II 587
theosophic school in II 284

Paradise Lost. See Milton, John

Paragranum. See Paracelsus

Parahydrogenic, akasic or, & dhyani-chohans I 82

Parama (Skt) [remotest, highest], supreme, guhya, or sarvatma I 90

Paramapada (Skt) [final beatitude], jiva goes to, via sun-spot I 132

Paramapadatmavat (Skt) supreme essence I 420

Paramarshi (Skt) great rishi I 420

Paramartha (Skt) highest or whole truth

Alaya & I 48-50
illusion, time & I 44 &n
Madhyamikas vs Yogacharas re I 48
parinishpanna without I 53-4

Paramarthasatya (Skt) the real truth I 48 &n

Paramarthika (Skt) one true existence, Brahman I 6, 356

Paramatman (Skt) supreme self II 108

atman one w I 265
jivatma, Logos issue fr II 33
nara, Narayana & II 495n

Paranirvana. See Parinirvana

Paraoxygenic, "ethereal" or, & dhyani-chohans I 82

Parardha (Skt) half life of Brahma I 368

Parasakti (Skt) supreme force I 292

Parasara (Skt) Vedic rishi. See alsoVishnu Purana

account by, of great pralaya II 757
Aryan Hermes I 286
date of I 456n
describes the Earth II 322-3, 401n
on elemental dissolution I 372-3
instructs Maitreya I 286, 456n
in Matsya Purana II 550
placed gods betw dawn & twilight II 163
rakshasa devoured father of I 415
on rebellious, fallen gods II 232 &n
received Vishnu Purana fr Pulastya I 456n
on rudras having one hundred names II 182
on seven creations I 445
on Sri & the Moon II 76n
titled Narada a divine rishi II 47-8
on various pralayas II 309-10n
Vasishtha advises I 415-16
in Vishnu Purana II 76n, 163, 309-10n, 321, 326, 401n, 611n
on War in Heaven I 419

Parasu-Rama (Skt) [Rama w an ax], & race of Bhargavas II 32n

Paratantra (Skt), defined I 48-9

Paravara (Skt) supreme & not supreme I 6

Paravey, De, on extinct animals II 206n

Parcha, Rabbi [Parha Rabba]

on Malachim, Ischin II 375
wheel of II 397n

Parent, Eternal, or Space I 35

Parent Doctrine, evidence of, remains I xliv

Parent Planet, triads born under I 574

Parent Star II 33. See also Stars

Parent Sun, inner man drawn into I 638-9

"Pareshu guhyeshu vrateshu" (Skt, Rig-Veda) Vishnu's three strides II 622n

Parguphim [Partzuphin] (Aram) I 375-6

Parikalpita (Skt) contrived I 48

Parinamin (Skt), purusha-pradhana & I 582

Parinirvana (Skt). See also Parinishpanna

absolute existence I 266
becoming one w I 48
begins, ends, not eternal I 42-3, 266
"Day of Be-With-Us" or I 134n, 265
duration of I 134n
how monad attains I 135
Kalki avatara, second Advent & I 268
past, present, future blend in I 265-6
same monads will emerge fr I 266
squaring the circle & II 450

Parinishpanna (Skt) utter consummation

paramartha & I 48, 53-4
paranirvana [parinirvana] or I 53
perfection at end of maha-manvantara I 42

Parker, John A.

——— Quadrature of the Circle
geometrical key to Kabbala II 544
propositions of I 315-16
ratio of pi I 313, 315-16

Parkhurst, John

——— Greek and English Lexicon . . .
ark, arke discussed II 313, 460

——— Hebrew and English Lexicon . . .
defines eue or Eva, etc II 129-30

Parmenides. See Plato

Parnassus, Greek holy mountain II 494

Paropamisan (Hindu-Kush) Central Asian mountain range II 338


Atash-Behram of, & Greek Archaeus I 338n
ceremony of, described II 517
fire worshipers I 121
flight to Gujerat (India) II 323
Jews, Armenians &, Caucasians II 471n
Kabiri & ancient II 363n
Magas forefathers of II 323
numbers honored by I 113n
Peris remote ancestors of II 398
scriptures, do not grasp own II 607, 757
Sun-worshipers I 388, 479

Parthenogenesis II 177. See also Sweat-Born

origin of species & II 657, 659


act fr internal principle I 630
distance between I 507-8n
each, is a life I 261
noumenon of every I 218n
occult phenomena & I 489
world germ is spiritual I 200

"Part of a part" (amsamsavatara, Skt) explained re rebirth of teachers II 359

Parturient Energy, & ansated cross II 31n

Parturition (birth time)

nine calendar months or I 389
periods worldwide I 390

Pasa (Skt) noose, snare, cord II 548-9

Hindu equivalent of Egyptian ankh-tie II 548

Pascal, Blaise

——— Pensees
on God & nature I 412
God is a circle . . . I 65; II 545

Pasht or Basht. See Bast

Pashut (Heb) literal interpretation I 374

Pasigraphie. See Maimieux, J. de


candidate's war in heaven w II 380
every evil, will be subdued II 420
hot, & South Pole elementals II 274
human, & Sagara II 571
lower, chain higher aspirations II 422
maruts represent II 615
senses &, obstacles I 459
titanic, insatiable, in man II 412

"Pass Not" I 90, 129-35


Earth forces same as now I 639-40
future &, alive in present I 105
helps realize present I xlvi
is present unfolded I 639
mystery of the, in symbols II 588
present, future & I 37, 43-4; II 446
present helps to appreciate the I xlvi

Pasteur, Louis

best friend of "destroyers" I 262-3 &n
organic cells without oxygen I 249n
spontaneous generation & II 150

Pastrana Species, breeding "anthropoid ape" fr II 717n

Pasus (Skt) [sacrificial animal], Brahma creates in first kalpa II 625n

Pasyanti (Skt) she looks on

latent light, ideation I 432
Logos is, form of Vach I 138, 432

Patala(s) (Skt) nether regions

America, Antipodes II 132, 182, 214 &n, 446, 628
Arjuna visited, 5,000 years ago II 214 &n, 628
Atala one of seven regions II 402-3
fifth region of II 382n
Hindu naraka (Hell) II 98
infernal & antipodal regions II 407n
Meru &, described II 357
Narada visits II 49
race of nagas for peopling II 132
Siva hurled Mahasura down to II 237n
South Pole associated w II 357
spiritual ego descends into II 558
wither up at pralaya I 372

Patanjali, [Yoga] School of, adepts of, & Taraka division I 158

Pater Aether, Pater Omnipotens Aether (Lat)

akasa or I 488n
deified by Greeks & Latins I 331
unknown cause of Greek, Roman I 9-10n

Pater Deus, Pater Zeus, no phallic meaning (Ragon) II 574

Paternoster (Lord's Prayer), occult verse of, (Levi) II 562

Path, Paths

Atlantis & right-, left- I 192n; II 495
beams of light or II 191n
Bible re right-, left- II 211
four, to nirvana I 206
initiates of right- & left- II 494
left-, followed by many II 331
one of the seven II 191
prophets of left- & right- II 503-5
thirty-two in Kabbala II 625
two, eternal I 86
two, lie before man I 639

Path, The (magazine), Bjerregaard in, on monads I 623, 630-1, 632n

Patience, or Dhriti II 528


borrowed fr Babylon, Egypt I 655
Chaldeo-Judaic gods I 349
convertible w rishis II 129
Enoch the seventh II 529
higher gods made into I 390-1
Homeric songs & II 391
Jehovah came to, as Shaddai II 509
-names key to Bible II 536
Noah explained by Faber II 360n
prajapatis & I 355
ruled Egypt after Watchers I 266
Seth, made one of seven, w Arabs II 366
signs of zodiac & I 651
symbols of solar & lunar years II 391n
years of, are periods, cycles II 426

Paul, St

Adams of II 81-2, 513
Church colored esoteric hints of II 515
compared to Mercury II 481
"elements" of I 373n
fathoms mystery of cross II 556
initiate I 240; II 268, 504, 513n, 704
on man of Earth & of Heaven II 82
"Master Builder" II 704
on observing the seventh day II 76
Prince of the Air of II 485, 515
Principalities & Powers of I 632n
on sabbath or eternal rest I 240
Saul or II 504
on soul & spirit bodies II 513 &n
"stars" known as "worlds" to II 704
taught of cosmic gods I 235, 464-5
unknown God of I 327
"we shall judge angels" II 111-12
world the "mirror of pure truth" II 268


——— Description of Greece
Aeschylus II 419n
altar to Mercury, Jupiter II 28
Castor's tomb in Sparta II 122n
Euxine a lake II 5 &n
giants Asterius & Geryon II 278
Hyperboreans now mythical II 769n
Kabirim had a sanctuary II 363
Pamphos & Artemis-Kalliste I 395
Phlegyae & Atlantis destroyed II 144
Phoroneus II 519
prayers stopped a hail-storm I 469
slime formed into new race II 519
worshiping stones II 341
Zeus Cataibates I 338n

Pavaka (Skt) fire, god of fire

creative spark, germ II 247
electric or Vaidyuta fire I 521; II 57n
fire of pitris II 57n, 247
Suchi &, made animal man II 102

Pavamana (Skt)

father of Saharaksha I 521
fire of Asuras & II 57n, 247
son of Abhimanin I 521
union of buddhi & manas II 247

Pavana (Skt), Hanuman son of I 190

Peacock II 514n

bird of wisdom II 619
Hindu phoenix II 619

Pedigree of Man. See Haeckel, E.

Pegues, Abbe, The Volcanoes of Greece, giant skeletons found on Thera II 278-9

Peiru-un, Chinese Noah II 365, 774

Peking [Beijing] Imperial Library II 206

Pelagus (Gk), great sea II 774

Pelasges et Cyclopes. See Creuzer, G. F.


Atlantean structures of II 745-6
came fr East II 3
colonized Samothrace II 3
Cyclopes initiated, in Masonry II 345n
descend fr Atlantean subrace II 774
dolmen builders were II 753
Peruvian works like those of II 745

Pelenque Cross. See Palenque


air-water symbol I 358
fiery soul of, or Ain-soph I 80
Moses forbade eating swans & I 80n
Rosicrucian symbol I 19-20

Pelion, Mt, Persian fleet & I 467

Pember, G. H., Earth's Earliest Ages, Satan & theosophists II 229 &n

Penates, related to Kabiri (Faber) II 360

Penetralia, wife's dwelling-place I 382

Pengelly, Professor William

Asia, America once joined II 322n
on geologic ages I 567n; II 66, 72
submerged Atlantis possible II 778

——— "Extinct Lake of Bovey Tracey"
possibility of Atlantis II 726-7

——— "The Ice-Age Climate & Time"
geological time II 695-6

Pentacle I 114, 131. See also Five-pointed Star

circle, point & I 320-1
curtain hid five pillars of I 125
line, triangle & I 91
symbology of, described, explained I 125
triangle, cube, & pi I 131

Pentaglott. See Schindler, V.


fifth order of celestial beings I 219
Makara, panchakara or II 576 &n
represents microcosm I 224
symbolism of, explained I 384; II 576-7
triangle becomes, on Earth II 79n

Pentagram I 78, 219

Pentateuch. See also Mosaic Books, Moses

collection of allegories I 10
compiled fr "very old book" I xliii
crudest origin of birth in II 544-5
Ezra remodeled, disfigured I 319, 335-6; II 143, 658
four elements & I 462
Gladstone, Homer & II 383
mechanical construction, not theogony in II 537
New Testament &, symbols fr same source I 115n
no revelation II 3n
numerous changes in II 473
spurned by Sadducees I 320-1n
"thou shalt not revile the gods" II 477
time fr Eden to Flood missing in I 397n
wisdom in Puranas & I 336
Zohar & II 461n, 487

Pentecost, Jewish liturgy for I 618

Pentecostal Fire-tongues, aspects of Archaeus I 121, 338n

Peras (Gk) finite, & apeiron I 426

Peratae Gnostics

Chozzar (Neptune) & II 356
five androgyne ministers of II 577-8

Perception(s) II 597n

apperception & I 175, 179, 630
mental, physical, & light II 41
nature a bundle of deceptive II 475
seven aspects of I 139; II 599
thraldom of sensuous II 587

Perdition, effect of dogma of II 484

Peregrinations, Scarabaeus symbol & II 552

Pereisc [Peiresc, N.C.F. de], gave Enochian Manuscript II 531

Perfection, Perfected

absolute, & unknown deity II 413
born out of imperfection II 95
can never make imperfection II 555
human, described I 275
no ultimate I 42-3
striving towards II 736

Perfect Way, The. See Kingsford, A.

Peri archon (Gk). See Damascius, De principiis rerum

"Perigenesis of the Plastidule." See Haeckel

Perigord, giant skeletons of II 749n

Period(s) (geological). See also Eocene, Glacial, Miocene, Tertiary

diagram of esoteric II 710
every, a mystery in its duration II 698
possible to calculate approximately II 709

Period(s). See also Cycles

longest astronomical, observed I 667
primary & secondary, of evolution I 455
various, of Hindu astronomy I 666
years of Patriarchs are II 426


law of, second Fundamental Prop I 16-17
in laws of nature II 621
septenary law of II 627-8
in universal manifestation I 268, 552
in vital phenomena II 622-3 &n

"Periodicity of Vital Phenomena." See Laycock, Dr T.

Periodic Table

of elements I 547, 553, 583-6
illustrates occult law I 585


materialists in their way I 343
monas of I 177-8
"nature abhors a vacuum" I 64, 343
pantheistical, & monas I 619

Peris (Pers) or Izods, "angels"

Aryan race symbolized by II 394
derivation of word II 394n
devs &, in the North II 398
devs (giants) made raids on II 397
postdiluvians of Bible II 394
reigns of, (Bailly) II 368
war w devs later confused II 776

Perisprit, fluidic, or astral soul I 196


next characteristic of matter I 251
sixth sense &, this round I 258

Peronne [Perrone], Father Giovanni, Praelectiones theologicae . . . , b'ne-aleim or sons of God II 375

Perpetual or Eternal Motion. See also Breath, Motion

all motion is, (Grove) I 497
coexistent w space I 55
ever-becoming of II 545
of Great Breath I 2-4, 55-6, 93n, 97, 147-8, 282-3, 455, 599n
Keely on I 556
laya-centers & I 147
never ceases in nature I 97
of Sat & Asat II 450
sound & I 525n
unmanifested is I 97n

Perry, Charles, A View of The Levant, South Pole in constellation Harp II 360n

Persea, Basin of II 545

Persephone. See also Proserpine

Axiokersa or II 362

Persepolis (or Esikekar) built by Giamshid II 398

Perseus, an Assyrian (Herodotus) II 345n

Persia. See also Iran

Atlantean traditions in II 393-9
conquered Egypt I 311
fleet of I 467
folklore of II 393-401
Greece, Egypt ever at war w II 393
legendary history of II 398-9
legendary kings of II 368, 394, 396
magi of II 608-10, 756 &n
magi of, used veiled language II 395
scriptures of II 607-8
War in Heaven fr India thru I 198

Persian(s). See also Iranians

ancestors of ancient II 328
astronomy of I 658-9, 663
egg symbol among I 359
Kabiri of II 363n
legends & Greek compared II 393-401
Meshia & Meshiane among II 134
phoenix or Simorgh II 397, 617
planetary genii, prophets I 649, 652
seven earths, races II 617-18
stone oracles of II 346
treatment of fire among II 114
two extinct nations of II 396

Persian Gulf, man-fish rose out of II 139n

"Personal and Impersonal God." See Subba Row, T.

Personal God(s)

Christians degraded God into I 426-7
of Church I 492n, 499n, 635-6; II 475, 555-6
discussion of I 2n, 6n, 139, 193; II 475, 544, 598
gods vs, discussed I 492-3n
not Blavatsky's idea I 579n
not Buddhist belief I 635
occultists reject I 492n, 545
Plato could not believe in II 554-5
salvation, damnation & I 613
Satan & I 412, 612
source of idea of I 332
third-rate emanation, Logos I 437-8, 614
unphilosophical I 2n, 6n, 139, 193, 280n; II 475, 544, 598

Personality (ies)

of advanced beings II 276
almost interminable series of II 306
aroma of, hangs fr flame I 238
astrological star of I 572
body of egotistical desires II 241
earthly characteristic I 275
essence of, not lost I 266
false II 254, 306
human, & Logos II 478
individuality & I 572-3; II 306
lethal virus of II 110
Logos is no II 318n
manas & kama-rupa duality of II 241
merging of, w atma-buddhi I 52
monad & I 174-5n, 238, 245
moonbeams dancing on water I 237
no immortality for I 440n
none till end of third race II 610
personal will part of II 241
portion of, remains I 238
reality devoid of I 629
real man concealed under false I 220
selfishness of II 110

Personal Self, monad &, urge evolution II 109-10

Personating Spirits, demions (dimyon, Heb; daimons, Gk) or II 508-9

Perspiration. See also Sweat-Born

primeval mode of procreation II 174-7

Perturbations, of planets by Sun I 503

Peru, Peruvian(s)

Acosta on, buildings I 209n
built like Pelasgians II 745
Egyptian &, myths same I 266-7 &n
European skulls like II 739, 740, 790
giant tombs in II 752
Manco Capac &, races II 365
marvelous civilizations of II 793
structures of, Atlantean II 745-6
swastika found among II 586
Tiahuanaco II 317, 337
traditions of, re flood, ark II 141

Pesh-Hun (messenger)

Narada called II 48
regulates cycles II 48-9


& doctrine of karma II 304n
Schopenhauer's & von Hartmann's II 156n, 304n, 648

Peter, St

Church of Rome built on II 341n
Church trustee of II 377
Kronos (Saturn) will swallow II 341n
personified by pope II 466n

——— Peter, First Epistle of
Christ cornerstone, etc II 627
circumambulating of Earth II 485, 515
lion compared w Satan I 442n

——— Peter, Second Epistle of, destruction of fifth race II 757, 762n

Petermann, J. H., published Latin transl of Pistis Sophia II 566n

Peter's Lexicon II 605n. See also Roth, R. von

Peter the Hermit, led crusade I 357

Petrarch, killed a dragon II 207 &n

Petrie, Sir W. M. Flinders

Eridu used Egyptian measures II 226

——— The Academy (letter in)
pyramid figures I 314

——— Pyramids & Temples . . .
differs fr Smyth's figures I 315

——— Stonehenge
stones of, fr afar II 344

Petronius Arbiter (Petronii Satyrica in tx), The Satyricon, degradation of goose symbol I 358

Peuple Primitif. See Rougemont, F. de

Peuret [Peuvret], on cube unfolded II 601

Peyrere, theory of II 725

Pfaff, Dr F.

———Alter und der Ursprung . . .
brain size of human, ape II 193n, 661
fossil skulls w larger capacity II 523
gibbon & man since Tertiary II 681-2n
gulf between man & ape II 87n, 687n
skull capacity of various races II 522-3

Pfluger, Dr Edward, opposed Darwinian heredity II 711n

Pfoundes, Captain C. See Omoie

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