Index to The Secret Doctrine — prepared by John P. Van Mater

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Oannes (Chald) biblical Dagon II 139n

described by Sayce II 226
Ea (wisdom) prototype of II 503
leaves waters to teach wisdom II 495n
man-fish I 264, 345, 394, 654; II 54, 139n
taught Babylonian writing II 226
taught early man I 345; II 190
Triton much like II 578
world created out of water I 345

Oannes-Dagon (Chald)

Demiurge II 5
seven divine dynasties & II 366

Oasis I xxxii

Gobi, remnant of inland sea II 220, 502-3

Ob (Heb), evil fluid of sorcerers I 76n

Ob, or Aub (Heb), serpent or circle I 364n


in America II 430
Christians destroyed I xli
Herodotus on, at Sais II 395-6
symbolize four cardinal pts I 125

Object, subject, sense, etc I 329-30

Objectivization of Forms I 282

Obliquity, of ecliptic II 408, 726

[O'Brien, H.], The Round Towers of Ireland, "Budh" signifies male organ I 472

Obscuration II 703. See also Pralaya

absolute, or atyantika pralaya II 309-10n
described I 172n; II 660n
Mars, Mercury & I 165
one hemisphere awoke fr II 309
pralaya also applies to II 307n
betw rounds I 159, 161; II 47, 704-5, 713n
of spirit in evolutionary cycles II 732
temporary II 705n
betw third & fourth rounds I 182

Observations of Bel, The (Chaldean astronomical work), dates Babylonia 4700 BC II 693

Observatory, The, star changing into a nebula I 596

Occult. See also Esoteric

anthropology & human eye II 295
arts & sorcery I xl
chemistry approaching the I 544
cosmogenesis, number symbol of I 321
doctrine based on seven sciences II 335
doctrine on races guarded II 693
doctrine synthesis of six Indian schools I 269
forces in nature I 672
inertia greatest, force I 511
interpretation II 112n
Keely's, ideas on color & sound I 564-5
knowledge & lunar mysteries I 228n
law concerning silence I 95
law of dynamics I 644
laws & phenomena I 488n
metaphysics II 116
mysteries seldom divulged I 558; II 124
mysticism II 33
philosophy & modern science I 586
powers in nature II 74
scientific imagination approaching II 137n
symbolism II 335
teachings confirmed by science I 624
theories key to embryology I 223
training & spiritual perception II 288
treatises on seven manus II 308
version ofVishnu Purana II 58-9
virtues of number seven II 312n

Occult Ages, 30 crores or three 300 million-year cycles II 52n

Occult Catechism. See Catechism

Occult Fraternity. See also Adepts, Brotherhood (The), Esoteric School, Initiates, Masters, Occultism, Teachers

secret libraries of I xxxiv

Occultism II 68n, 77, 117, 119. See also Esoteric, Esotericism, Secret Doctrine

on akasa I 487, 536-7
all matter is living I 280-1
astral shadows teaching of II 46
atoms called vibrations in I 633
atoms not uniform I 512-13
attraction, repulsion & I 497, 504, 604
believes in divine dynasties II 194
Cis-Himalayan II 48, 602
condemns phallicism II 85
contains all seven keys I 318
Darwinist theories not held by I 186
differs fr materialism & theology II 449
discerns life in every atom I 225n, 248-9, 258, 260-1
divulged every century I xxxvii-viii n
does not accept "inorganic" I 248-9
does not deny mech orig of univ I 594
Eastern II 85
Eastern student of II 47
egg symbol in I 65
electricity an entity in Eastern I 76
on evolution I 186; II 259, 261-3, 657
Father-Mother one w akasa in I 75-6
force & motion I 512-13
infinite divisibility of atoms I 519-20, 605
on invisible worlds & beings I 604-8
jars nerves of some people II 650
Jews knew little about divine I 230
many substances, names in I 510
matter in I 487, 489, 514
mechanicians behind elements I 594
more logical than science I 154
motion law of I 97
Narada deva-rishi of II 48, 82-3
natural selection not enough II 696
never separates force & matter I 512, 633-4
no above or below in I 605, 671-2
nothing is created I 570
nothing is outside nature II 194
on the one element I 549
origin of life-essence in Sun I 540-1
orthodoxy views, as work of devil II 795
our, is of Central Asia II 565
pantheistic I 317, 569
persecuted by Roman Church I xliv
practical, & geometric figures I 430
practical, & phenomena I 82 &n
pre-Christian mystics practiced I xl
public views, as superstition II 795
repudiates special creation II 157
Rig-Veda corroborates II 606
science &, discussed I 477-81
science drawn into maelstrom of I 124
science must compromise w I 496
Secret Doctrine written for students of I 23
secret books of II 51
self-defense of II 649
senses develop fr within outward II 295
seven is scale of nature I 656n
sorcery, Christianity & I xl
soul of science I 634
space oldest dogma of I 9-10n
spontaneous generation II 718-19
substantial nature of light I 483-4 &n
on the Sun I 530-2, 540-1
supported by universal tradition II 194
three "First-born" & hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen I 623
three kinds of light in II 37-8
three standpoints of II 335
time will vindicate II 718
unity of ultimate essence I 120
universal unity first dogma of I 58
why secrets of, are guarded I 558

Occultist(s) II 11, 38, 46, 92

accused of devil worship II 370n
agree w Vedantins on pantheism I 8
arraigned by public opinion I 298
astral light & II 409
author of nature is nature I 489n
believe in cosmic entities I 106
Bible wisdom grasped by I 316
Brahman & II 72
Christian theology & II 70
deals w cosmic soul, spirit I 589
defend ancient gods fr slander II 354
disregard scorn of science II 725
dugpaship & II 221n
Eastern, & kabbalists I 230, 234n, 243-5, 374
Eastern, objective idealist I 615
endow creation w mental life I 627
on esoteric philosophy II 3
in every age I 484
on evolution & involution II 294
expound ancient traditions I 287
feel & see spirits II 370
force resides in the atom I 511-13
God no-being, no-thing I 352
have no quarrel w facts of science I 636-7
have right to present views I 600
Indo-Aryan II 8
inorganic strange word to I 340; II 672
intelligent law pointed to by I 139
Keely an unconscious I 557
light of spirit & matter to I 481
magic feats of II 179
matter of I 515
medieval I xliii n
myths have meaning for II 138-9
opposes dead-letter interpretation II 202
Paracelsus an I 263
perceive "creators" II 158
physical nature illusory to II 475
properties of Moon known to I 156
prophecies of I 646-7
recap of embryo known to II 187
reject gravity of science I 604
revelation is fr finite beings I 9-10
scientists & I 483
sees in every force its noumenon I 493
seven modes of interpretation I 374
spirit & atman I 226n
study septenate of matter II 592
Sun vehicle of a god I 479
take nothing on trust I 669
theologists vs, re fallen angels II 228
trace cycles merging into cycles II 189
trace man thru vegetable II 187n
on transcendental reality I 281-2
two European, & AIR I 260
unity of life basic law of I 120
Vedantins differ fr I 17n, 62
verified causes & effects I 509
war in Mahabharata real to I 397
will be thought ignoramuses I 479

Occult Philosophy. See also Esoteric Philosophy

could learn fr science I 586
divulges but few mysteries I 558
noumenal essences more real in I 274
science & I 586
& word creation I 446

Occult Science(s) II 322n, 335

adepts masters of II 280n
blending of, w modern science I 520-1
brought fr higher planes I 516
claim less, give more II 9
consistent, logical II 348
forgotten, perverted II 124
key to world problems I 341
knows true nature of matter I 516
monads & I 632
ridiculed at present I 298
source of all religion & philos II 794-5

Occult Solvent, union of three elements II 113

Occult World. See Sinnett, A. P.

Ocean(s). See also Chaos

aether the celestial I 75
of carbonic acid I 253n
cede place to continents II 703
chaos in its masculine aspect I 345n
churning of, & amrita I 348; II 381
condensation of, in Laurentian II 159
displacement of, & pole change II 360
floors, breaking asunder of II 314
gaped wide to swallow Atlantis II 494
giants buried under II 277
gods fashion chaos into seven II 704n
of the infinite I 436
of life I 66-8
of matter I 84, 97, 178
periodic shifting of II 325-6
primitive, or chaos I 348
seven, or samudras I 348
of space & Narayana I 458n
of space & pralaya I 371-3
spirit in chaos or, as SPACE II 65
universal, geology records II 715n
violently displaced II 703
washed base of Himalayas once II 572
Wisdom-, Dalai Lama's name II 502n

Oceanic Tribes, some, "were not ready" II 162

"Ocean of Milk," churning of, in satya-yuga I 67-8; II 403

Oceanus (os)

daughters of II 413
father of the gods II 65
one of seven Arkite Titans II 143

[Ochorowicz, Julian], De la Suggestion mentale . . . , G. Richet on science I 640 &n

Octaves, in music, color, elements II 628


aspect of all-pervading Archaeus I 338n
light, brightness (Tibetan) I 76n
magnetic or, chord I 555
of Reichenbach I 338n
vital fluid I 76n

Odd Eye II 299, 301. See also Pineal Gland, Third Eye

Odd Numbers, divine (Pythagoras) II 574

Odin, Woden (Norse)

before Homer, Veda (Muller) I xxix-xxx
black ravens of I 443; II 100
endows man w life, soul II 97
father of gods, Ases I 427
Loki brother of II 283n
one of the thirty-five buddhas II 423-4
pledged eye to Mimir for knowledge I 402
spirit or, son of Bestla I 427

Odor I 565, 566n

sound &, real substance I 564

Odyssey. See Homer

Oeaohoo I 71-2

equated w Gnostic Ophis I 73n
Hebrew ninth letter teth or I 76
Oi-Ha-Hou permutation of I 93
pictured as serpent (Fohat) I 76
septenary root of all things I 68

Oedipus, legend & Christian God II 540

Oedipus Aegyptiacus. See Kircher, A.

Oelicius (Lat), Elicius or Jupiter Fulgur I 467

Oeloim, Les. See Lacour, P.

Oeon. See Aeon

Oersted [Orsted], Hans Christian

believed in spiritual world I 589
force "Spirit in Nature" I 484

Og, King, biblical giant II 336

Ogdoad II 580

eight sons of Aditi are I 72n
Gnostic Sophia mother of I 72n
seven (stars) later became II 358n
Sukra's car drawn by, of horses II 31

Ogdoas (Gnos), mother of Iao I 448

Ogygia, Calypso's Isle, Atlantis II 769n

Ohio, serpent mound in II 752-3

Oi-Ha-Hou (whirlwind), force behind eternal motion I 93 &n

Oitzoe. See Atizoe

Oken, L., urschleim of II 158

Okhee Math, cave near I xxx

Olam, Oulom (Heb), Ulom (Phoen)

born fr ether, air I 461
born fr mundane egg I 365
highest Aeon or time II 490
meaning of term I 336n, 354 &n
visible, material universe I 365, 461

Olaus Magnus. See Magnus, Olaus

Olcott, Henry Steel

held electricity is matter I 111n
taught by three teachers I xix
translated Posthumous Humanity II 149n

——— A Buddhist Catechism
on personal God I 635-6

Old Testament. See also Bible, Exodus, Genesis, New Testament

abyss betw New & I 382n
allegory in II 426
borrowed fr Chaldeans I xxxi
chronology of, altered (Whiston) II 395n
connects each event w birth II 544
contradictions in I 414
crucifixion in II 561
dates fr Babylonian captivity II 473
eternity not infinite in I 336n
full of references to zodiacal signs I 649
God creates light in II 37
Ieve (Ya-Va) in II 129
names of God in II 129
not borrowed fr Hindus I xxxi
numerous changes in II 47
old Chaldean & Hindu records & I xxxi
Pentateuch of II 544
phallicism in, & NT I 318
Satan of I 416, 442n
teaches plurality of worlds I 607n

Old World, New World man senior to II 446

Oliphant, Laurence

on churchianity I 479

——— Scientific Religion
q by Moore on future I 560-1

Olive Branch (Noah's) I 444

Oliver, Professor

——— "The Atlantis Hypothesis . . ."
q by Prof Pengelly II 322n, 727

——— Lecture at the Royal Institution
q by Lyell II 783

Oliver, Reverend George

——— The Pythagorean Triangle
anthropomorphic four-letter gods II 601-2
diapason II 601
heptad regarded as virgin II 602
hierogram I 613-14
monochord, tetrachord II 600
Pythagorean numbers, geometry I 616-17; II 599-602
q Greek poet II 603
seven principles of man II 640-1
tetrad II 599, 601
T.G.A.O.T.U. I 613
three, five, seven in Masonry I 113n

Olla (Indian, palm leaf for writing) I 305


Castor, Pollux share in II 123
Eden & II 203
gods of, septiform II 765-72
Hindu II 45n
Mt Meru, Kaph or II 362, 404

Om, Am, deity in many languages II 43

Om, Aum

fourth world (race) lost II 408
pranava or, mystic term in yoga I 432n

Omar, Kaliph, general of, destroyed Alexandrian Library II 692

Omens, & "mirror of futurity" II 49 &n

O-mi-to-fo [A-mi-ta-fo, Amita Fo] (Chin) name of Amitabha II 179

"Omnis enim . . ." I 7n. See also Lucretius

Omoie [Tetszunotszuke or Captain Pfoundes], ["Cultus of the Far East" in Theosophist.], Shinto cosmogony I 214, 216-17, 241

Omorka, Omoroca (Chald), Moon-goddess II 115, 135

On, To on (Gk) the One II 105, 113

On Amos. See Ambrose

On Rosenkranz. See Fludd, Robert

On the Cherubim. See Philo Judaeus

"On the Conservation of Solar Energy." See Siemens, C. W.

"On the Naulette Jaw." See Blake, Dr C. C.

"On the Philosophy of Mythology." See Muller, F. M., Chips . . .

"On the Physical Basis of Life." See Huxley, T. H.

"On the Transformation of Gravity." See Croll, J.

"On Yeast." See Huxley, T. H.

One, the. See also All, Boundless, Space, That

the All or I 20, 21
becomes the many (elohim) I 113
becomes two, then three I 109, 206, 231
"circle of Heaven" I 426
does not create I 425
eka, saka, or I 73
endless, boundless circle I 239
everything originates in I 568
first differentiation of I 277
Great Breath or II 23
Greek TO ON or II 105, 113
higher than the Four II 282
man's divine ray & I 222
the many & I 113, 129, 349, 429; II 732
mistakenly applied to Jehovah I 129-30
not eternal save in essence I 94
not spirit or matter I 258; II 598
occult catechism on I 11
one-, three- & seven-voweled terms for I 20
Parabrahman-mulaprakriti I 18, 69
point in circle, triangle I 426
reflection of, differentiates I 277
sexless I 18
triangle the first, cube the 2nd I 131
unbroken circle or I 11
Unity or Universal Life II 672
unknowable causality I 139
various authors on I 425-6
various equivalents of I 129

One (number)

aleph, bull, ox or II 574
becomes two, three, four II 621
born fr spirit I 90n
circle becomes II 621
first manifested principle II 599
monad or, (Pythagoras) I 440-1
nine &, discussed I 98 &n
Spirit of Life I 94
triad, Tetraktys, decad fr I 440-1

Onech (Heb) [Phoenix] fr Phenoch or Enoch II 617

Oneness, One

Ain-soph becomes I 113
alhim-ness or II 40
alone is Good (Pythagoras) II 575
sense of, of early races I 210

Onkalos [Onkelos]. See Targum of Onkelos

Ono-koro [Onogoro], Shinto island world I 217

Ontogeny, development of embryo II 659

Ontology (ical)

metaphysics & modern physics I 544
science & speculative I 150

Oolite, Oolitic

Araucaria of, almost unchanged II 257
Australian plants & Eng, fossils II 196
variety of, fossils II 258

Operations . . . at the Pyramids . . . See Vyse

Op et D (Works & Days). See Hesiod

Ophanim [Ophannim] (Heb)

assist Creator I 440
forces, dhyani-chohans I 337
informing souls of spheres I 117
wheels or world spheres I 92

Ophidia (order of snakes) II 205

Ophio-Christos (Gnos)

Alexandrian wisdom-serpent I 364
so named before Fall I 413

Ophiomorphos (Gnos)

created by Jehovah II 389
Demiurge's reflection created II 243
Ialdabaoth & II 244, 481
Michael identified w I 459; II 481
Ophis & I 413-14, 459
rebellious opposing spirit I 459
Satan or, (King) II 244
serpent, Satan, evil II 389
waters of the Flood or I 460

Ophiomorphos Chrestos (Gnos) so named after Fall I 413

Ophis (Gnos)

divine wisdom or Christos I 459
Ennoia &, are Logos II 214
forbidden fruit & II 215
Ophiomorphos & I 413-14, 459
serpent as, taught mankind II 215
shadow of the light II 214
Tree of Knowledge II 215
triple symbolism of I 73n
waters of the Flood or I 460

Ophite(s) (Gnos sect)

Adamas, primeval man II 458
Agathodaemon, Ophis, logoi of II 214
angels, planets, elements II 115n
called serpent Creator II 209
cherubim & Hindu serpents I 127
Chnouphis serpent of II 210
Christian &, four faces I 127n
Christ, serpent, resurrection w I 472
dual Logos, serpent of I 410
honored serpent I 404
IAO on gems of II 541
Jehovah son of Saturn w I 577
Michael Ophiomorphos of I 459; II 481
precursors of Roman Church I 459
religion, Bel & dragon in II 379
reverenced serpent as wisdom II 386-7
rites fr Hermes Trismegistus II 379
several kinds of genii of I 403-4
true & perfect serpent of I 410

Ophites (serpent stones), described II 341-2

Opifex (Lat), Maker I 465

Opificio Mundi, De. See Philo Judaeus

Opticks. See Newton, Isaac

Optic Thalami, developed in mammalian brain II 297-8, 301

Or, Aior, Aour, Aur (Heb) light I 76 &n, 214, 354


Chaldean I 235, 462
at Delphi I 466
of Mercury II 542
Sibylline II 454
Simorgh & Persian II 617-18
stone II 342n, 346-7
teraphim & I 394

Oracles of Zoroaster. See Chaldean Oracles

Orai. See Horaeus

Orang-outang, Orangutan

"creation" of II 678
evolved fr lower anthropoids II 193
fr fourth race man & extinct mammal II 683
has human spark II 193, 260, 263, 666n


eccentricity of Earth's, caused deluge II 144-5
planetary I 498, 503, 593, 602
retrograde, of satellites I 149n

Orcus (Lat) Pluto or nether worlds

Bahak-Zivo & I 194
living fire of, & elements I 543
souls evoked fr, by Mercury II 28

Orders. See also Hierarchies

of angelic hierarchy I 129
degrees or, of spiritual beings I 233-5
four, gods, demons, pitris, men I 457-8n
seven, of celestial beings I 213-22

Ordinances of Manu. See Laws of Manu

Orestes. See Euripides

Organ (instrument), blind forces never built II 348


atrophied II 119
cells blindly form, (Haeckel) II 648
rudimentary human II 681, 683
sense-, originate fr elements I 284-5

Organ, Mrs Margaret Stephenson, every force & substance correlated I 566 &n


all matter is, or alive I 280-1
inorganic & I 249n, 626n


adapt to reigning elements I 257
Herschel saw, on Sun I 530
multiply beyond subsistence II 648

Orgelmir (Norse)

giant Ymir or, fr first creation I 427
primordial matter fr chaos I 427

Orgueil (town in Southern France), meteorite w turf & water II 706

Oriental(s), effects of isolation upon II 425

Oriental Collection

bird-steed Simorgh-Anke II 397-8
Simorgh & Earth cycles II 617


Aryan wisdom dead letter to II 449
believe Yima was first man in Vendidad II 270n
call invocations superstition I 521
call the Brotherhood "mythical" II 636-7
caught in theological groove II 60
Christian, & Vedantic atheism I 6-7 &n
complete Veda text of, doubtful I xxiii n
confused II 320-1, 451, 528, 570, 577
cycles in Puranas unknown to II 70
deny what does not dovetail I xxxii
differ on Vedas I xxx
disfigured Puranas I 115n
disfigure mystic sense of Sanskrit text I 453n
dwarf Hindu dates II 76n
Hindu chronology fiction to II 73, 551
Hindu chronology vs II 225
Hindu zodiac fr Greece I 647; II 332
ignorant of esotericism I xxi-ii; II 225
ignorant of Indian origin of Gnosticism II 570
re immorality of ancient pantheons II 764
lack of intuition among II 565n
like white ants I 676
misinterpret allegories I 310
misinterpret Avesta II 757-9
misinterpret pasa or ankh-tie II 548
misled re anupadaka [aupapaduka] I 52n
mistake cycles for persons II 570
misunderstood Anugita passage II 638
no Hindu cycle ever unriddled by I 370
not one, sees beyond contradictions II 147
no, understand genealogies II 248
prejudice great in hearts of I 420, 647
Puranas Brahmanical fancy to II 585
Puranic creations confuse I 55, 453n
Puranic story, Bible & I xxxi &n, 80
on Puranic symbols II 322
read sex into ancient religion I xxii; II 588
reject what they cannot verify I xxxvii
sevenfold divisions led, astray II 608
take everything literally II 322
think they know more II 569
translation of, untrustworthy I 162, 457-8 &nn
Vedic world divisions & II 622
why, misunderstood Puranas II 320, 585


ex-initiate I xliv; II 559
held Book of Enoch in high esteem II 535
knew Moon was Jehovah's symbol I 387
understood cruciform couches II 559

——— Contra Celsum
Gnostic chart I 448, 577
septenary theogony of Celsus I 445-6
seven rectors (Gnos) I 577; II 538 &n

——— De principiis
Bible & Kabbala veiled, secret II 536

Original Sanskrit Texts. See Muir, J.

Original Sin. See also Sin

Adam, Eve, serpent & II 699
animals & II 513-14
Congreve re II 304
Fall left no, on humanity II 261
God tempts, curses man w I 383; II 387
idolatry fr, (Bossuet) II 279
origin of dogma of II 215-16
problematical consolation of II 484
there never was an II 413

Orig. & Sig. of Gt. Pyramid. See Wake, C. S.

Origine des cultes. See Dupuis, C. F.

Origines de la terre, . . . See Fabre, Abbe

Origines gentium antiq. See Cumberland, R.

Origin of Nations. See Rawlinson, G.

Origin of Species, On the. See Darwin, C.

Origin of the Stars. See Ennis, J.

Origins of Christianity. See Renan, J. E.

Orion (Gk) hunter slain by Artemis

Atlas or, supports world II 277
Briareus & II 70
giant, son of Ephialtes II 278

Orion (constellation)

mentioned in Job I 647-8
nebula in, resolvable I 598n

Orissa, Nila Mountain range in II 403n

Orlog (Norse) [karma or fate], Norns make known decrees of II 520

Ormazd, or Ahura Mazda (Zor). See also Ahura Mazda, Zoroastrian

Ahriman destroys bull created by II 93
Ahriman twin of evil I 412; II 283n, 420
birth of II 488
commands Yima to build ark II 291
Desatir on II 268
father of our Earth II 385
firstborn Logos I 113n, 429
head of seven Amesha Spentas I 127-8; II 608
instructs Yima to make man II 291
issues fr circle of time I 113-14
Logos, "King of Life" II 488
mystical tree of II 385, 517
Osiris as chief Amshaspend I 436-7
as Sun-god II 44
synthesis of Amshaspends II 358, 365n
synthesis of builders I 436-7
uncreated & created lights II 291

Ormazd et Ahriman. See Darmesteter, J.

Ornithology, realm of, & septenary cycle II 623n

Ornithorhynchus of Australia II 206n

Ornithoscelidae, betw reptile & bird II 183

Orpheus II 777n

aether & chaos of I 426
born fr Wondrous Being I 207
chaos of I 426
generic name II 267-8n, 364
Grecian Enoch II 529
never lived (critics) I 648
Noah linked by Faber, etc w II 364
seven-stringed lyre of II 529
sources of wisdom of II 530-1
on talking stones II 341-2
taught man zoomancy I 362-3
theogony of I 19, 343, 359, 395, 426, 452n, 582-3; II 70, 143, 658


Druid &, priests II 756
Egg described by Aristophanes I 359-60
poems & zodiacal signs I 648
Protologos II 107
theogony Hindu in spirit I 336n; II 658
Titan Ephialtes II 70
triad & Creation I 452n, 582-3
Trimorphos of I 395

Orphic Hymns II 143

Arkite Titans in II 143
authenticity of II 506
destruction, renovation of Earth II 784-5
Dionysos as creator (Greek text) I 335
Eros-Phanes & divine egg I 365, 461
esotericism in II 785
Saturnine Sea II 777n
Zeus male, female II 134-5
zodiacal signs in I 648

Orsi, four-letter Magian god II 602

Orthodoxie Macconnique. See Ragon, J. B. M.

Osch. See Ush

Osericta, "island of divine kings" II 773

Oshoi [Oshaiah or Hoshiah] Rabbah, thaumaturgist I xliii n

Osirified, Osirification

of the defunct I 228, 365
defunct, in Book of Dead I 219-20
Khem & I 220-1
soul becomes, after three thousand cycles I 135

Osiris (Egy)

Aanru domain of I 674n
as aether I 340; II 130
fr aish, asr, fire-enchanter II 114
born fr an egg I 366
cat termed "eye" of II 552n
confers justice in Amenti I 312
cosmic war betw Typhon & I 202
degraded by sexual mysteries II 471
Dionysos, Krishna, Buddha or II 420
double crocodile II 580n
elder son of Sib [Keb] I 437
Fohat corresponds to I 673
Garuda pictured as II 565
god of life, reproduction I 228
god "whose name is unknown" I 75n
hawk symbol of I 362
head of seven Egyptian builders I 127
heptad sacred to II 602
Horus born fr Isis & II 472
Horus brother, son of I 348
Horus is I 430
inhabits the Moon I 228
interchangeable w Isis I 72n
Isis daughter, mother of I 430
Isis daughter, wife & sister of I 137
Isis-Latona wife of I 340-1
judgment before, after death I 228
lotus symbol w Horus & I 379n
Michael counselor of II 481
Moon eye of Horus & I 388
not Menes II 374n
reappears as Thoth-Hermes II 359
Set or Typhon murders II 385-6
seven rays, solar boat, ark & II 141
son, father, husband I 396
soul accused before, & Lipika I 104-5
Sun as eye of II 25
as Sun-god I 387, 390; II 44
Sun personifies, in trinity II 462
symbolizes fire, solar year, Nile I 390; II 583
synthesis of builders I 436-7
Taurus connected w I 656
Thoth &, initiate candidate II 558-9
Typhon & II 379-80
Typhon brother of II 283n
Typhon cuts, into pieces II 93
various names of I 105, 110, 429, 436-7; II 379, 704n

Osiris-Isis, Tetragrammaton II 601


occult potencies of Moon I 396
various references describing I 228

Osiris-Ptah, creates own limbs I 231

Osiris-Sun, hawk dual symbol of I 365

Osiris-Sut, man in the Moon I 393

Osiris-Typhon, twins of good & evil I 412

Osraios. See Horaios

Ossa, Mt (in Greece), giants & II 754

Os sacrum (Lat), holy bone II 329

Ostervald, Jean Frederic, misleading Bible translation II 537

Otizoe. See Atizoe

Otz. See Etz

Oulom. See Olam

Ouranos, Uranos. See also Uranus (planet)

creative powers of chaos II 269
fell into generation II 268-9 &n
first king of Atlanteans II 762
Kronos & II 270
mutilation of I 418; II 268, 283n, 766
ruled over Second Race II 765
Sun used as symbol of I 99-100n
symbology of II 268-71
taught astronomy II 765-6
Varuna or II 65, 268n

D'Ourches, Count, persecuted by de Mirville II 476n

Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy. See Fiske, J.


brooding over the Earth I 375
Emerson's, not world soul I 140
Emerson's, or Alaya I 48
identity of all souls w I 17
universal sixth principle I 17


——— Fasti
Castor & Pollux II 122 &n
Mars born of mother alone II 550

——— Metamorphoses
"creature of a more exalted kind" I 211
Deucalion, Pyrrha escape deluge II 270
Diana escapes Typhon I 387-8
Niobe granddaughter of Atlas II 772
Prometheus, Athena & new race II 519

Oviparous (egg-laying) II 735

corroborations of, races II 132-3
humanity was II 131, 181, 659
third race was II 132, 165-6

Ovoviviparous, hatch eggs in body II 166

Ovule, of women is an egg II 166


analogy of, & second race II 117
assumes carrot, onion shape II 188
epitomizes evolution II 684-5
future man in II 188
mystery of II 131-2
respect for the life in I 366
septenary law in II 622n
six-foot man fr I 222

Owen, Professor Richard II 646

Egypt civilized before Menes II 334
fallacies of, re man & ape II 681
hoofed mammal in Secondary II 713
man's ear muscles formerly used II 681n
tendency to perfectibility II 649n

——— "Our Origin as a Species" (Longman's Magazine)
exposes Allen's exaggerations II 687n

Ox, Oxen II 574. See also Bull

driven out of temple I 442n
fossil II 287
one of Holy Four (Christian) I 441-2
Ophite, or Christian Uriel I 127n

Oxfordshire, stone-field slates II 196

Oxus River I 462

Arabs along banks of II 200
flows fr Lake of Dragons II 204


corresponds w prana or life II 593
Crookes on I 546, 551, 584
elixir of life allotropized fr I 144n
Huxley on, in protoplasm I 637n
hydrogen &, as water, non-being I 54-5
hydrogen, nitrogen & I 623
instills fire into the "Mother" I 626
lack of, & fermenting, decay I 262-3 &nn
noumenon of II 592
Pasteur on, & vital potency I 249n
Winchell on I 608n

Oxyhydrogenic, dhyani- & chohans I 82

Ozimandyas, decad found in catacombs I 321


elixir of life I 144n
missing link in chemistry I 82n
sound can produce an I 555
two European occultists & I 260

Ozonic (or nitr-ozonic) dhyani- & chohans I 82

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