Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Udana (Skt) to breathe upwards

physical organs of speech I 95
principal life-wind II 567-8

Ueber die Auflosung . . . See Wiegand, J.

Ueber die Grenzen. See Du Bois-Reymond

Ugrasena, King of Mathura II 323

Uhlemann, Rosetta Stone of II 464

Ulom. See Olam

Ultramontanes, patriarchs & twelve signs of zodiac I 651

Ulug-Beg [Ulugh-Beg] (Arab) tables of, (1437 AD) I 658

Ulupi (Skt), Arjuna married II 214 &n, 628

Ulysses, story of, interpreted II 769

Uma-Kanya (Skt) [light-virgin] Anaitia, astral light & I 91-2

Umbilicus, connected thru placenta II 461

Umsimi (Chald) ideal creative organ II 283-4n


cannot know self-consciousness I 51
consciousness &, discussed I 56
esoteric school rejects idea of I 453
of Hegel becomes self-conscious I 106
of von Hartmann & Hegel I 1-2n, 50, 51, 106; II 649, 662, 670

Underground Region (Zuni) black coin depicts II 629

Underworld, various deities of I 463

Undines (water elementals), sylphs &, derided today I 606

Undulatory theory of light I 483, 486, 495, 528, 579-80

Unger, Professor Franz, Die Versunkene Insel Atlantis, believed Atlantis theory II 783

Ungulate(s) (hoofed mammals)

diagrams of II 735
root of II 736

Unicorn, Gould on credibility of II 218

Unicorn, The: A Mythological Investigation. See Brown, R.

United States

artificial mounds in II 424n
flora of East Asia & II 781
germs of sixth subrace in II 444-5
Miocene, Tertiary flora II 727, 790

Unity. See also One

absolute I 58-9; II 239, 545
ALL & I 8
of all nature I 120, 276
boundless, infinite II 42-3, 553
in diversity I 285; II 310
divine, as a circle I 1; II 553
divine, Egyptian idea of I 675
of divine names II 39
dual in manifestation II 24
ever unknown I 347
Fohat the binding I 111
is no number (Pythagoras) I 433
kosmos is a unity in all its parts I 480
of mankind & exceptions II 195-6
One, & manus II 322
original status of all beings II 545
plane of illusion & I 582
pulsating great heart II 588
reabsorption into I 266
spirit & matter aspects I 16
of structural plan II 737
systolic, diastolic nature of II 43
in thought & action I 644
universal, during pralaya I 613
universal, first occult dogma I 58
zero &, symbol of Deity II 581

Unity of Nature, The. See Campbell, G. D.


agent or lapis philosophorum II 113
belief in man's origins II 492
Deity has naught to do w form I 492-3n
element I 75
events preconcerted II 500n
history & Chinese moon-periods II 621
tradition safest guide II 349
tradition, testimony of ages II 194, 340

Universal Mind. See also Ideation, Mahat, Mind (Cosmic)

collective dhyani-chohanic minds I 579n
comes into action I 38
Demiurgos or I 110; II 704n
dhyani-chohans reflect ideation of I 279-80
directs divine thought into chaos II 704n
earliest adepts & II 215
Father & Son are II 492
Fohat impresses ideas of I 85
intellectual process not akin to man's I 1n
is not a being I 285n
lipikas objectivize plans of I 104
Mahat or I 216n; II 58-9, 79
matter is upadhi for I 280-1
reflection of, or cosmic ideation I 110
self-consciousness & I 51
surrounds ahamkara II 616
various names of I 110
was not (pralaya) I 38

Universal Oversoul

aspect of Unknown Root I 17
identity of all souls w I 17

Universal Soul

akasa or II 511-12
Alaya, anima mundi I 49-50
astral light material aspect of I 421
ether breath of I 102
maha-atma, Brahma I 365 &n
Mahat, Mahabuddhi or I 420-1
mind of the Demiurge I 352
Mother, female I 352-3
Plato's, & Ptah I 353
Ra, Narayana or I 231
upadhi or basis of I 101
vehicle of spirit I 420

Universal Spirit I 257n; II 596. See also Spirit

atma, anupadaka [aupapaduka] & I 52, 571
Christos, Fravashi, or II 478
Paramatman or I 265
waking, sleeping of I 372

Universe(s). See also Cosmos, Kosmos

& all in it maya I 274, 329-30
anupadaka [aupapaduka], was I 52
birth of I 110-11, 337
birth of, as spider & web I 83
blind forces could never build II 348
bounded by pentagons II 576
as Brahma & Brahma I 17-18
Brahma expands to become I 83
breathes as does man I 541
casts off skin periodically I 74
cause of its successor I 43
condition of, during pralaya I 54-5, 69
creation of, needed intelligence II 239
disintegration of visible I 4
divine thought & I 61
dodecahedron, built as a I 340, 344; II 36
dreamless sleep of I 47
Earth born in, like foetus II 188-9
effect of predecessor I 43
egg in the beginning I 359-60
elements & I 92n, 461
Essence is life & light of I 6
an eternal becoming II 449n
eternity of, as boundless plane I 16
everything in, is conscious I 274
evil a necessity in manifested II 389
evolution of, mere phallicism? II 544
evolved fr sun, point, germ I 379
evolved out of ideal plan I 281, 340
expanding, contracting of I 83-4
figures for birth of I 340
fire or intelligence moves I 77
Fohat in the unmanifest I 109
guided fr within outwards I 274
Hegel's I 51
hierarchies explain mystery of I 89
ideal, & manifested kosmos I 614
incessantly appearing, dying I 16-17; II 43
invisible, throughout space II 25
in Japanese cosmogony I 217
lipika spirits of I 128-9
lives in & returns to Brahma I 8-9
lotus symbol of I 379-86
made of ether-matter-energy I 669
manifested, is Secondary Creation II 59
manifested, pervaded by duality I 15-16
manifested, reflected in monads II 186
manifests only what is there I 570
mechanical origin of I 594-6
mechanicians in, necessary I 594
metaphysical abstractions become I 45
mind-born Son of Virgin I 399
mirrors the Logos II 25, 186
monads the expression of I 629-30
Moon & fire make up II 639n
more than what is perceived I 421n
Mundane Egg contains II 616
not separate fr the All II 384n
our, one of infinite number I 43
periodical manifestation of I 273
periodical, or Son I 41; II 492
periodical renovations of I 637-8
perpetual motion of I 2
phenomenal, an illusion I 145-6, 329
plenum or a fullness I 671
point in mundane egg & I 1
pralaya of I 41
real to the beings in it I 274, 329-30
reawakening of, in third Stanza I 21
represented in the monads I 632
requires elastic atoms I 519
rests on inter-etheric point I 556-7
revolves around Pleiades II 551
ruled by intelligent powers II 502
Sephirothal Tree is I 352
septenary state of II 598
seven principles & four principles of I 18; II 58n
seven heads of Sesha support II 505
"Son of Necessity" I 42
Son or, springs fr point, Logos I 614
three aspects of I 278
Trithemius on actuating of I 453n
fr unconscious to self-conscious I 106
unfolding of, (Manu) I 333-5
unknown absolute essence of I 273
Vach, Voice, calls, out of chaos I 137
various modes of procreation in I 406
visible, is sthula-sarira I 598
whole, lit fr one rush-light I 85n
will live 49,000 years (Persian) II 618

L'Univers explique . . . See Chaubard, L. A.

Unknowable, Unnameable. See also First Cause, God, Reality, That

absolute divine essence I 56
Ain-soph I 113; II 41, 128
circle symbol of I 113
Crookes on I 581 &n
God, not God of Israel I 327
ideas opposed to, (Spencer) II 490
karma one w II 306
materialization of first Principle II 503
not the creator I 346
Parabrahm II 128
source & cause of all II 43
of Spencer I 14 &n, 54n, 281, 327 &n, 496, 675
spirit of God moving on waters II 128
various names for I 113


Aditi, chaos in first remove fr the II 527
darkness & I 134n, 333, 356, 365, 425
Hellenes had altar to, god I 327-8
light reflected in Firstborn II 703n
power & motion II 551-2
Zeruana Akerne is Persian II 488


the Absolute or I 88
Heavenly Man is I 215
motion eternal in I 97n

Unpublished Manuscript. See Skinner, J. R.

Unpublished Manuscripts. See Mathers, S. L. M.

Unseen Universe. See Stewart & Tait

Upadana (Skt), material cause I 55, 370n

Upadhi(s) (Skt) base, vehicle

akasa, of divine thought I 326, 515n
atma may work in each I 158
basic human mold I 282
can be separated by adepts I 158
conductor of nervous ether I 538n
consciousness must have I 15 &n
cosmic ideation focused in I 329n, 330
devas have affinity w human II 90
first, of solar system I 289
four, three, of Brahmans II 592-3n
globes, principles & I 153-4
hydrogen, of air & water II 105
inorganic, of mineral atom II 255
manas the, of buddhi I 101
man related to plane of his II 157
matter, of universal mind I 280
mind needs an II 670
mulaprakriti the, of all phenomena I 35
one absolute II 34
seven rays, of ether I 515n
six sephiroth as I 375
three fires & II 247
three periodical I 181
of Universal Soul I 101

Upadvipa(s) (Skt) dry lands in general II 404n

Upanishads (Skt)

Anugita's original one of oldest I 94n
based on Secret Doctrine I 47
correlation of senses & elements I 534-6
described I 269-72
esoteric glossaries of Vedas I 270; II 484
explain the noumenon I 522
full of secret wisdom II 590
Gautama popularized I 271
once three times size of Vedas I 271
over 150 of, known I 270
pantheists echo the I 7
passed into Gnostic literature II 566
seven senses in I 268n
show scientific knowledge I 522, 534
treatise on serpents in II 26n
Vach & I 138

Upas Tree of Superstition II 797

Upheaval(s). See also Submersions

of Alps II 751n, 778, 787n
of Americas II 407
of Andes II 745
caused by inverted poles II 360
depend upon moon & planets II 699

Upsala, Ancient (Sweden), capital of Atlantis (Rudbeck) II 402

Upward cycle. See Arc, Ascending

Ur (Mesopotamian city)

Abraham came fr I 376; II 139n
Moon-god worshiped at II 139n
teakwood at II 226

Uraeus (Gk) asp or snake symbol

astral body destroyed by I 227
defunct is devoured by I 674n
emblem of cosmic fire I 437
manas & atma-buddhi or I 227
serpent, naja, or I 437, 674n

Ural (mountains & river), Arismaspi inhabited, (Newman) II 416-18

Urania's Key to the Revelations. See Mackey

Uranides (Gk) [heaven dwellers], theology reversed role of I 418

Uranographie . . . See Francoeur, L.-B.

Uranographie Chinoise. See Schlegel, G.

Uranos. See Ouranos

Uranus (planet)

ancients knew of I 99 &n
discovered in eighteenth cent I 99n, 103
more dense than Saturn I 593
not one of sacred planets I 575
plane of satellites tilted I 101-2
Ragon on, & Sun I 100n
receives 390 times less light I 575
satellites apparently retrograde I 101, 149-50n, 575

Urd, Fountain of (Norse), waters Yggdrasil II 520

Urdhvasrotas (Skt)

divinities created after man I 446 &n
happy celestial beings II 162
prototypes of first race I 456
third, sixth creations I 446, 453, 456


analogous to venoms I 262n
in blood during strangulation I 249n

Uriel (Heb)

denounces fallen angels II 382n
Enoch & I 609; II 483n, 533
mule, bull, & I 127n; II 115n
Ophite bull, ox or I 127n

Urim & Thummim (Heb)

Kab &, or Kabirim (Mackey) II 362n
twelve stones of I 651

Urja (Skt) strength, progeny of II 146n

Ursa Major. See also Constellations, Great Bear

Seven Rishis once linked w II 768
Ursa Minor &, two cherubs symb II 361n

Ursa Minor. See also Constellations, Sisumara

four potent stars in tail of II 612n
70,000 years ago pole pointed to II 768
Ursa Major &, two cherubs II 361n

Urschleim (Oken), origin of II 158-60

Usanas (Skt) Venus

ally of Soma II 498
degraded into an asura II 45
gives laws to Earth II 32
host of planet Venus II 501
Satan, Lucifer of Catholics II 501

Usanas-Sukra (Skt) Venus

associated w Lucifer, Satan II 45n
Earth & II 31-3
War in Heaven story of II 45

Ush [Osch, Asch in tx] (Skt) to burn II 114

Uttama [or Auttami] (Skt) [most excellent], second round manu II 309

Uttara-Mimamsa (Skt), & Buddhism I 46-7

Uxmal (Central American) ruins at, & Palenque II 430

Uzza [`Uzza] (Heb) Azael &, twitted God II 491


Vach (Skt) Voice. See also Aditi, Logos, Voice

Aditi or I 431, 434; II 43, 107
Bath-kol & II 107
Brahma separates into Viraj & I xv, 9n, 89, 137; II 128, 143, 472
calls universe out of chaos I 137
daughter of Brahma I 431; II 128, 418n
described & explained I 137-8, 430-3
equivalent of Logos II 199n
female Logos of Brahma I 9n; II 107
four aspects of I 138, 432, 433n
goddess I 95, 434
hidden power of mantras I 354
Ida (Ila), Mania & I 523; II 143
identical w Eve II 128, 147
Kwan-yin & I 136n, 137, 431n
Lahash similar to I 354
light, sound, ether & I 431-2
magic potency of sound I 137
"melodious cow" (Rig-Veda) I 137, 427n, 734; II 418n
mother of the gods I 430, 434
mulaprakriti & I 430
mystic speech, occult knowledge I 430
Sarasvati (speech) form of I 95, 353
Satarupa or I 94; II 128
Universal Soul I 352-3
various names of I 137, 430, 434; II 128

Vachaspatya (Skt), on Katapa (Kalapa) I 378n

Vach-Satarupa (Skt), Manu w II 128, 148

Vacuum, Vacuity

caloric & I 524
does not exist anywhere I 527
inter-etheric, & bell sounds I 557
Keely motor & I 556-7, 565
of Leucippus is latent Deity I 343
plenum, ether & I 495
betw sidereal bodies (Newton) I 491, 494-5

Vadukku, Chaldean genii or spirits II 248n

Vahana (Skt) vehicle I 39, 73, 80, 153

buddhi is II 241
buddhi the, of atman I 265
Fohat as a I 108
Garuda the, of Vishnu II 564
of Lords of Wisdom II 172
Makara the, of Varuna II 577
matter, of spirit II 58n
Merkabah, chariot of Ain-soph or I 214
physical forces are, of elements I 470
soul the, of spirit I 153
spark, of the Flame I 265
Sun, of akasa I 527
Vyavaharika used as a I 356
yana or I 39

Vaidhatra (Skt) patronymic name of kumaras I 89, 457n

Vaidyuta (Skt), electric fire I 521

Vaikhari-Vach (Skt)

kosmos in its objective form I 138, 432
lowest form of Vach I 434
that which is uttered I 138

Vaikrita (Skt) secondary origin of gods fr Brahma was I 455n

Vaikuntha-loka (Skt) heaven of Vishnu I 522

Vaikunthas (Skt), one of twelve gods II 90

Vairaja-loka (Skt, Viraja-loka in tx) II 89n

Vairajas (Skt) [sons of Viraj], seven classes of pitris called II 89-90

Vaishnava(s) (Skt) followers of Vishnu

Brahman interpolators II 550n
God of the I 421
haters of Nanda II 550 &n
maha-buddhi & I 451
saivas & I 675
of the Vasishtha[Visishta]-dvaita or I 55
Wilson re system of I 456n

Vaisvanara, Vaisvana (Skt)

blazes within the body II 496
described II 311 &n, 381-2
elements spring fr I 621 &n
often denotes the self II 496n
sevenfold fire II 568

Vaivasvata (Skt) belonging to Vivasvat (Sun)

manvantara & eighteen million years II 310
manvantara or round I xliii, 456

Vaivasvata (Manu). See also Deucalion, Noah, Xisuthrus, Yima

ark of II 290-1, 313, 610
Brahma-Vishnu-Siva preceded II 144
connected w fifth race II 140-1
date of II 250, 310
Deluge & fourth race I 68, 369; II 69n, 146, 310
Deva-Manu or II 715n
four axial changes during II 330
fourth human wave, manu of II 309
generic character of II 145, 251, 306
gods called Adityas during, cycle II 90
Hindu Noah I 444; II 35, 140, 222, 306-7, 309, 314, 774
humanity II 251, 313, 693
Ida, wife, daughter of I 523; II 138, 140
Ila, Sudyumna, progeny of II 135, 138
Kasyapa father of II 253, 382n
lives even now II 250
manvantara or round I xliii, 456; II 69 &n, 310
Matsya avatara & I 369; II 69n, 139, 307, 313
more than one II 251
name contains story II 335
Noah repeats I 444; II 265, 306, 597
progenitor of fifth race II 249-50, 309
rishis, Titans saved by II 142, 715n
root-manu, fourth round II 309, 321
saved germs of humanity II 715n
saved our race in Deluge II 146, 309-10
seed of life connected w II 140-1
seven rishis saved w II 35, 69n, 290-2
seventh manu II 308n, 309, 321
son of Surya, the Sun II 140-1, 211
story records Atlantis deluge II 4
three attributes of II 146-7
Vach, wife & daughter of I 523

Vajradhara (Skt) [diamond holder], First Logos, Supreme Buddha or I 571

Vajrasattva (Skt) diamond-hearted

full mahatmas or I 52
Second Logos I 571


Bythos & Sige primordial binary II 574-5
on first Aion I 349
good, evil, Logos, serpent of I 410
Great Seven of I 446
"Greek Kabala" of I 310
light, heat, fire, particles I 568 &n
pairs of Aeons of II 569n
Pistis Sophia & II 512, 566n
sevenfold nature of Logos I 446
table of Aeons in II 458

——— Esoteric Treatise on the Doctrine of Gilgul I 568 &n

Valhalla (Norse), hall of the heroes I 427

Vallabhacharyas (Hindu sect)

distort Krishna symbols I 335
phallic worship & II 588

Vallancey, Charles

——— Collectanea . . .
on the Kabiri I 641-2n; II 264
Morning Star of Irish, Chald II 759n

Vamadeva (Skt)

reborn white, red I 324
Siva as, became four I 324; II 249, 282
symbolizes four racial types I 324; II 249

Vamadeva Modelyar [Modely] Night of Brahma I 376-7

Vananin-Lamertade (Lamer in tx) androgynous Aeon (Gnostic) II 458

Vapor(y), transformation of globes I 205-6n, 250, 439n

Vara (Skt), & avara II 163, 183

Vara, Argha (Pahlavi) enclosure, vehicle

ark or, is man of fourth round II 291-2 &n
built by Yima II 6n, 610

Varaha (Skt). See also Avatara, Boar

boar avatara I 368-9 &n; II 53, 321
Buddha born in, kalpa I 368n
kalpa I 368, 457; II 179, 321
marks one-half life of Brahma II 179

Varia Historia. See Aelianus

Variations (evolution) II 738

fortuitous, criticized (Mivart) II 697
ideation reflected in matter II 299n
reflects dhyan-chohanic wisdom II 649
of species II 677 &n, 679, 696
as transmitted by heredity II 738

Varna (Skt) color, orders (class) I 419

Varsha(s) (Skt) country

Americas the, of Pushkara II 403, 407 &n
Bharata-, II 369
dvipas &, of kings expl II 320-2
Meru north of all II 401n
Puranic term II 264

Varshayanti (Skt), one of the Pleiades II 551

Varuna (Skt) ocean god

an asura II 92, 500
chief Aditya, Ouranos II 65
chief of dhyanis, devas II 606
five Prachetas(es) & II 578
guards the West I 128
imparts the Mysteries II 269n
Laws of, or Vratani II 606
Makara vehicle of I 220; II 577
reigns as Neptune II 65, 268n
space or II 268n
Uranos a modified II 268n
Vaivasvata sacrifices to II 147-8
water, Neptune or I 462

Vase of Election. See Arani

Vasishta-dvaita. See Visishtadvaita

Vasishtha (Skt) a rishi

advises Parasara I 415-16; II 232n
curse of II 247
sons of, first manvantara II 146n
third round, third race, sons in II 78
Varuna imparted Mysteries to II 269n

Vassariddhi, Rajah & huge human bones II 347

Vastubhuta (Skt) [substantial], Vishnu not II 612n

Vasudeva (Skt)

even mlechchhas may know II 48n
the liberator I 286
seed of all things I 420

Vasu(s) (Skt) good, bountiful

eight, of Vedic tridasa I 71n
our fathers were II 248n


Lanci, librarian of, q II 376
preserves some esoteric doctrine I xliv
St Germain & manuscript of Kabbala in II 239
secret work "Bnei Shamash" II 506

Vau (Heb) letter V

crook, hook, nail (YHVH) II 460
letter for Hokhmah I 438n

Vaughan, Thomas [Eugenius Philalethes]

correlations of sound, color I 514 &n
no one has yet seen Earth I 260

Vayu (Skt)

god of air I 190, 462, 468
Indra or, in Rig-Veda II 378
one of Vedic Trimurti I 90
Pavana or, father of Hanuman I 190
Vedic god II 114

Vayu Purana

beginning of maha-pralaya I 371
birth of Janaka II 524n
boar, Varaha I 368-9n
Brahma forces Narada into birth II 82
Danavas, giants, dragons II 381 &n
Kapila son of Kasyapa in II 572
lower pitris born as fools II 91
Mahat, names for I 256
Moru [Maru] comes in nineteenth yuga I 378 &n
Nara, Narayana I 457-8 &n; II 495n
personified fires I 521
pradhana & prakriti I 50n
rudras II 613n
sacrifice of Daksha II 182-3
Sankha-dvipa II 405
seven classes of pitris II 89
seven rishis I 436
seven times seven maruts II 613
sons of manus, rishis II 614n
three creations I 454n
three fires II 57n
twelve great gods in II 90

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