Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Pneuma (Gk) breath, spirit

human soul or mind II 113
spirit, soul or gas (Grove) I 465
symbolized by wind or air I 226n, 342; II 113
synthesis of seven senses I 96

Pneumata (Gk), spirits of the elements I 395-6

Pneumatics, kabbalists & esoteric I 242-5

Pneumatologie. See Mirville, J. E. de

Pococke, Edward, India in Greece, myths are truths, not fables I 339

Poetica Astronomica. See Hyginus, G. J.

Poets, initiate-, preserve the wisdom I xlv

Poimandres. See Divine Pymander

Point(s). See also Sephirah

Aristotle omitted I 615
atoms of Leibniz mathematical I 628
Avalokitesvara, Verbum or I 429
central I 635; II 612
central, in crucifix II 556
in circle I 1, 4, 11, 19, 91, 327, 426, 429, 613-16
circle & "Golden Egg" II 553
circle, triangle, etc & I 320-1; II 36
emanates noumenal triangle I 614
in En soph [Ain-soph] II 111
every, in infinity animated II 513
fructifies the line I 91
genesis of gods & men fr II 24
germ or, in mundane egg I 57
indivisible, limitless I 346
knows only mulaprakriti I 432
monad or I 426
mulaprakriti conceals I 346
one, becomes triangle, cube II 612
one, is everywhere, nowhere I 11
the One or Logos I 426, 429
primordial, or Sephirah I 354
retires into the circle I 614
fr, to solid figures I 616
ten, & Pythagorean triangle I 612, 616
visible to eye of adept I 489
world fr the indivisible I 355
zero, or laya-centers I 551

Poitou (France), enormous stones at II 752

Polar, Polar Lands, Regions. See also Antarctic, Arctic, Hyperborean Continent

compression of planets I 593
continent prevails during round II 400n
first of seven cradles of humanity II 324
magnolia blossomed in II 326
north of Meru II 326
occult commentaries on II 400-1 &n
opposite, forces II 84
periodically rise & sink II 325n, 360
Phaethon legend & II 770n
"pigmies" of II 331
semi-tropical climate at II 329, 356, 423
seven, circles of ancients I 204
shape of II 326
spoken of in Avesta II 291-2
Sun, Central Sun & atma II 241
three, remain fr beginning II 776
tomb of Lemurian mankind II 324

Polar Dragon I 407; II 274, 770n, 771n, 786

Polaris. See Pole Star


of cells II 117
death a change in I 526n
evil is, of matter & spirit I 416
of Fohat I 145
gravity caused by I 513
monadic principle fr passive to active II 669
opposite forces aspect of I 604
of spirit & matter II 84, 527

Pole(s). See also Hyperborean, North, South Pole

ancient names of, given II 274
beneficent & lethal influence of II 400n
celestial, as Meru II 785
changes of II 785-6
in constellation of Harp (Egyptian) II 360n
continents at North II 6-7, 12, 400n, 401, 785
dwarfed races of II 331
Earth's, &, of ecliptic II 332, 356-8, 431
Egyptians on ecliptic & II 332, 357
Fohatic forces at both I 205
"heavenly measure" II 363
imperishable Sacred Land & II 6
inverted three times II 353, 360, 368, 432-3, 436
moved for fourth time (Atlantis) II 350
negative, positive, of nature I 257
North, & first cataclysm II 138 &n
North, as Meru I 204
North, represents atma II 403
North, symbolized as serpent II 356 &n
once pointed to Ursa Minor II 768
Seneca's prophecy re II 757
serpent w hawk's head II 357, 360n
South, abode of elementals II 274
South, as the Pit II 274, 357, 785-6
storehouse of vitality I 205
Sun dies for six months at II 769n
terrestrial, or Jupiter-Bacchus II 362

Pole of the Heavens

angle of, causes seasons II 356
hawk-headed serpent in Egypt II 356 &n
North Pole of Earth inverted to S II 360

Pole Star II 785. See also Alpha Draconis, Dhruva

Alpha Draconis, pyramid & II 432
Dhruva, Dhruvatara or II 401n, 489n, 612n
Draco once was II 32n
founders of races linked w II 768
Meru metaphorically II 785
planets attached to II 488-9n
serpent symbol of, & seasons II 356
seven winds connected w II 612
in tail of Ursa Minor II 612n, 768
watches over Sacred Land II 6
when pyramids built I 435; II 432

Polier, Marie E. de, Mythologie des Indous, birth of Brahma I 345

Pollux (& Castor)

born fr Leda's egg I 366
Dioscuri or II 122, 361n, 362
immortal man, demigod II 123

Polo, Marco, travels of, laughed at II 441

Polygenetic, Polygenesis (ism)

esoteric philosophy a modified II 249
fewer scientific problems w II 610
origin of races II 77, 168-9, 249-50

Polyhistor. See Alexander Polyhistor


Jacolliot on common myths of II 222-4
remains of Pacific continent II 222, 223


dying out II 780
islands II 327
legends of sunken continent II 788-9 &n
Pacific continent &, (Haeckel) II 328
skulls of, larger than French II 168n, 522
taller than average II 332

Polynesian Researches. See Ellis, Wm.

Polyphemus (Gk)

Titan, one-eyed Cyclops II 766
Ulysses put out eye of II 769


reproduce by budding II 177
present fr primordial times II 712

Polytheism (ists)

belief in powers of nature not II 592
Greeks & nature forces I 466
Hindu, reveals profound knowledge II 107n
more philosophical I 575
occultists are not II 194

Pompeii II 793

declared fiction, myth II 236, 441

Ponerou (Gk) [evil], good (agathou) &, (de Mirville) II 515

Pontiffs-piromis, statues of, shown to Herodotus II 369


Gregory & figure on cross II 587
heliocentric theory banned by I 441
infallibility of II 237-8, 316n
literature banned by I 387
named Lucifer II 33
personates Peter & Jesus II 466n
some early, were initiates I 311

[Pope, Alexander, Essay on Man] q II 189

Popol Vuh

four men, fourth creation II 213
man created of mud or clay I 345
Noah in II 222
race that saw any distance II 55n, 96, 221
second & third races II 160
sevens II 35
tzite tree & third race II 97 &n, 181n
Votan in snake's hole II 379

Popular Astronomy. See Newcomb, S.

Popular Science Monthly, confirmed Audubon's yellow water-lily II 440

Popular Science Review

Hunt on Sun I 530-1, 538n
Pengelly on "Ice Age Climate" II 695-6
Richardson on "Nervous Ether" I 508, 530-1, 537-9, 603; II 298n, 654
Richardson on "Sun Force, . . ." I 508, 524-7
Seeman, Crotch on Atlantis II 781-2
Seeman on Australia, Eocene II 779
Seeman on Australia, Europe II 333
Slack on the sciences I 588, 600
Woodward on axial changes II 726

Population, Moon's influence on I 228-9n

Popul Vuh. See Popol Vuh


form oozing out of, & mediums II 86
men born fr, of parents II 68
Raumyas born fr Virabhadra's II 68, 182-3

Porphyrion (Gk) scarlet or red Titan II 383n

Porphyry (Neoplatonist)

——— [Concerning Images]
"Egg is the World" I 360
Hermes as Creative Word II 542

——— Peri apoches empsuchon [De abstinentia]
do not address the One w words I 425

——— De vita Pythagorae
Pythagorean monad, duad I 426, 618
Pythagorean numbers I 361

Porphyry (stone) II 530

Porpoise (Sisumara, Skt) constellation II 612n

Porta Pia, Gnostic sarcophagus of I 410

Port-au-Prince, Voodoos of II 209

Poseidon (Gk). See also Neptune

dolphin vehicle of, -Neptune II 577
dragon II 356
five ministers of II 578
god of the horse, (Homer) II 399n
Neptune, Idaspati, Vishnu or II 765n
-Neptune ruled over sea I 464
sensual, vindictive (Gladstone) II 766
spirit of fourth race II 766, 775
took many forms to seduce II 775
trident of II 390

Poseidonis (Gk). See also Atlantis

Atlantean island II 265
descendants of, built pyramids II 429
existed in Puranic times II 407
island of, not continent II 767-8
not real name of Atlantis II 323-4n
Plato's island or II 8-9, 265, 314, 324n, 395, 407-8, 751n, 761
Proclus on II 408-9
sank 12,000 years ago II 124, 765
Sankha-dvipa & II 408 &n
third step of Idaspati II 765 &n

Positive, awakens negative in minerals I 291

Positivism I 9n, 479

Positivists, Svabhavikas called I 4

Post-diluvian II 356, 394, 406, 609

Postel, Guillaume, saw Genesis of Enoch II 267-8n

Posthumous Humanity. See d'Assier, A.

Post-mortem States I 411; II 496

Postulant. See also Candidate

symbolized Sun, resurrection II 462

Potency (ies)

of all beings in Brahma I 450-1
spiritual, guiding embryo I 219

"Potency of the Pythagorean Triangle" II 592n. See also Ragon, J. B. M.

Potential & Kinetic Energy, sleeping atoms, life-atoms & II 672, 673n

Pothos (Gk) yearning

desire or, principle of creation I 110
union of spirit & chaos I 340

Potter, clay man fashioned on wheel of, I 366; II 213n, 291

Pottery, among primitive men II 716, 722, 724

Pouillet, estimates Sun's heat I 484n

Poussiniere, French name for Pleiades I 663

Power(s). See also Saktis

celibacy, chastity & occult II 295
creating, in animal man II 98
an entity heads each yogi- I 293
five & seven, of initiate II 580
generative, symbolized by certain gods II 43n
incarnating II 88-90
intellectual, psychic, spiritual II 319
magic II 427
man's creative, gift of wisdom II 410
messengers & seven, of Logos II 359
misuse of, & third eye II 302
of plants, animals, & minerals II 74
senses impediment to II 296
seven, & the elements II 359
seven vowels & the forty-nine II 564
sidereal, awakened by man I 124
superhuman, of siddhas II 636n
used for selfish purposes II 319

Powers (cosmic). See also Cosmogony, Gods, Theogony

assist Christian creator I 440
astral light abode of I 196
awakened by sound I 307
belief in, personified II 592
cosmo-psychic I 86
creative, & unborn Space II 487
creative, not the One Principle I 425
divine & terrestrial, struggle II 495
divine, born in mind of Logos II 318n
divine, shape universe I 22
forty-nine, & seven vowels I 411
given divine honors I 424
hierarchy of creative I 213-15
intelligent active, & blind inertia I 520
intelligent, rule univ I 287, 499n, 554; II 502
invisible, or noumena II 517-18
labeled unscientific I 424
lower, make Earth ready II 242
fr providence or divine light I 350
seven elemental, & Great Bear II 631
seven, of nature & noumena II 273
subordinate, worshiped I 44
fr Sun meet every eleventh year I 290
twelve subordinate, & Sun II 23

Prabhavapyaya (Skt) manifested deity I 46; II 107-8

Prachetas (Skt) [observant or wise], name of Varuna II 578

Prachetasas (Skt)

fathered Daksha by Marisha II 176-7
five ministers of Gnostics II 578
rishis of Aryan race II 495
solar portion of manas II 496
ten (exoteric), five (esoteric) II 578

Practical Lessons on the Occult, re the Unknown I 581n

Pradhana (Skt) primordial matter. See also Aether, Ether, Protyle

Alaya & I 49-50, 50n
Brahma-Pums &, in the beginning I 445
Brahma superior to I 370n
efficient, material causes & I 55
first form of prakriti I 582
Mahat first production of I 216n
matter is, or eternal I 545
mulaprakriti & akasa I 256
presided over by kshetrajna I 284-5
purusha-, kala & creation I 451-2n
some schools call, illusion I 62
Universal Mind first product of II 58
unmodified matter I 176, 582

Pradhanika Brahma Spirit [Pums] (Skt), Mulaprakriti-Parabrahman I 256, 445

Praelectiones Theologicae. See Peronne, G.

Praeparatio evangelica. See Eusebius

Pragna. See Prajna

Prahlada (Skt), son of Hiranyakasipu I 420n

Prajapati(s) (Skt). See also Lords of Being, Rishis

advanced spirits fr lower planet II 611
ativahikas or, aid jiva I 132
Bhrigu one of II 76n
Brahma creates the II 176n
Brahma is, collectively I 81, 94-5; II 60
create on Earth, not Brahma II 163
creators in Rig-Veda I 346, 426
Daksha chief of II 82, 247n
dhyani-buddhas, manasaputras or I 571
dhyani-chohans or I 375
fathers of various beings II 259n
first male & mother's husband I 91
flames or, incarnate in third race II 247-8
forefathers of man I 445
informing intelligences II 34
Jyotis one of II 766 &n
led on by Adam Kadmon II 129
located along tail of tortoise II 549
lower, fathers of man's body I 457
Manu Svayambhuva synthesis of II 704n
mind-born sons of II 140n
Narada one of the II 82
Osiris as chief I 437
pitris &, seed-manus II 164
pole star & the seven II 768
pre-human period, belong to II 284
produce seven other manus I 449
rishis become seven, ten of I 442
rishis or I 346, 349
sephiroth or, seven of I 89-90, 355
seven builders or I 436
seven, fourteen, twenty-one of, explained I 235n; II 259n
seven, of this round II 614n
seven, origin of I 433; II 253-4
seven, progenitors, races I 248; II 611
sishtas &, throw seed of life II 150
speech & mind consult, (Anugita) I 94-6
spiritual self in man fr I 457
ten & seven I 355; II 176n, 365, 573-4
ten, produced I 449; II 308n
ten semidivine I 349
ten, six, five of I 90
twenty-one I 90; II 40
Vach &, in creation I 137, 431
Vasishtha-Daksha's sons are II 78
Zohar on II 624-5 &n

Prajna (Skt) intelligence, wisdom. See also Consciousness

chinmatra is potentiality of II 597n
seven aspects of I 139; II 597n
seven states of II 29n, 636, 641

Prakrita [Prakritika] Creation I 427

first three creations called I 446, 453
Tairyagyonya creation & I 455 &n

Prakriti(s) (Skt) nature, primary substance

akasa, ether confused w I 255
akasa noumenon of I 508
alone is senseless I 247
astral light on low plane of I 255
bore Brahma in its womb II 527
Brahma & I 19, 542
Brahman is spirit & I 421
discrete & indiscrete I 373
illusion (Advaiti philosophy) II 598
irrational without purusha II 42
Kantian soul & I 602
in laya or sukshma state I 522
localized matter II 65
mineral kingdom aspect of I 178
mulaprakriti root of I 62; II 65
not the immortal spirit I 255
Padma &, creations I 427
positive aether I 508
pradhana first form of I 545, 582
at pralaya I 255, 257, 373
purusha &, Second Logos I 16
purusha blind without I 247; II 123n
-purusha produce all things I 284
Sankhya philosophy re I 256n, 335; II 42
seven, or protyles I 328
seven principles of I 257 &n
seven, purushas & principles I 335, 373 &n
three-faced prism of II 635
web of universe & I 83

Prakritika (elemental) Pralaya

described I 370-1; II 69n
at end of Brahma's life I 371-2
universal pralaya II 309n

Pralaya(s) (Skt) dissolution. See also Manvantara, Nitya, Obscuration

absolute & minor I 12n
beginning of, & seven suns I 290
Berosus figured, by zodiac I 649-50
builders latent during I 88, 104
cosmic deluge or II 69n
cosmic ideation ceases in I 328-9; II 598
cyclic, are but obscurations II 660n
described I 172n, 368-78; II 307n
Deus implicitus or I 281n
duration equal to a manvantara I 240
fate of various beings during I 571-2
First Logos sleeps during I 429
follow manvantaras like nights & days I 373-4
after fourteen manvantaras I 245, 370
gnatha [jnata] latent during I 428
great & minor I 18 &n
hinted at in Revelation II 565 &n
kalpa interval between minor II 307
matter undifferentiated in I 328
monad loses name in I 570
motion during I 497n
Night of Brahma or I 240; II 307n
Noah's raven & I 443
afterone thousand periods of four ages I 370
Parabrahman the one ego in I 428-9
Parasara's puranic account II 757
partial, after Day of Brahma I 552
planetary dissolution or I 159, 172 &n
primeval matter during I 69
reduces bodies, egos I 265
Seneca quoted on II 757
seven sabbaths are seven II 747
seven terrestrial II 329-30
Siphrah Dzeniouta on II 504
solar I 172n, 371-2
Stanza I describes I 21
by submersion II 324-5
universal or maha- I 172n, 371-3, 552
various I 53, 172n, 370-3; II 69n, 309-10n

Pralina (Skt) reabsorbed, withdrawn I 372

Pramantha (Skt)

Agni born to Arani & II 101, 526-7
celestial fire &, Baudry on II 526
friction of, degraded II 101
Prometheus & II 413n, 520, 524-5
tool for kindling fire II 413n, 524

Pramatha (Skt), signifies theft II 413n

Pram-gimas [Pramzimas] (Lithuanian) advised couple saved fr Deluge II 270

Pramlocha (Skt) a nymph

Hindu Lilith II 175
Kamadeva & II 175-6
perspiration fr pores of II 171n, 175
story of Kandu & II 174-7
symbol of nascent physical man II 411

Prana(s) (Skt) breath II 242

apana, etc, life winds II 566-8
atoms of, never lost II 671-2
breath of life (Massey) II 632
corresponds to globe five I 153
expirational breath I 95
inert without matter I 526n
life, corresponds to oxygen II 593
life essence II 596
life principle I 157-8
lowest subdivision of I 262n
not jivatman I 226n
pervades body of man I 526n
rudras, ten vital breaths or II 548
second principle, male, active I 525n
second principle of dhyanis I 224
speech, apana & I 95

Pranamaya Kosa (Skt) I 157. See also Astral Body

Pranava (Skt) sacred syllable Om

called Vach I 138
mystic term like Om I 432 &n

Pranayama (Skt) breath control

acquiring of II 568
dangers of, in yoga I 95-6
regulation of vital winds I 96

Pranidhana (Skt) [persevering devotion] yogi's fifth observance II 88

Prasanga Madhyamika (Skt), teachings of, on time I 43

Prasraya or Vinaya (Skt) [modesty], mother of affection II 528

Pratisamchara (Skt). See also Pralaya

incidental dissolution I 372

Pratisarga (Skt), secondary creation II 106

Pratt, Henry

kabbalist-positivist I 226n

——— New Aspects of Life & Religion
Central Sun II 240
elemental spirits, matter I 234n
fallen angels I 194n
Jehovah Spirit of Earth II 508-9
kingdom of spirits, souls II 242
space & First Cause I 9-10n, 342, 615
spirit called "deprived" II 246n
triangles & pyramids I 616-17
units I 617

Pratyagatma (Skt), Jivatman as Logos II 33

Pratyahara (Skt) withdrawal

elemental pralaya I 257, [373]
restraint, regulation of senses I 96

Pratyayasarga Creation (Sankhya) I 456

Pravaha (Skt) [wind], regulates course of stars II 612

Prayag (Allahabad)

built on subterranean cities II 221
lunar kings reigned at I 392


Christians & pagans both use I 466-7
Council of Constantinople & II 279n
for destruction is black magic I 416, 467-9
of Earth Spirit II 28
to Father in secret I 280n
of gods to Devaki II 527-8
of gods to Vishnu I 419
Jewish liturgy of Pentecost I 618
Mazdean & Lord's II 517
Nemesis not propitiated by I 643
of Rabbi Ben Gebirol I 439n
Sabean II 361-2
to Virgin of the Sea I 468

Pre-Adamic (-Adamite) Races II 172, 252, 289n, 747

Bible skips II 252
Chwolsohn on II 452-7
earth & alkahest I 345
Figaniere on II 289n
implied in Genesis II 394
kings II 83-4
Kings of Edom I 375; II 705
period of divine man II 284, 285n
[of Reverend Gall] I 324-5
seven manus were, men II 311
Simorgh fr last, deluge II 397
third race men II 172

Preadamites. See Winchell, A.

Pre-animal Races, were "angels" II 650

Preceptors. See Divine Kings

Precepts for Yoga, on life & tree of life I 58

Precession of the Equinoxes. See also Equinoxes, Sidereal Year

Aldebaran & II 785
Babylonian dates fixed by II 693
beginning of kali-yuga & I 663
Bentley on II 550
climate changes &, (Croll) II 314
cyclic, sidereal years or I 439n
Egyptian records of I 650
great tropical year or II 505
Herodotus & data on, (Egyptian) I 435
movement of apsis, equinox & II 330n
recession of tropics & II 331

Precious Things, Fourteen, & fourth initiation I 67 &n

Precis elementaire de physiologie. See Magendie


ideation & substance I 15, 58, 452
theogony II 94n, 144-5, 147


Calvinist II 304 &n
in history of globe, races I 641, 645


of every creature II 618
of universal consciousness II 490n
of universe I 278

Pre-Existing, evolves fr Ever-existing I 278

Pre-Glacial man II 71-4, 715-30

Prehistoric Ages

calculated by seers II 67
myths contain realities of I 304n

Prehistoric Congress (Brussels, 1872), doubted Bourgeois' findings II 751-2

Prehistoric Europe. See Geikie, J.

Prehistoric Man. See Wilson, D.

"Prehistoric Man." See Lubbock, Sir John

Prehistorique antiquite. See Mortillet, G. de

Pre-Homeric Greeks II 11-12

Pre-human Period II 165n

first race up to fourth race II 315
genealogies embrace II 322
monsters II 115, 634

Pre-Matter, or protyle I 328n, 598 &n. See also Crookes, Wm. A.

Presence I 618

the All- I 46
ever incognizable I 1, 2, 239, 280, 629
karana or I 280

Present. See also Duration, Time

cross section in time, space I 37
eternal, Divine Thought & I 61
generations & occult truths I 298
past & future alive in I 105
past, future & I 37, 43-4; II 446
past helps us grasp I xlvi

"Present Position of Evolution." See Haeckel


divine fire is II 114
rakshasas in allegory II 165n
Vishnu as I 286, 459n, 526n; II 313
were builders, fashioners, rulers II 514

President (US), Indian petition to II 439

Presidential Address. See Crookes, Wm. A., "Elements & Meta-Elements"

Prevision, & cyclic events I 646

Priam (King of Troy) son of Laomedon II 796

Priapic Deities I 358

Priapus (ian, ic) (Gk) I 6n

celestial, or Agathodaemon II 458
Jewish God euhemerized II 543

Pride II 237, 271, 274, 514n


ancient, moved stones by will II 342n
-architects I 208-9n
assume names of gods II 379-80
Atlantean, addressed gods I 464
grihastha, of exoteric ritual II 499
high, & revelation II 455
initiated, could read Dracontia II 346
-initiates II 494, 517, 529, 542
kept reincarnation secret II 552
lost teaching of rounds, races II 618
man's good actions the only I 280
responsible for materialism I 578
six Zuni, & one priestess II 628-9


-Mother, speckled corn & II 629
six Zuni priests & one II 628-9

Priestley, J., "discoverer" of oxygen I 623

Prima materia See. Primordial Matter

Primary Age (geology) II 160, 710. See also Primordial-, Secondary-, Tertiary-, & Quaternary Age

compared w theosophy II 712 &nn
rocks of, 42,000 feet thick II 709
two & 1/2 races in II 712

Primary Creation I 454-5. See also Creation

creation of light or spirit I 450
darkness to profane II 59
elemental kingdoms dominant II 312n
evolution of worlds fr atoms II 731
forces self-evolving in I 446
found in Genesis I 450
gods & rudiments of senses in I 446-7
Hindu I 450-2
precedes all cosmogonies II 59
Secondary Creation & II 53n, 107, 113, 312n
of self-born gods, elohim I 450

Primeval Age, divine men in II 712

Primeval Man Unveiled . . . See Gall, Rev J.

"Primeval Race Double-Sexed." See Wilder

Primordial Age (geology). See also Primary-, Secondary-, Tertiary-, & Quaternary Age

compared w theosophy II 712 &nn
marine fossils of, third round II 712
rocks 70,000 feet thick II 709

Primordial Matter. See also Daiviprakriti, Pradhana, Prakritis, Protyle

direct emanation of universal mind I 602
homogeneous I 601
Kant's, & akasa I 601-2
mind ordered, (Anaxagoras) I 595
Mother or Prima materia I 291-2
motion in I 97-8n
not hot or cold I 82
nucleus of, & the Sun I 540-1
sixth principle or I 594
sons of I 82
soul of, is aether I 341-2
upadhi of seventh principle I 594
various names for I 283
Ymir (Orgelmir) or I 427

Primordial Seven I 88, 106, 108

Primordial Substance. See Substance

Prince of the Air

an everlasting principle II 515
St Paul's, explained by Levi II 485

Prince of Waters, St Michael called, in Talmud II 505

Principalities (of Christian hierarchy)

copy of archaic prototypes I 92
Powers of St Paul & I 632n
fr providence or divine light I 350

Principes, genii of Nazarenes I 195-6

Principia. See Newton, Isaac

Principia Rerum Naturalium. See Swedenborg

Principle(s) (cosmic)

akasa fifth universal I 13n
animating, of stars I 117
astral light sixth & seventh, of space II 511-12
daiviprakriti or unmanifested Logos I 216
divided variously I 110
elements & I 334-5
fifth, or mother & dhyani-chohans I 293
fourth, animal soul of nature I 111-12
of globes transferred I 172
God the Father or seventh I 74n
& human principles II 596
indiscrete, Wilson, etc on I 521-2
informing, enter laya-center I 147
Kwan-shi-yin form of seventh I 471
lower, mayavic I 17-18
Plato on elements & I 491-2
primordial light is seventh I 216
septenary in Puranas II 616
seven, & seven-headed serpent I 407
seven creations, rishis, etc II 612
seven, in Bible II 747-8
seven, purushas & prakritis I 335
seventh & sixth, in cosmogony I 594
seventh, in man, cosmos I 74n; II 593, 596
seventh, of mother substance I 289-90
seven, variously given I 335, 342; II 58n, 108
six, all come fr seventh I 17
sixth, or Brahma I 17-18
solar system has seven I 110
spirit, soul-mind & life I 624 &n
three, & mulaprakriti I 620
three, & three strides I 113 &n, 122
vital, of Sun I 591; II 105
world-stuff or fifth & sixth cosmic I 101

Principle(s) (human). See also Kama, Manas, etc

analogy of, & root-races II 254n
in animals II 196n, 255, 267
body & two lower, die II 235
Brahmanic & theosophic II 640-1
buddhi is sixth, passive II 231n
buddhi-manas is higher self II 230-1
cannot be separated I 158
cosmic principles & II 596
derivation of five middle I 222
development of, in races II 254 &n
development of, in rounds I 259-60; II 167
divided variously I 110
each, fr hierarchy of spirits I 133; II 273
elements & II 593
emanate fr prism of prakriti II 635
esoteric & kabbalistic I 243-4
fifth, hypostasized II 275
four lower I 122n
four lower, four flames II 57n
four sacred animals symbolize I 363
globes, upadhis & I 153-4 &n
Gnostic II 604-5
of the gods I 633
God the Father seventh, in man, cosmos I 74n
how man obtained his fifth I 247
indiscrete, & buddhi I 453
Levi's, & theosophists' I 242-5
man's lower, re-used next life I 173
Massey, Boehme on II 630-5
middle, most gross I 260
physical, not grossest I 260
saptaparna or I 236
seven II 635-41
seven, & gods, men I 226-7
seven, & seven-headed serpent I 407
seven, called seven souls (Massey) II 631n
seven, developed in seventh round II 167
seven, fr Kabbalah, Book of Dead II 633-5
seven Hindu & Egyptian, given II 632
seven, in Bible II 747-8
seven, in esoteric schools I 122; II 603-4
seven, in Pymander II 491-2
seven letters used for II 57n
seven, not in Isis Unveiled I 197, 231n
seven, or seven-eyed stone II 627
seven rishis symbolize II 139, 313
seventh, loaned to man I 224
seven, under seven planets II 29 &n
six, given lay chelas I 122
source of II 241
three, & their garments II 315
three, & three strides I 113 &n, 122
three higher, three fires II 57n
three middle, more material I 225
two connecting, & agnishvattas II 79
union of fifth & sixth II 247
wheat symbolizes II 374 &n

Principle(s) (primordial or philosophic)

Absolute I 6; II 167
Boundless I 14
Brahma as fructifying I 333
female generative, & ark II 139
First, of Plato II 554
fundamental, of Secret Doctrine II 536
Infinite, cannot create I 7
of life may kill I 539
moyst, of Poimandres II 236, 591n
never-resting, & cosmic monad II 311
Unknown, present everywhere I 481
unseen, in nature, humanity II 555-6

Principles of Biology. See Spencer, H.

Principles of Geology. See Lyell, C.

Principles of Human Knowledge. See Berkeley

Principles of Psychology. See Spencer, H.

Principles of Science. See Jevons, W. S.

Principles of Zoology. See Agassiz, J. L. R.

Prithee [Prithi, Prithu] (Skt)

milks Earth of grains II 259n
pursues the Earth I 398n
Wilford believed, was Noah I 654

Prithivi (Skt) I 237

divided into seven principles II 616
as Earth greets Vishnu I 18
six worlds above II 385n, 608


germ concealed in I 219
prototypes (Aristotle) I 59; II 489

Priyavrata, King

divides seven dvipas II 320, 326, 369n
seven, ten sons of II 320, 369n, 406n

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