Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

- Mat-Mis -

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Matarisvan (Skt) [Vedic fire god,] Agni &, in Vedas II 413-14n

Mater (Lat) mother

"M" of, water glyph II 65
Pro-, divine fire II 114
Sal, Sanguis & II 113
Terra or eighth planet II 393


agnosticism veiled I 327
anthropomorphism produces I 382
ape-ancestor myth causes II 680
atomic theory kills I 518
bigotry & I xli
created by religion I 183
Davy on I 480
a disease II 719
disfigures ancient wisdom II 451
Gladstone, Ingersoll & II 767
killing, of present age II 520
man's gross body & I 480
modern, & of Middle Ages II 708n
more frank than agnosticism I 528n
natural sciences & I 518
negative psychology, monism & I 124-5
nothing exists outside matter I 587
occult sciences & I 298
often miscalled science I 279
priesthood causes I 323
theology or I 323
vicious circle I 519

Materialist(s, ic)

believers in karma cannot be II 305
branchiostoma & II 370n
deny all but matter I 676
German, the worst II 101
metaphysicians & II 665
monists worse than I 528n
real science not I 518
rebel against ether I 587 &n
space a boundless void to I 587, 615
symbologists misjudge Aryans II 526


acme of I 610
of early & present rounds II 68n
of Earth changes w races II 68n


began in fourth round II 68n
parallels physicalization II 737
spiritualistic, & early races II 86, 737


Kabbala on II 41
left-path adepts, religion II 503

Materiaux pour l'histoire. See Mortillet, G. de

Mathams, Maths [Mathas] (Skt) monasteries

bhashyas hidden in I 271
Sringa-giri a, in Mysore I 272

Mathematics (cal)

atoms, points (Leibniz) I 628-9
divine rulers cultivated II 317
four Pythagorean divisions of I 433
law of probabilities I xlvi-vii
Parker on I 313, 315-16
point or monad, Pluche on I 613
fr point to solid figures I 616
present, line betw past & future I 37
racial, astronomical cycles & II 330-1

Mathers, S. Liddell McGregor

——— The Kabbalah Unveiled II 543n
Ain or non-being II 626 &n
Be-resheeth, Be-raishath I 352
Bird's Nest II 292-3
diagram of seven-fold man in I 241-2
fires, sparks, flames II 83 &n
Jehovistic deity I 619n
phallicism in Zohar II 625n

——— Unpublished MS
kabbalistic personal pronouns I 78

Mathra Spenta (Zor), Holy Word II 480

Mathura (India)

Gauramukha priest to king of II 323
pagoda of II 588

Mati (Skt), understanding II 413-14n

Matra-Chit [Atma-matrabhih] (Skt), by elements of Self I 334

Matripadma (Skt) Mother Lotus I 57-8

Matrix. See also Womb

Aditi the, of sura gods II 527
akasa, of the universe II 511
Earth re-emerges fr, of space II 46
the Eternal I 40-1
heavenly II 84
human body as a I 226n
of nature & resurrection II 460, 470
second round Earth a foetus in I 260
sun's seven self-born fr I 290
universal I 62, 80, 283; II 511
Virgin, of kosmos I 91, 99

Matronah (Heb), name for Malkuth [Malkhuth] Earth I 240

Matronethah [Matronitha'] (Heb), way to Tree of Life II 216

Matsya (or Fish) Avatara (Skt)

avatara of Vishnu I 263-4, 369, 385; II 139, 307
Triton connected w II 578
Vaivasvata Manu & I 369; II 69n, 139, 307

Matsya Purana

gives Katapa for Kalapa I 378 &n
Jyotis one of seven prajapatis II 766 &n
Krittikas II 550
Narada, son of Brahma- II 47
on the pitris II 89n
rishis appear seven by seven II 611
Rudra is first rebel II 613n
Seven Rishis conjunction II 550
sons of Marichi II 89
ten Maurya kings I 378n
Vishnu speaks of seven kalpas II 611

Matter. See also Earth, Elements, Maya, Mulaprakriti, Pradhana, Prakritis

abstract I 328
active & passive states of I 281n
Atlanteans sacrificed to god of II 273
basis for agents on this plane I 493
becomes atomic periodically I 552
beings of invisible I 607-8
blending of spirit & I 118
body of, & linga-sarira II 593
called mother by Plato I 348
centers of force I 519
child of fire & water I 341
co-eternal w reality I 340
cometary I 101 &n
corresponds w carbon II 593
cosmic heat actuates I 82
cosmic, scatters & forms elements I 97
creation out of pre-existent II 239n
Crookes discoveries I 581-6; II 211
dead, does not exist I 274, 280-1, 507, 626n; II 672
densest, permeable in next round I 258
descent into & ascent out of II 732
descent of spirit into I 176-7
differentiated or abnormal I 567
diffused cosmic, stages of I 22
dissociates at high temperatures I 543n
divine thought impregnates I 340
dregs of light I 481
dual in metaphysics I 10n
duration, motion, space & I 55
electricity is, & atomic I 111n
electricity is no known I 517
essence of, eternal I 147, 281n
eternal I 280-1 &n, 340, 545, 552; II 239n
evil or, evolution of I 73
evolution of, into spirit I 550-1
expanse of cosmic, or veil I 428
fire, pure akasa or 1st I 253
first differentiation of spirit I 258
Fohat, mind & I 16
force & I 111n, 491
-force-chance trinity I 505
force not property of matter I 491
fourth dimension & I 251-2
grossest, acme of illusion I 63, 628
has everything in it (Littre) I 502n
homogeneous, beyond perception I 601
homogeneous in pralaya I 624, 290n
impure demon of II 274
inseparability of spirit & I 614, 640
intelligent powers behind I 520
life immanent in I 139
light, electricity, heat & I 493, 579
lipika separate, & spirit I 130
lowest point of activity I 633
manas link betw spirit & II 98
man product of, (Thomson) II 719
meaning of, (Faraday) I 510 &n
mid-fourth race lowest point of II 308n
mind ordered primordial I 595
mode of motion (science) I 147
"Mother" or prima materia I 291
motion &, (Spencer) I 12n
motion not property of passive I 502
mukta not subject to quality of I 132
mulaprakriti abstract, ideal I 75, 136
nebular hypothesis & I 599-600
nervous ether refined form of I 532
no objective reality to I 519
nothing directly known of I 669
not outside our perceptions I 603n
noumenon of, fr svabhavat I 84
nous & psyche, spirit & II 134n
now beginning to spiritualize I 185-6
obtuseness of II 285
occultism based on illusion of I 520
occultists study septenary II 592
occult science knows true nature of I 516
particles of, a register I 104, 124
permeability of I 251, 258
ponderable & imponderable I 524-7 &n
potency of, (Paracelsus) I 283
pradhana primordial I 176
prakriti or I 62
primal impress of, (Temple) II 645
primordial I 55, 67, 82, 589; II 256
science on mind & I 124 &n
science studies only fourfold II 592
in second round I 251
self-luminous, of Halley I 590
septenary I 10n, 139, 289; II 592
seven states of I 289, 291, 560, 564; II 29n, 597n
six consolidation stages of I 116
sixth characteristic of I 251
slaves of, those who fell II 272
soul of, first principle in I 481
source of laws of II 24
space, force &, (Pratt) I 15
spectrum analysis of I 595
spirit &, aspects of Parabrahman I 15
spirit &, maya I 633
spirit &, reconciled I 623
spirit &, struggle II 64, 134 &n
spirit &, two poles same substance I 247, 542-3
spirit, force & I 341
spirit is, & vice versa I 179, 416
spirit latent in II 42
substance & I 329
substance not, in metaphysics I 508
substance-, same each cycle I 145
supersensuous & earthly I 200-1 &n, 515
swastika, spirit & II 99
terrestrial & subjective I 514
three noumenoi of, unknown II 592
totality of cosmic existences I 514
ultimate structure I 670-1
undifferentiated I 35, 567; II 505
universal, reduces to four elements II 592
vahan of spirit II 58n
of various worlds differs I 143 &n, 589
vehicle of the soul I 49
world soul born of purusha & I 365
world stuff, chaos or I 579

Matter, Jacques, [Histoire critique . . . ], Horus carved on Gnostic gem II 474


angel-man, water (table) II 114
baptism w water & fire II 566
"Be ye wise as serpents . . ." I 74
calling brother "fool" (raca) I 578
Christos as lightning II 485 &n
eagle as carrion-eater I 442n
Earth as footstool of God (Watts) I 154
faith can move mountains II 59n
"Father who is in heaven . . ." I 574n
Gentiles & Samaritans II 231n
John the Baptist axed trees II 496
Jonas was the sign to heaven I 653
"Lead us not . . ." I 414
"narrow, strait gate" I 317-18n
praying in secret I 280n
"Render unto Caesar . . ." I 296
seven children of Mary II 527
take kingdom by violence II 244
tree known by its fruit I 421, 467

Mau (Egy), term for cat & seer I 305

Maurice, Thomas, Indian Antiquities, affinity betw Druids, Brahmans II 756

Maurigosima [Maligasima], sunken Chinese island (Faber) II 365

Maury, Louis Ferdinand A.

——— [La Magie et l'Astrologie . . . ]
kabeiron fr Greek "to burn" II 363
pagan virgins transferred to Mary I 400-1

——— ["Des Divinites et des Genies . . ."]
strife betw good & evil II 497

Maurya, Morya (Dynasty), will restore kshatriya caste I 378n

Mauvaises Terres (Colorado), fossils II 218

Maximus, Emperor, 7-1/2 feet tall II 277

Maximus of Tyre, [The Dissertations], on Persians & fire II 114

Maxwell, A., Plurality of Worlds, calumniated Newton I 607

Maxwell, J. Clerk

Crookes on objections of I 552
pressure of sunlight I 514

——— ["On the Motions . . ."]
gas atoms elastic spheres I 513

——— Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism
electricity is matter I 111n
elements not homogeneous I 143n
ether as a gas I 486

Maya (Skt). See also Illusion, Mahamaya

Adi-sakti & I 10
all things relatively real I 39
bhrantidarsanatah, false perception or II 108
cycles of II 146n
desire to exist & I 44-5
Durga I 396
every finite thing is I 11n, 39
Ginnungagap & I 367
good, evil under sway of II 96
grossest matter acme of I 63
illusion or, discussed I 39-40
includes Adi-budha & gods I 54n
initiate can penetrate I 45
Isvara plus, & avidya I 7
light is matter or I 70
lower astral light becomes I 74n
Mare, Mary, water, etc I xxxii, 384-5, 396
moonbeams dancing on water or I 237
mother of Tvashtri (Jolly) II 101n
nirvana freedom fr I xix
objective universe as I 631, 638
Parabrahman alone above I 54n
personality on waves of I 237
phenomenal universe a I 18, 145-6, 274, 367; II 108
plane of, & dreams I 566
reality removed fr world of I 145-6
samvritti illusion creating I 48n
sensation is I 2n
seven worlds of I 238
spirit & matter both I 633
spiritual lives also I 635
was not I 38
we are victims of I 525n

Maya (Skt). See also Maia

mother of Buddha I xxxii, 379n, 384

Mayamoha (Skt) illusory form

ruse of, won war for gods I 419-23
Wilson felt, implied Buddhism I 419n

Mayas (Mayans), of Central America

antiquity of, zodiac II 50n
belong to fifth continent II 34-5n
coeval w Plato's Atlantis II 34-5n
Egyptians & I 267n, 390

Mayasabha & Sabha (Skt). See also Aryans

Aryans given, by Atlanteans II 426

Mayasura (Skt), gift of, to Pandavas II 426

Mayavi (Skt), or astral body II 241

Mayer, Johann T., lunar tables of I 660, 661, 666, 667

Mazarine Library, Manuscripts of Book of Enoch II 531

Mazda (Zor) II 92, 517, law of, or divine wisdom II 292

Mazdean(s, ism). See also Ahura Mazda, Magi, Zoroastrians

compared w other religions II 60-1, 270, 290-2, 358, 409-10
dualism of II 517
flood & cataclysm II 610
religion among oldest I 10
religion re asuras (ahuras) II 92-3
Roman Catholics & II 476, 480
scriptures, universal myths in II 97
septenates in, religion II 617-18
on seven spheres of Earth II 607 &n
seven worlds, continents II 608, 758-9
six aspects of Logos in II 358
succession of worlds II 756
Unknowable in, religion I 113

Mazzaroth (Heb) [twelve zodiacal signs] mentioned in Job I 648

M'bo Sha-arim. See Sepher M'bo Sha-arim

M'bul [Mabbul] (Heb), flood waters I 385

Mc. See Mac for names beginning w Mc


of cross & circle II 582
esoteric foundation of II 465
Jewish, fr Egypt, India I 316
sarcophagus unit of, (Smyth) I 317n
three dimensional I 252

Measures. See also Skinner, Key to . . . Source of Measures

kabbalistic II 38-41
origin of, & Parker ratio I 313

Meborakh (Heb), name of God I 385

Mechanics, Mechanical

ancient knowledge of I 209n
animal of Atlantean sorcerers II 427 &n
chemistry is atomic, (Naumann) I 513
forces of science I 604, 669-70
laws & primeval matter I 601
origin of universe I 594-6


magi of Persia fr II 756n
winged dragon of, & astral light I 253n

Medha (Skt), ascetic son of Priyavrata II 369n

Medhatithi (Skt) son of Virasvamin

Wilford confuses, w Priyavrata II 406n

——— Manubhashya
atomic destructible elements II 574
commentary on Laws of Manu I 333
consciousness of the "I" I 334
origin of mind I 334

Mediator, man's spirit the sole I 280

Medical Review q on harmony of numbers in nature II 622

Medicis, Catherine de II 70

Medicine, applies occult laws to disease II 623n

Meditation I 48; II 613

dhyanis & abstract II 116
knowledge thru I 434


age of, race (Winchell) II 695
once an inland sea II 740
region disappears & reappears II 776

Medium(s), Mediumship

communication w other planes II 370n
elementary or nirmanakaya possesses I 233n
exuberance of nervous fluid II 370n
form oozing out of II 174
materializations of II 86, 174
spirits of, not monads I 233n

Medulla Oblongata, inductive action of, on pineal gland II 296

Medusa (Gk), Atlantean giant II 70

Medusa(e) (jelly fish)

Naudin on II 119
stauriolium becomes II 177-8

Meenam. See Mina (Pisces)

Megaloi dunatoi (Gk) or Kabiri II 363

Megalonyx, sloth dwarfed remnant of II 733

Megalosaurus (i) II 151, 195, 713

Meganthropos (giant man), man was, in each round II 733-4

Megatherium II 218, 258

sloth dwarfed remnant of II 733

Mehujael (Heb), son of Irad (Jared) II 391n

Melanochroics, fr anthropoids II 315n

Melchior, one of Three Magi I 654n

Melchizedek (Heb) II 391-2

Melek, Moloch, Maluk, etc. See Malachim

Melelva Nahil, on Hermes, disciple of Agathodaemon II 366

Melha(s) (fire gods)

Buddhist St Michael II 63
informing intelligences II 34

Melia (Gk), a nymph II 519-20

Melita, Melytta. See Mylitta

Mel-Karth, Lord of Eden, Hercules II 202

Mem. Acad. Ins. SeeMemoires de l'Academie Royale des Inscriptions

Membrum Virile, Jod (Yod) or II 125, 460, 467

Memnon, or King Amenophes I 398

Memoire. See de Mirville'sDes Esprits

Memoire sur la dispersion. See Cauchy, A. L.

Memoires . . . (Damville). See Montmorency

Memoires a l'Academie. See also Mirville, de

paintings of extinct reptiles II 206 &n
second Jehovah & ferouers II 479
the serpent II 209 &n
talking, moving stones II 341

Memoires de l'Academie des Sciences de Montpellier, A. Jaumes on forces I 506

Memoires de l'Academie Royale de Belgique, Hirn on views of the atom I 482-3

Memoires de l'Academie Royale des Inscriptions

Erard-Molien on antiq of zodiac I 657-8
Falconnet on Ophites, etc II 341-2
[Fouchet] on Persian religion II 516
[Freret] on Chinese year II 621
Lajard on the elements I 125n
Martin on Atlas myth II 762
Raoul-Rochette on the cross II 546

Memoires de la Societe de la Linguistique II 524n. See Baudry, M. F.

Memoires de la Societe des Antiquaires . . . , Biot on Malabar tombs II 347


in abeyance in deep sleep I 38
aspect of jnanasakti I 292
cognition & I 56
divine soul & past, future II 424
in every atom II 672 &n
Haeckel's plastidular soul has II 671-2
independent of brain II 301
of mankind II 271-2, 293, 364, 443, 503
nirvana & I 266


catacombs of II 379
Egypt lost keys w fall of I 311
first tomb of, third dynasty I 311
palace, temple of II 334, 363
Phtah national god of I 367n, 675

Memrab. See Mimra

Men-animals, breeding of II 201

Menard, Louis, Hermes Trismegiste, Greek to be born same as become I 281n

Mendeleyeff, Dimitry Ivanovich

eighth family of atoms I 553
Periodic Table of I 585-6n

Mendes (Egy)

androgyne goat of I 253
sacred bull of, a form of Thoth I 385

Menelaus & Helen II 796

Menelauses & Helens, before fifth race II 276

Menes (Egyptian King)

date of II 374n, 431-2
dynasties before I 266-7; II 368-9
Egypt civilized before II 334
Egyptian, fr Sanskrit man II 91, 774n
first human king II 369, 436
Osiris not II 374n

Menhirs (Breton) men-stones

Atlantean survivors built II 352, 753
discussed II 750, 752-4

Mens (Lat) mind, fr Sanskrit man II 91

Men-serpents of China (Pa) II 209

Mensibus, De. See Lydus

Men-Spirits or Ischin II 376

Menstruation, lunar cycle governs I 389

Mental Capabilities, carried over fr other worlds II 249 &n

Mentality, plane of, has widest range I 175

Mentone Man, European fossil giant II 749

Meracha'peth [Merahepheth] (Heb), spirit of God breathing on chaos II 505

Mercabah (Heb). See Merkabah

Mercury (god). See also Budha, Caduceus, Hermes, Mithras, Thoth

Asklepios &, are one II 208, 211
aspects of, described II 28
Budha, Hermes or II 366, 499
budh, wisdom, etc I 473
caduceus & I 549; II 208, 364
called Tricephalos II 542
cynocephalus glyph of I 388
elder brother of Earth II 45
guides souls of the dead II 364, 542
Hermes II 45n, 499, 541
Ibis sacred to Thoth or I 362
intercedes for Julian II 28
kurios, divine wisdom or the Sun I 353
"Lord of Wisdom" II 27
Maia mother of, on Earth I xxxii; II 540-1
Masons identify Enoch w II 529
Messiah of the Sun II 541
Michael is, of pagans II 480-1
Roman Church makes, a devil II 208
St Thomas calls, a devil II 478
Seth or, pillars of II 530
Sirius star of II 374
as the Son II 540
son of Soma & Tara II 45 &n, 499
sparks on staff of I 338n
Sun &, one II 28
Thoth-Hermes or I xxxii
Thoth-Lunus, Budha-Soma I 396n

Mercury (planet)

Astaphai genius of, (King) I 577; II 538n
coming out of obscuration I 165
cynocephalus glyph of I 388
day on, almost same as Earth II 707
fifth race under II 29
Hormig, Budha or II 366
kali-yuga beginning & I 662
Mars-Mercury errors I 163-70
Mars, Venus &, lower triad II 462
men of, immortal II 44-5
moon & I 396n
more occult than Venus II 28
Nebo deity of II 455
no satellites I 165
parent Moon of, dissolved I 155-6n
polar compression of I 593
secret relation of, to Earth I 163-4, 575
sevenfold chain of I 164-5
Sun's light, heat on II 27-8, 540, 707
superior globes of, invisible I 153
times lunar & solar events I 389n
water on, gaseous (Williams) II 136n

Mercury, second world of Syrians I 435


assessor of Osiris-Sun II 558
as the Son II 462, 540

Mercury Trismegistus. See also Hermes Trismegistos

God is a circle II 545

"Mercy is the might of the righteous" I 416

Mergain [or Morgana], fairy sister of King Arthur II 398n

Mergiana (Pers), the good Peri II 398

Merian, Madame, accused of lying II 440

Merkabah (Heb). See also Vahana

Ain-soph uses, as first Cause I 214, 356
animals of Ezekiel's I 363
lahgash & I 354

Merlin, tempted by Vivien II 175n

Merodach [Marduk] (Bab). See also Bel

archangel Michael or II 384
became Jupiter II 456
Nebo son of II 210n, 456
slays sea dragon Tiamat II 53, 503

Merope, daughter of Atlas II 768

Meropis. See Theopompus

Meru. See Mt Meru

Merz, John T.

——— Leibniz
brushed esoteric theogony I 626
endowed all creation w life I 627-8
inertia more than geometrical I 627
mathematical points I 628, 629
perception, apperception I 629-30
sought to create universe & philosophical tongue I 310

Meshia & Meshiane (Pers), were single individual II 134

Mesmer, F. Anton, vindicated by Charcot, Richet II 156

Mesmerism, Mesmerize(d)

experience a blank when awake I 47
science terms, hypnotism I 297; II 156
white magicians "send sleep" II 427

Mesomedes, Hymn to Nemesis II 305n

Mesozoic Era. See also Secondary Age

animals bisexual at end of II 594n
duration of, & later ages II 155
Fall occurred during early II 204
gigantic monsters of II 293, 733
mammals lived in II 713n
supposing man lived in II 676

Messecrates [Menecrates] of Stire, on giant skeleton II 278

Messenger(s). See also Angels, Malachim

angels, angelos II 48, 243, 514n
of Anu II 62
descend to eat w men I 441-2n
of Jewish God II 61
of Life (Nazarean) I 196
Maluk, Muluk, Maloch, etc II 514n
metatron or II 111
theoi, of manvantaric law I 346


born in lunar year 4320 I 654, 656
Brahman's, Vishnu as a fish I 653
connected w water, baptism I 385
"Good and Perfect Serpent" II 356
Jupiter, of the Sun II 541
Kalki avatara as last I 384
Kenealy saw Narada as II 48
perfect, enters Eden II 292
Pisces constellation of I 653, 654
Sun is, esoterically II 23

Metachemistry I 622

Meta-Elements, Crookes on I 546-9

Meta-Geometry,-Mathematics I 616

Metals, formed by condensation I 595-6

Metamorphoses. See Ovid


conceal real meaning I 520
in every religion II 98

Metaphysica. See Aristotle

Metaphysics (al), Metaphysicians

abstractions became the universe I 45
antagonism betw science & I 485n
apparent contradictions & II 62
atoms belong to domain of I 513
conversion of, into physics I 45
Eastern, anticipated Western I 79n
Eastern, not grasped in West I 496n
endless cosmic rebirths in II 80
essential for globes, monads I 169-70
modern, pale copies of ancients I 96n
more important than statistics I 169
occult, & third race androgynes II 116
ontological, & physics I 544
physics & I 45, 544, 610
real science & I 588
science honeycombed w I 485, 544
science rushes into, & derides it II 664
seven elements & II 359 &n
sound, speech, ether & II 107 &n
Tyndall called, "fiction" I 584n, 669
Western, & triune man I 225-6
Western, materializing of I 161-2, 327

Metator (Aram), Hegemon (Gk) guide II 480 &n

Metatron [Metatron, Mitatron] (Aram)

angel of second (Briatic) world II 111
beyond, not "near," throne II 479
God & Michael both called II 479-80
perfect man I 339
united w Shekinah II 215n, 216

Metcalfe, Samuel

caloric of I 524-8
ether of I 580
solar magnetism & I 498
Sun-force of I 538n, 582

Metempsychosis (es)

development of embryo & II 187-8
ego wins way thru many I 17, 185
scarabaeus symbol of II 552
thru lower kingdoms I 568n

Meteor(ites, ic)

Denton psychometrizes a I 201n
four, found w carbon II 706
gravity & I 503-4
life came via, (Thomson) I 366n, 488; II 158, 719, 730
origin of planets & I 500n
retrograde orbit of, & Fohat I 673
showers I 646, 672-3
substance of, laws governing I 504
system unexplained I 593

Meteorology (ical)

Aryans learned, fr Atlanteans II 426
changes & Moon, planets, etc II 699

Meter, of Vedas I 270n, 290

Methusael (Heb), son of Mehujael II 391n

Methuselah (Heb)

age of, literal, symbolic II 194-5
son of Enoch, grandson of Jared II 391n

Metis (Gk)

Divine Wisdom I 384
wife of Zeus-Zen I 340; II 130

Metrology (ical)

Hebrew, & term Jared II 597n
key to Hebrew symbology I 308; II 595
occult Hebrew & Christian Mysteries II 561
Pythagorean numbers & I 460

Metronethah. See Matronethah

Meunier, Stanislaus, atmosphere changed little II 159

Mexican Genesis. See Popol Vuh

Mexico (an)

antiquity of man in, tradition II 745, 793
Atlantis, Sahara & II 424
civilizations of II 793
legends I 345; II 97, 160, 182, 486
Manuscripts, symbolic drawing in II 36
myths of divine rulers I 266-7
nagals [naguals] of II 182, 209
sculptures, pictures, symbols II 36
snake god, crypts II 379-80
tradition of world destruction II 311

Mexico, Gulf of, lands at bottom of II 424

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